How Social Media's 10 Cs Can Change Your Business

How Social Media's 10 Cs Can Change Your Business

How Social Media's 10 Cs Can Change Your Business

1. Conversation
Even if videos, music, webinars, etc., are involved, social media is always about an ongoing conversation that includes interacting and sharing.

Remember when employees got fired for posting content and photos on social media? Such incidents now seem like a relic from a different age. Today, executive leaders within all segments of industry are trying to figure out "the social media thing"—with varying degrees of success. As complicated it can get to understand how to communicate on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and compile and analyze community commentary, it is likely to get more complex in future generations. To lend clarity, social media expert Steve Nicholls offers the following "10 Crucial Cs" of social media. The author of the book, Social Media in Business, (Bookinars/available now), Nicholls presents these 10 Cs as the building blocks of a winning social media strategy. It's critical to understand, he says, that social media is a combination of many dynamics—both tech-driven and not—and that organizations must effectively engage on all of these levels to maximize opportunities. Nicholls now runs a consultancy that's also named Social Media in Business.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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