Bad Behavior Is Thriving on Social Media Sites

Bad Behavior Is Thriving on Social Media Sites

Bad Behavior Is Thriving on Social Media Sites

Spy Game  One quarter of men under age 35 admit to creeping on an ex's social media profile once a month, compared to 20% of women in that age group.

Managers, do you ever wonder what your employees are doing on social media when they're supposed to be working? It's important for you to be aware of your workers' social media habits because significant numbers of users are exhibiting bad behaviors such as stalking or mocking others and getting into testy exchanges over politics, according to a recent survey from MyLife.com. Other users are wasting time on trivial or personal issues that shouldn't be handled at work. Whether you're a boss or a worker, such social media interactions should be kept in check. Employees should know, for example, that, according to research, 45 percent of employers now use various social networks to locate and make assessments of job candidates. And at least 35 percent of hiring managers make their final decisions based on what they uncover on social networks. From the perspective of a boss, the online actions of current employees also matter. In addition to causing problems between staff members, bad behavior on social media sites can be viewed by existing and potential customers and business partners. Nearly 900 U.S. adults took part in this research.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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