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Lions and Cowards and Social Media

Social media allows us to define the future of individuals and companies in ways we couldn't have imagined a few years ago—and it makes all of us accountable. Read More >


The Trouble With Facebook's 'Real Names' Policy

The Internet is a tough place to foster community and social engagement because the bad guys can ruin it. But don't follow Facebook's path and become a bad guy. Read More >


Time Is Not on Your Side

Life isn't measured by bragging rights for how busy we are and how little time we have. It's measured by the quality of our connections. Human connections. Read More >


Ketchup, Porn and Brand Reputations

Year ago, executives worried that their company name would be used incorrectly in print. Now, a brand can be torpedoed by digital communications in nanoseconds. Read More >


Forget Algorithms. People Rule!

Silicon Valley has realized that nothing beats the human touch. The industry is tired of waiting—or can't afford to wait—for algorithms to exceed human curation. Read More >


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