Small and Medium Business IT Archives


Web Attacks Grow in Intensity and Duration

Web attacks are an entrenched part of the IT landscape, but new research indicates that attacks are changing in the methods, intensity and duration of attacks. Read More >


Paper Company Goes Paperless

Envelopments achieved such significant gains and cost savings with business management software that it is passing on some of the savings to its customers. Read More >


Online Collaboration Creates a Virtual Office

Enabling geographically dispersed employees and partners to view the same document at the same time facilitates discussions, saves time and eliminates confusion. Read More >


Cyber-Criminals Target Health Care Information

There are huge incentives for cyber-criminals to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in health care systems, and industry preparedness is, at best, spotty. Read More >


IronFist Plugs Into a Virtual Approach to Business

This small Web design firm leverages IT and the cloud to take its business to a higher level, enabling it to take an agile and modular approach. Read More >


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