Small and Medium Business IT Archives


Online Collaboration Creates a Virtual Office

Enabling geographically dispersed employees and partners to view the same document at the same time facilitates discussions, saves time and eliminates confusion. Read More >


Cyber-Criminals Target Health Care Information

There are huge incentives for cyber-criminals to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in health care systems, and industry preparedness is, at best, spotty. Read More >


IronFist Plugs Into a Virtual Approach to Business

This small Web design firm leverages IT and the cloud to take its business to a higher level, enabling it to take an agile and modular approach. Read More >


Midsize Companies Struggle With Tech Challenges

Midsize businesses are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, according to a recent survey from SWC Technology Partners. The resulting report, the "2012 Technology Trends Survey," covers a broad range of topics. Ultimately, however, it points out that these companies face unique challenges in taking advantage of IT to stay competitive—especially when it comes to... Read More >


Midsize Businesses Face Economic Challenges

A new ADP report offers insights into how midsize-business owners are adapting to the ongoing economic malaise. Read More >


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