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10 Things Bosses Say Behind Closed Doors

See also Seven Things Your Boss Hates About You Did you ever wonder about what your managers discuss amongst themselves? Team performance and chemistry often top the list, along with ways to motivate and reward em...Read More

Younger Workers Pose Big Security Risks

Young employees are known to shake things up. They expect to use the latest mobile devices, they want access to Facebook and Twitter, and they think email is for their parents. Oh, and they could post a major security t...Read More

Ten Rotten New Year`s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are made by more than 40% of Americans every year. Of course, less than half of them are still observed by June, but the tradition is still a positive one. In fact, those who make resolutions are ten ti...Read More

Jobs Await Qualified Workers

Underprepared candidates are making it difficult to fill job openings, according to a survey conducted by FTI Consulting on behalf of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Employers want nimble...Read More

What Business Travelers Really Want

Business travel is not dead, but it can feel pretty deadening. With business travel expected to increase in 2012, some familiar inconveniences will persist, including flight delays and frustrating security procedures. ...Read More

10 Surprising Rules for Leaders

In the wired world of business, one social-media authority suggests that professionals unplug, stop texting, and take a nap. Digital Leader: 5 Simple Keys to Success and Influence (McGraw-Hill/Available now), includes auth...Read More

10 Hottest Gadgets This Holiday Season

This is the Year of the Tablet. Amazon’s Kindle Fire (the Adam Sandler movie of electronic devices – panned by critics but a hit with actual consumers) made it to second place on Highbeam Research’s list of mos...Read More

10 Business Phrases That Must Die Now

You’ve heard them all so many times that they hardly register anymore. Whether in a conference room or a casual conversation, phrases that once sounded clever have been reduced to clichés. Some of them actually ar...Read More

10 Things Business Wants From IT This Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, people are making wish lists and hoping that Santa (or his human agents) will get them what they’ve been waiting for all year. In the corporate world, executives and user...Read More

Gender Gap Lingers in Tech Careers

Narrowing the gender gap for technology workers is a slow process, according to a survey from Technisource. See also Diversity Extends to Paychecks On the positive side, most women in IT are satisfied with their careers and w...Read More

What Workers Want in Corporate Culture

Corporate culture matters to workers – but different groups value different things about daily life in the workplace, with preferences varying by age, gender, level of education, and even geography. Culture is a key rec...Read More

10 Ways to Run IT Like a Business

We expect IT people to support and enable business operations, but how well-run from a business perspective is the average IT shop? In the book, Running IT Like a Business (IT Governance Publishing/available now), author...Read More

Return of the Holiday Bonus

See also Worst Holiday Gifts at Work There’s been a lot of “bah, humbug” in the workplace during recent holiday seasons, but those bad tidings may disappear this year. A survey from CareerBuilder shows that significantly more ...Read More

Nine Awful Office Holiday Gifts

Oh, you shouldn’t have…no, really, you shouldn’t have. What could be nicer than a small gift from your employer to mark the holidays? That depends on the gift. The presents listed here were exchanged in real-life workplace...Read More

10 Best Business Apps of 2011

This year will be remembered as the Tipping Point for mobile applications, the moment when downloadable apps running on portable devices for enterprise users went from interesting to essential. See also Best Business U...Read More
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