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Execs Clueless as Managers Bully Workers

Bosses often rely on intimidation to get what they want from employees, according to a recent survey from LRN. The research shows that CEOs and other top executives are clueless about how little the workforce is i...Read More

Cocky Execs Missing Security Risks

Never mind all those stories you’ve read over the years about costly data breaches -- senior executives around the world apparently think they're doing a bang-up job on the security front. This despite the fact that most o...Read More

10 Ways To Get That Job, Raise, or Promotion

Looking to get a raise? Think you deserve a promotion? Hoping to land a new job? Knowing what to say and how to say it can be the difference between success and failure. But how do you know which cards to play? Stuart Diamon...Read More

Five Technologies That Will Remake Your Workplace

The year 2020 is not that far away, but the average workplace may look decidedly different by then. Some changes will have to happen. The Collaboration 2020 research project conducted by Johnson Control...Read More

10 Useful New Books on Business Value and IT

“Value” is one of the trickiest concepts to define in today’s business lexicon. Are your people driving value? What value is your company getting from investments tied to your department? And perhaps abov...Read More

Eight Ways Apple Stays On Top

See also Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, and A Brief History of Apple. Apple's track record of turning out industry-changing products is the stuff of legend. But how, exactly, has Apple managed to consistently attract early...Read More

Your Boss Thinks He Could Do More Without You

Doing more with less is the new normal, as companies continue to look for cheaper ways to accomplish the same work. According to a survey from Chronos Consulting, a majority of bosses now believe that streaml...Read More

10 Most Useful APIs For Business

Getting applications to work with other programs adds value and power to your software, which makes Application Programming Interfaces (API) vital behind-the-scenes tools. put together a list of enterprise APIs to d...Read More

Ten Ways to Get More Agile

Agility is a buzzword for business and IT, but how do you make it real? Being adaptive requires innovation, but creativity must be matched with the ability to forecast industry trends and changes in ways that actually pay off. ...Read More

10 Ways To Get More Done at Work

Productivity does not hinge on the number of hours you spend on the job, but on how well you use the time. The book, 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done (Business Plus/Available in Se...Read More

The Risks of Flex Work

Managers talk a better game than they practice when it comes to flexible hours, telecommuting and other alternatives to the 9-to-5 office day. Most companies offer some form of these programs, which are touted as productivity boosters. B...Read More

U.S. Students Ill-Prepared for Working World

No child left behind? Hardly. Executives in the United States say young people are inadequately schooled in the essentials needed for professional life, according to a survey commissioned by Global Partnership Sch...Read More

No Break for Weary Workers

Do workers ever really get to relax? Apparently not, according to a survey from TripAdvisor. In theory, this is the time of year when we’re at our best. We’re back from summer vacations, refreshed and ready to go back to wor...Read More

Ten Ways IT Deals With Consumer Technology

The consumerization of corporate Information Technology is an established fact, with enterprise tech usage now influenced heavily by consumer trends. See also: How Big Companies Are Adjusting to Consumerization....Read More

10 Real-World Best Practices For Innovation

The best practices followed by your company when attempting to develop new ideas probably are not such great practices after all. So says former Accenture innovation guru Stephen M. Shapiro in the book, Best Prac...Read More
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