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HP vs. IBM: Clash of the Titans: Value in the Midmarket

Based on responses of companies with under $500 million in annual revenue

HP vs. IBM: Clash of the Titans: Value in the Small Enterprise

Small Enterprise Ratings Based on responses of companies with more than $500 million in annual revenue

HP vs. IBM: Clash of the Titans: Overall Value Results

Which vendor wins in overall customer satisfaction?

5 Green Computing Metrics

The Uptime Institute ( recently published definitions for quantitative metrics that can measure a data center’s green quotient. The following are five top metrics that execut

The Most IT Savvy Companies

These companies lead their respective verticals in leveraging IT to maximize profits and productivity.

Stores Stocking Up on Software

The retail industry will spend nearly $40 billion by 2011 to upgrade systems to improve customer experience.

5 Challenges to Yahoos Survival

The Web portal is struggling to maintain relevance in the increasingly competitive online advertising, social networking and multimedia world. It must overcome a handful of steep challenges if it hopes to succeed. By David F. Carr

5 Ways Companies Screw Up Business Intelligence—And How To Avoid the Same Mistakes

Business intelligence is on top of most enterprises’ buying agenda: according to Forrester, 41% expect to make a purchase or upgrade related to BI in 2007. Still, there are plenty of obstacles that hinder—or even sabotage—a company’s abili

Yawho?: An Internet Giant's Identity Crisis

The portal's struggle is thrown into sharp relief by the success if its chief rival, Google.

Wal-Mart's RFID Strategy: Ready, Fire, Aim

A Case Dissection in Miniature Reporter: Mel Duvall Designer: Steve Anderson Producer: Robert Hertzberg

RFID Between Partners

How one of Wal-Mart's suppliers uses the technology. Reporter: Mel Duvall Graphics: Designed by: Brian Moore Producer: Robert Hertzberg

The Circle of Life: Hardware Removal by the Book

IT asset disposal vendors remove your outdated equipment and determine the best--and proper--way to get rid of it and the data on it. By David Carr
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