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Eight Memories That Would Make Your HR Person Cringe

Sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain have rekindled debate over inappropriate workplace behavior. Katie Roiphe argues in the New York Times that we've gone too ...Read More

Occupy Wall Street Message Resonates With Workers

Corporate managers, take note: The Occupy Wall Street movement may appear to be something you can ignore, but sentiments expressed by protesters are likely to be widely shared by your own rank-and-file wo...Read More

Six Signs That Workers Just Don`t Care Anymore

Workers are not so into work these days. After years of layoffs and being told to do more with less, and with few rewards for their efforts beyond hanging on to their jobs, their engagement level is the lowes...Read More

Hiring Focus Turns to Military Veterans

Military veterans face big challenges as they attempt to find work after returning home. In fact, the unemployment rate for veterans was recently at 12.1% -- three full percentage points higher than the civilian rate. B...Read More

Everyone Knows You`re Looking For a New Job

Hoping to keep your online job search on the down low? Good luck. Privacy is a casualty of the modern age, and that includes job hunting, says a survey from People know that they’re taking risks by a...Read More

10 Dark Secrets of Hacker Forums

Being a black-hat hacker can be hard, with technical complexity creating a high barrier to entry for many would-be criminals. Thus the evolution of the hacker forum, an online gathering place where aspiring crooks can communic...Read More

Social Media Won`t Find You a Job

IT workers are fairly optimistic about their jobs, says a survey from Modis. One surprising finding: Only a small fraction of those responding regard social media as a good way to find work. In any case, IT workers tend to be h...Read More

A Quick Guide to Social Media Within the Enterprise

Fortune 1000 companies are finding social media technologies to be increasingly valuable inside their organizations. External usage, for the purposes of marketing, communications and business intellig...Read More

Fools and Their Data Are Soon Parted

What would you give up to retrieve lost computer files? Pretty much anything, according to a survey from Wakefield Research and Carbonite Inc. People say they’d shell out big bucks or abstain from beer, wine and coffee r...Read More

Managed IT Services Deliver Savings

Cost-cutting remains a major focus of IT strategy. One successful approach involves managed IT services, which can yield meaningful savings “even when implemented on small scale,” says Carolyn April, director of ...Read More

10 Steps to Moving to the Cloud

Virtualization and cloud computing increase efficiency and flexibility in providing data and applications to users, yet managing performance of applications and transactions in the cloud is neither simple nor easy. When ...Read More

Ten Surprising Ex-Jobs of Famous Business Leaders and Celebs

Everybody, no matter how famous and successful, has to start somewhere, and many actors, pundits, rock stars and CEOs landed their first paying jobs at the same kinds of places you probably did -- dep...Read More

10 Best Global Companies to Work For

What makes for a great workplace? Quality of life, access to senior managers, and clear career paths were among the attributes cited by workers in a “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” survey from consultancy Grea...Read More

Seven Views of Coming Out at Work

The vast majority of Americans feel that employees should be evaluated based on performance and not their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to a survey from Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. While gay, lesbian, b...Read More

Worst Excuses for Missing Work

Everyone feels like playing hooky sometimes. Most of us just tough it out, or maybe take a personal day. Then there are the folks found by CareerBuilder, who pursue more inventive ways to avoid work for the day. This sort of thin...Read More
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