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Why Projects Fail and How to Rescue Them

Failed projects are costly, so a sound project recovery strategy can pay off handsomely. A new study from project management firm PM Solutions, “Strategies for Project Recovery,” says the average American com...Read More

Bad Manners and Bad Applications Costly in Job Search

See also Job Interview Blunders You thought your job interview went well, but you didn’t get the position. What happened? It could be your manners, or lack of them, says a survey from CareerBuilder. ...Read More

Hackers Target Mobile Devices

Attacks targeting mobile devices are on the rise, and the overall threat environment grew yet more hostile in 2010, says Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 16. “Cell phones are coming into your work enviro...Read More

10 Hot Business Technologies

A Deloitte Consulting report, “Tech Trends 2011: The Natural Convergence of Business and IT,” includes a list of “disruptive and emerging technologies” that are expected to play important roles in business through the ...Read More

The Return of Worker Turnover

Employers beware—your workers are confident that they can find jobs elsewhere, and turnover rates may be about to increase. A survey from shows growing confidence about the job market, even as companies cont...Read More

Securing and Supporting Tablet Computers

See also: iPad Goes Corporate Is your company ready to manage tablet computers? The promise of these devices is huge, but so too is their potential to cause headaches. Maintaining security and making sure sensitive...Read More

In Praise of Lesser Talents

No team succeeds on star-power alone. The B Player – that dependable, competent pro who does the dirty work and never complains about it – is an essential element, too, says a new book, Harvard Business Review on Finding a...Read More

IT Hobbles Business Performance

Technology is holding businesses back by limiting visibility into key operations, say the suits in the CFO’s office. Friction between finance and IT is nothing new, but tensions are rising as bean-counting plays a greate...Read More

Eight Steps To A More Efficient Data Center

Controlling data center costs can make a big difference in your expense structure, and it gives you that nice green feeling, too. Moving from physical to virtual machines and upgrading to energy-efficient serve...Read More

Why Your Career is Stuck in Neutral

Do you ever feel invisible – as if your good work is not being distinguished from that of your peers? You are not alone. Senior execs admit they’re failing to pinpoint top performers and compensate them appropriatel...Read More

New Rules for Business Success

Conventional wisdom on business management changes over time, and many of the rules that once defined the workplace have been rewritten over the last decade. In the Harvard Business Review book, Communicating Effectively (H...Read More

Six Awkward Situations With the Boss

Are you ready to talk to the boss? We all daydream about speaking truth to power, but when the moment comes you have to be ready. Mustering a cool-headed, precise reaction when called upon during a meeting, or coming a...Read More

Security Clearances Clear Big Bucks

Want to make more money? Get a security clearance. Even better, get a hot IT certification, too, and watch the money roll in. Official government security clearances are a distinction that allow you to work on the most ...Read More

Tablets for Business

See Also: iPad Goes Corporate Tablets are in the building and your IT department has to adapt. But will you be supporting iPads, with their iTunes and iOS quirks, or installing software and running security tests on products from vendors li...Read More

Young Workers Redefine Career Success

You need young talent to keep your business competitive, but many hiring managers don’t really understand the generation now entering the workforce. Researchers Sanja Licina and Alexandra Levit say the Great Recessi...Read More
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