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Mobile Phones Ruin Love Lives

We all know (or should know) that certain mobile phone behaviors are considered obnoxious. But did you realize these faux pas can crush your love life? While certain instances of phone usage may be inevitable—or even desirab...Read More

How to Manage Successful IT Projects

One-fourth of IT projects are outright failures, and another 44% encounter significant difficulties, such as (sing along, you know the words) blown deadlines, overspent budgets, and failure to deliver on key goals. A ...Read More

Five Common IT Challenges And How To Address Them

Overwhelmed by the routine work of managing technology? You and your coworkers are far from alone – in fact, three out of four enterprises say they struggle with IT management issues. And the hits keep ...Read More

How Websites Poison Your Computer

Search engine poisoning attacks use ranking algorithms to link and direct users to websites that host malware. The attacks can be hard to trace because hackers don’t require control of the servers involved in the scheme, in...Read More

Weep For the Well-Educated

Knowledge workers, also known as “the creative class” in the parlance of economist and social scientist Richard Florida, make their living by fostering innovation, resolving problems, and thinking strategically. Sound...Read More

Nine Things To Ask About Global Markets

Is your company ready to do business around the world? First, you have to understand the countries where you’ll operate. Readiness to compete in different climates is addressed in the book, Harvard Business Revie...Read More

More Workers Would Relocate For A Job

As companies struggle to find workers with the right mix of talents to fill their needs -- 34% of employers are having difficulty filling vacancies, according to ManpowerGroup – more workers say they are willing to ...Read More

Americans Are Broke, Stressed, And In Debt

Experts say you should have six months’ worth of living expenses saved up in case you lose your job. Most Americans say, “Who, me?” A survey shows that the vast majority of U.S. workers fall shor...Read More

Eight Tips for Creating Bulletproof Passwords

Strong passwords are an important way to protect your corporate and private data from theft – and to avoid joining the more than nine million Americans victimized by identity theft each year. Eugene Buyakin, COO...Read More

Cloud Computing Grows Unevenly

Large companies, the federal government, and institutions of higher education are moving to the cloud faster than small-to-midsized businesses and state and local governments, according to a survey from CDW. 30% or more of t...Read More

10 Ways To Develop Leaders

Some people are born leaders, but most of us learn the art of leadership along the way. The better you are at nurturing leadership potential in others, the more valuable you will be to your organization. To cultivate these skil...Read More

Write a Better Resume

See also Awful Applications and Ridiculous Resumes Much conventional wisdom about resumes and cover letters is wrong. Consider the basic, "Just the facts, ma’am," approach. In reality, facts must be backed up with good stories if you wa...Read More

Eight Ways To Tame Office Chaos

Is your work life out of control? Do you find that keeping up with meetings, e-mail, and routine distractions prevents you from focusing on the actual work you need to get done? Maybe it’s time to rethink some of your wo...Read More

Get Healthy or Pay Up

Are you ready for your company to monitor your lifestyle? Soaring healthcare costs have employers making workers pay for their unhealthy practices. Smoking is one habit under scrutiny, as is non-participation in wellness programs an...Read More

Eight Ways to Kill Innovation

A lot of things can go wrong on the long journey between the birth of an idea and its actual implementation. Potential breakthroughs fail for many reasons, with even worthy concepts falling victim to the hazards of the devel...Read More
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