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Eight Non-Certified Skills in the Money

According to the most recent Foote Partners IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index, the non-certified IT skills listed below give those who have honed them a bit more leverage when sitting for an interview or a pay review. The quarterly index systematically categorizes and establishes value for discrete skills categories.

10 Best Practices for Desktop Virtualization

What IT managers can learn from Embarq's thin-client initiative.

Nine Hot IT Jobs in a Lukewarm Market

Things are tough out there, but IT recruiters report that there's still a market for the right skillsets. According to Tom Silver, senior vice president for IT employment firm, Dice is seeing lots of demand from hiring managers in the following nine categories.

IT Employment Forecast

Will IT employment prospects look any brighter anytime soon? Our magic eight ball says, "Reply hazy, try again." Here are some highlights from the most recent reports, which show sometimes contradictory outlooks.

7 Ways to Reduce Costs as the Recession Eases

Paring costs at the onset of a recession is easy compared to finding savings after months of budget cuts -- especially with the need to prepare the enterprise for future growth. "I'm alarmed by the number of...Read More

Tech Job Losses Lessening

Outplacement consultants with Challenger, Gray & Christmas say the number of technology jobs lost last quarter went down dramatically compared to first quarter figures.

Which Business Managers Make IT Purchase Decisions?

IT vendors have tried going around the CIO and straight to top business executives or specific business-line managers to sell their wares. But who has the most influence? Forrester Research asked almost 1,000 enterprise decision-makers ...Read More

12 Recession-Resistant Software Investments

IT leaders want to invest more in software initiatives, but the economy forces them to be more discriminating than ever. Forrester Research asked 431 North American and European executives what platform and i...Read More

IT Spending Priorities

IT professionals put the value of business efficiency over cost reductions, but in this economy they are still struggling with tight budgets. Microsoft recently commissioned Harris Interactive to survey more than 1,200 IT pros worldwide to find their perspective on driving innovation and IT spending priorities.

Mid-Market IT Priorities

IBM asked nearly 1,900 IT decision-makers at midsize organizations about their top IT priorities in 2009 and beyond. The survey found five specific trends that IBM highlighted for readers in its report, Inside the Midmarket: A 2009 Perspective.

Gartner, Forrester Revise IT Spending Forecasts

Two of the biggest analyst firms recently adjusted their IT spending predictions, and though the numbers vary slightly, consensus is that things don’t look great for 2009.

Computer Economics IT Spending Highlights

Computer Economics recently released its annual IT spending analysis, based on in-depth interviews of 200 IT executives. Even as many organizations continue to cut back, others are increasing spending or at least holding level.

Eight Ways Porn Changed the Internet

Al Gore may take credit for inventing it. The Department of Defense deserves credit for building out its infrastructure. But let’s face it: The real wizards behind the curtain, the first true marketeers of the Inter...Read More

Dangerous Former Employees

Insider threats from ex-employees linger when IT organizations fail to deprovision terminated workers access to all systems. Read Ericka Chickowski's article on this topic.

10 Benefits of SaaS Collaborative Work Management

What Frontier Airlines learned from its recent project. See also a detailed article on this topic.
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