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Keeping Up With PCI Security Standards

Baseline explains the latest set of rules for the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) data security standards and how the changes will affect merchants who want to stay compliant.

Security Around the World

As users' security perceptions toward the Internet are improving around the world, security experts say that the volume and severity of security threats is increasing. Cisco Systems set out to see how remote workers in various countries per...Read More

10 Free Virtualization Tools You Should Know

In addition to introducing a lot of operational and security improvements, virtualization can also act as a great cost-cutting measure. And what says cost-cutting better than free? Check out our list of 10 free virtualization tools and utilities that you haven't heard much about.

Red Carpet Entrepreneurs

While the unwashed masses can only dream of turning digital dreams into bona fide businesses, the famous use their clout to jump in with both well-shod feet. Here's a list of celebrities taking a flyer on technology-based businesses.

Five Immutable Laws of Virtualization Security

IT virtualization provides unprecedented gains in efficiency and flexibility. But as these virtualized environments grow increasingly prevalent in the enterprise, admins must now consider the technology’s unique secur...Read More

Baselines Greatest Hacker Movies of All Time

While a little far-fetched, "Untraceable" is not an unusual portrayal of hacking and computer security through the movie-makers lens. In this limelight, Baseline recounts 20 famous hacker movies.

10 Great Windows Vista Gadgets

We’ve waded through the growing list of Vista 'gadgets' (widgets) to find the real gems that will help you best balance work, family and personal time on your desktop. All are available for free download at the Windows Live Gallery.

First and Tech: A Playbook of Football Technologies

Football has come a long way from leather helmets and frozen tundra. The NFL is now among the biggest spectator sports in the world, thanks in part to technologies that have made the game safer for players and more...Read More

12 Companies Nabbed by the Business Software Alliance

Already forgotten Major League Baseball's Mitchell Report? Here’s another kind of "cheaters" list that you will want to avoid. Here are 12 companies who have been fined by the Business Software Alliance for not playing by the rules of asset ma

10 Free Games for Busy Professionals

Every successful executive knows that the key to a satisfying career is maintaining that precious work-life balance. Nobody can work straight through a 10-hour day without a little amusement, after all. The following are some great games to relieve a litt

Windows Vista By the Numbers

It has been a little over a year now since Microsoft first launched Windows Vista to the enterprise market. Baseline takes a look at the kind of traction the new operating system has gained over 2007, and what analysts expect in 2008.

10 Tried, True and Free Security Tools to Consider

Want to help your company’s bottom line and get in good with your staff? Here are 10 excellent security tools that your technology team needs to know about. Feel free to show them to your CIO too, since they’re free and all.

Getting the Tech Vote

The presidential election may be a year away, but Americans are already voting with their wallets. As the candidates collect campaign contributions for their trek toward the White House, Baseline took a look at who is get

Clash of the Titans II : Microsoft vs. Google

Who Wins the War of Value to Customers?

HP vs IBM: Clash of the Titans: Value in the Large Enterprise

Based on responses of companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue.
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