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Amping Up Business With 3D

3D technology isn't just for scientific modeling and attempts at cinematic nostalgia anymore; Many companies are using the tech for everything from R&D to education. Here's just a sampling of a few of the projects in the enterprise arena.

10 People-Related Project Mistakes

In this installment of Getting the Best Out of Geeks, we spoke with project management guru Dr. Steve Flannes to get the scoop on the ten biggest people-related mistakes that IT project managers can make. As the principal of t...Read More

Beware a Generation of Risk Takers

An upcoming survey from Symantec and Applied Research-West confirms many suspicions about the generation gap in the workplace, namely that younger workers will use your corporate network to run most any device, technology or social networking software they can get their hands on. Should you be concerned? Oh, yes.

How Technology Can Help Stop an Infuenza Pandemic

The CDC Influenza Pandemic Plan outlines the agency's IT plans and systems to support a nationwide response to a potential outbreak of a non-seasonal flu pandemic through real-time data exchange and information management.

10 Ways to Cultivate a Creative IT Environment

Baseline's second installment of a four-part series on how to get the most from your IT role players.

10 Ways IT Employees are Different from Everyone Else

Baseline's first installment of a four-part series on how to get the most from your IT role players.

Face-Saving Tools for Managers

Fixware, freeware and almost-legalware to keep you up to date with your IT department.

Gaffes Keeping Geeks Out of the Board Room

If you're the type of maverick who's ever gone to a formal event in a tuxedo t-shirt or a gown and Chuck Taylors, then you'll probably benefit from this list. It could potentially make a difference in your future earning potential. Seriously. 

Keeping Up With PCI Security Standards

Baseline explains the latest set of rules for the Payment Card Industry's (PCI) data security standards and how the changes will affect merchants who want to stay compliant.

Security Around the World

As users' security perceptions toward the Internet are improving around the world, security experts say that the volume and severity of security threats is increasing. Cisco Systems set out to see how remote workers in various countries per...Read More

10 Free Virtualization Tools You Should Know

In addition to introducing a lot of operational and security improvements, virtualization can also act as a great cost-cutting measure. And what says cost-cutting better than free? Check out our list of 10 free virtualization tools and utilities that you haven't heard much about.

Red Carpet Entrepreneurs

While the unwashed masses can only dream of turning digital dreams into bona fide businesses, the famous use their clout to jump in with both well-shod feet. Here's a list of celebrities taking a flyer on technology-based businesses.

Five Immutable Laws of Virtualization Security

IT virtualization provides unprecedented gains in efficiency and flexibility. But as these virtualized environments grow increasingly prevalent in the enterprise, admins must now consider the technology’s unique secur...Read More

Baselines Greatest Hacker Movies of All Time

While a little far-fetched, "Untraceable" is not an unusual portrayal of hacking and computer security through the movie-makers lens. In this limelight, Baseline recounts 20 famous hacker movies.

10 Great Windows Vista Gadgets

We’ve waded through the growing list of Vista 'gadgets' (widgets) to find the real gems that will help you best balance work, family and personal time on your desktop. All are available for free download at the Windows Live Gallery.
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