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Workers More Honest When Someone is Watching

Open-plan office layouts are popular these days, with fewer individual offices and more emphasis on environments that encourage collaboration. Experts tout benefits like employee retention and better use of sp...Read More

Social Media Influence On Purchasing Overrated

Social media influence consumer decisions, but not as much you might think&#151at least not yet. As customers flock to the Internet for research, the most popular sites remain those with advice from estab...Read More

Four Ways To Improve Your Management Style

Do you Sisu? Sisu is a Finnish term for doing what it takes to get things done. It embodies qualities of will, perseverance, and endurance, and places high value on building an organization that leverages the co...Read More

Being Liked Trumps Being Smart

Sounds like high school all over again: Career success depends more on popularity than intelligence. But bosses value workers who interact well with colleagues, customers, and partners, according to a recent survey from CareerBui...Read More

10 Crazy Things People Put on Resumes

It’s hard enough to get a job these days without making a hash of your resume and your references (not to mention your interview wardrobe and behavior), but some candidates just can’t seem to get out of their own ...Read More

Tablets Will Replace PC, Say Users

See also iPad is Just the Beginning. Experts argue over the likelihood of tablet computers replacing desktops and laptops, but many tablet owners have no such doubts. A recent survey from Staples Advantage, the B2B division ...Read More

Social Media Costs Companies Bigtime

Social media content created by and for your business could expose you to litigation, trash your reputation, and hurt the bottom line. Symantec's 2011 Social Media Protection Flash Poll shows that in the past year, the typ...Read More

10 Tips For Effective Public Speaking

See also Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Fear of public speaking is routinely ranked up there with death, heights, and spiders among the things that really freak people out. We hate to add to the pressure, but speakin...Read More

Identifying the Fraudster in Your Company

Who commits fraud in your company? He may be one of your hardest-working and most trusted colleagues, someone who is often stressed, rarely takes vacations, and protects his business unit from scrutiny while perso...Read More

10 Tips For Leading A Virtual Team

How do you manage what you can't see? The ability to access applications and information from mobile devices and remote workplaces reduces the importance of geographic location, but team leaders face a new set of problem...Read More

Why Your Company Cares About The Housing Market

Housing woes continue to plague millions of Americans, and to threaten the larger economy – including the business sector. A new survey from Fannie Mae shows that many homeowners worry about losing their jobs,...Read More

Do-It-Yourself Tech Support Strains IT Patience

Younger workers who grew up with computers and mobile phones enter the workforce with more technology experience than any prior generation. This makes life both easier and harder for IT support staffs, accord...Read More

Startups Too Scary For Many Workers

With the boom in social-networking company valuations, you might think experienced technology pros would be longing for positions at startups. After all, consumer-facing enterprises, notable among them those social-medi...Read More

Weak Technology Hinders Innovation

Most organizations lack a comprehensive view of their own project portfolios, and inadequate technology often is to blame. Portfolio management helps companies decide which projects and products to invest in by providing...Read More

Employed But Struggling With Bills

Even people fortunate enough to remain employed are struggling with debt concerns and the resulting stress on their savings and retirement portfolios. In that vein, here's some bad news and some not-quite-that-bad news. ...Read More
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