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Seven Essential Skills of Great Leaders

The first rule of being an effective boss may be acknowledging that leadership qualities do not arrive with a fancy job title or promotion. Even if you’re highly skilled at your job, you could fail when asked to ...Read More

How to Revive a Failing Project

You know an IT project is in trouble when the customers – either internal or external – start checking in frequently for status updates, and you find that you have little in the way of fresh news to offer them. Or mayb...Read More

Flexible Work Arrangements Gain Popularity

Flexible work arrangements are emerging as the norm for many organizations, with the vast majority of U.S. companies now offering some flexible options with respect to where and when employees work, according to...Read More

Retirement May Be Out of Reach

The retirement-savings forecast remains bleak, even as the economy recovers. Many workers say they aren’t at all confident about their retirement prospects, according to a survey from the Employee Benefit Research Inst...Read More

Your Boss Stinks And He Knows It

Ever wondered if your boss is fit to lead? So has your boss. A CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,480 managers and 3,910 workers shows that people in supervisory roles often doubt their capabilities, especially at the beg...Read More

Eight Ways to Make a Great First Impression

You never get a second chance at a first impression, as the old saying goes, so you really can’t afford to screw it up. That rule holds true for business relationships, from the initial job interview to intera...Read More

10 Reasons Women Make Strong Leaders

Sun Tzu was the Chuck Norris of deep thinkers. His biography is sketchy, but it’s believed that he was a general in China around 400 B.C. What’s certain is his influence, which stems from The Art of War, a slim book th...Read More

Assessing the Costs of Data Breaches

How much will a data breach cost your company? A lot, according to the Ponemon Institute and Symantec Corp., which surveyed 51 companies from 15 industry sectors around the country. The 2010 Annual Study: U.S. Cost of...Read More

Seven Rules for Executing Strategy

Good strategy is no guarantee of good results, especially if common errors in execution are not anticipated and avoided. Worse: “The causes of this strategy-to-performance gap are all but invisible to top management,...Read More

Nine Off-the-Wall Office Bets

People love to gamble, as the spread of casinos and state lotteries makes clear. At work, the addiction to office pools isn’t limited to those ubiquitous March Madness bracket challenges. And employees can get pretty creative...Read More

Six Signs You Can`t Take It Anymore

Employees are cracking under the pressure of increased workloads that come without reasonable additional compensation. Simple gratitude for remaining employed went a long way during the Great Recession, but recovery mean...Read More

Five Bad Bosses and How To Manage Them

You can’t always pick your boss, but you will have to work with all kinds of managers if you want to thrive professionally. Unfortunately, all the business or technical know-how in the world can’t prepare you for...Read More

March Madness vs Office Productivity

We’re suspicious of those studies that come out around every major sporting event, purporting to quantify the economic cost of distracted workers. Sure, people are obsessing about the NCAA tournament (we are), but th...Read More

Mobile Rage is the New Road Rage

People are losing patience with mobile-gadget users talking and pecking away, oblivious to those around them, whether they’re driving a car, watching a movie or even using a public restroom. A survey from Intel Corporati...Read More

10 Trends That Will Change Your Workplace

What changes are coming to your workplace? More accountability for major goals. Greater productivity demands. And better pay increases and job opportunities. That’s the forecast derived from a new survey from th...Read More
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