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Workaholism on the Rise

See also: Sick Days Are a LuxuryAre you a workaholic? Some people scoff at the whole concept, or don’t realize that they exhibit behaviors associated with an obsessive focus on work. Yet being a workaholic can lead to stress, damaged...Read More

Seven Tips For Finding the Job You Want

It’s tough to find a job these days, much less the job of one’s dreams, in the slowly-healing economy. Long gone is the era when a good resume and a few interviews did the trick. Yet too many of us still chase our ...Read More

IT`s Top 10 Winners of 2010

In a down year for many, there were plenty of big winners in technology in 2010. We could start with the perennial tech titans like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison and the Google triumvirate of Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmid...Read More

Top 10 Tech Trends of 2011

What technologies and trends will your organization be focusing on next year? How will you cope with virtualization, mobility, Internet applications, and security? Baseline research set out to find what’s happening now and wha...Read More

Prepare for Small Disasters

See also IT Sneezes, Business Catches a Cold The words “disaster recovery” brings to mind events such as Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, and the BP oil spill. But even if nothing of national consequence goes wrong on your watch, local...Read More

15 Ways to Enhance Your Business Skills

Can you write a concise, informative report? Create a bulletproof budget? Use statistics to make the case for your pet project? Rising through the corporate ranks takes more than just IT domain expertise, it require...Read More

10 Security Risks in 2011

Your data is under attack, and the dangers are proliferating. How many different systems are running in your company? Between desktop OSes, server platforms and mobile devices, IT managers have a growing variety of devices to manage ...Read More

IT Downtime is Hurting Bottom-Line Results for Companies

Companies are losing billions of dollars a year due to IT downtime and the costs of data recovery, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. During moments when the machines aren’t runnin...Read More

Cloud Usage Survey

What kinds of software are enterprises running in the cloud today, and what do they plan to run there in the near future? This is just one area addressed in Cloudrise: Rewards and Risks at the Dawn of Cloud Computing, an essential new...Read More

IT Job Prospects Strong for 2011

Companies will aggressively seek to hire IT talent during the first half of 2011, says Technisource. Conducted by, the new survey reveals that a large majority of organizations plan to hire during that period, ...Read More

Mainframe Expertise in Demand

Mainframe skills are in demand, with the old-school technology continuing to play a key role in enterprise computing and even factoring heavily in cloud-connected strategies. Recent numbers from IBM illustrate the trend: In ...Read More

Database Pros Under Pressure

Performance issues and poor planning are keeping database workers up at night & literally according to a new survey from Embarcadero. Scope creep and slow, inefficient tools have caused more than half of these employees ...Read More

Sick Days Are a Luxury

See also: Worst Excuses For Calling In Sick, Recession Tips Work/Life Balance Remember sick days? How quaint. Many workers now feel pressured to avoid calling in sick, even with a fever, and a significant percentage won't stay home...Read More

Top 10 Tech Newsmakers of 2010

2010 was yet another wild ride in the IT world. The year gave us a slew of major news—from landmark product launches, to game-changing acquisitions, to some of the worst technological terror threats ever seen. And through it a...Read More

8 Funny Data Disasters of 2010

Data disasters befall us all. Hard drives fail and precious family photos are lost, or a business laptop with valuable corporate data is stolen. But some disasters are more colorful than others. Kroll Ontrack, a provider of ...Read More
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