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45 Fast Facts About Microsoft

Details you may not know about the world’s biggest software company.

10 Reasons Your Team Hates You

Mike Figliuolo of thoughtLEADERS, LLC says workers often are less happy with their bosses than they let on. "If you don't start fixing some of these behaviors, you might end up with a mutiny on your hands," he writes. Here's Mike's list of 10 obstacles to a happy team.

Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

See also A Brief History of Apple This list of "7 Lessons from a Marketing Genius" was created by Carmine Gallo, author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audienc...Read More

Securing Smaller Companies

Some basic security practices are starting to become pervasive within small-to-midsized businesses, although these organizations may still leave a few gaps in the armor. A recent study sponsored by GFI Technologies polled 540 SMB IT...Read More

Eight Technology Letdowns

Technology is subject to grandiose expectations, and often it fails to live up to the hype. We’ve made huge gains in information management, communications, and getting sports scores on our mobile devices, but the promises unmet leave us wanting more.

IT Employee Confidence Sees a Bump

The latest IT Employee Confidence Index from Technisource, compiled from surveys conducted by Harris Interactive during the third quarter, shows that IT pros are gaining confidence in the IT employment market and the overall economy.

Where the Jobs Went

Planned job losses fell for the third month in a row in October, down 16% from September to 55,679, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Despite the deceleration, it's been another brutal year. Here's a look at where most cuts were expected, and why.

10 Things to Hate About the iPhone

The iPhone has been a technology game-changer and a cultural icon, yet Apple, despite its design wizardry, is still a non-factor in the enterprise IT market. We scoured the Internet looking for recurring complaints abou...Read More

7 Musts of Systemic Security Strategy

RSA recently came up with a list of seven guiding principles it considers key toward developing a systemic security strategy. Baseline takes a deeper dive.

40 Fast Facts About Hewlett-Packard

The world's largest IT company is also one of the most interesting and influential. HP's impact goes well beyond technology; in many ways, it is the prototypical high-tech company and the fountainhead of Silicon Valley culture. See also: Fast Facts on Symantec, Apple, Intel, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google.

Enterprises Still Spending on Security

Data Dimension teamed up with IDC to take the temperature of the IT security market, with a global sampling of 400 IT decision makers. News was surprisingly good, given the state of overall IT budgets today. Organizati...Read More

CIOs Ban Social Nets

Do social networking sites serve as useful tools for connecting within the business world, or are they simply time-wasters? More than half of enterprise IT leaders lean toward the latter perspective, according to a new survey conducted amo...Read More

The State of Enterprise Software Adoption

How closely does your company monitor and measure software adoption, post-implementation? When things go wrong, does IT get blamed? Neochange, Sandhill Group and the Technology Services Industry Association (TSI...Read More

10 Tips on Purchasing Financial Software

Best practices, compiled by consultant Jacoby Garcia.

IT Staffing Trends

While spending predictions may have scared IT workers about their job prospects, a recent poll of CIOs by the Society for Information Management found that IT HR spending trends in 2010 may be more favorable than workers fear.
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