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7 Technologies to Help Manage Passwords

Password managers put all your eggs in one basket, but at least something keeps an eye on the basket. The better managers encrypt the passwords and won't let you get to them without a good password, either.

7 Free Database Tools

Enterprise databases are expensive and extremely necessary. Here are some free database tools to help manage this critical technology and business engine.

10 Ways to Help Keep Your Job Under Control

Baseline sifts through calendars, task management utilities, project management programs and freeware for the best in functionality to keep your days organized and productive. 

25 Most Disruptive Technology Business Models

The world belongs to agile, flexible companies that dare to innovate and displace outmoded business models. Baseline checks out the most disruptive companies.  To slow down the pace of the slide show, please use the pause button just a...Read More

10 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Tech Gurus

Managing IT professionals is a lot easier task when the technology team is made up of talented individuals. Unfortunately, many IT managers fail to cultivate their skills around recruiting because they do it so infre...Read More

10 Free Storage and Backup Utilities Worth Using

Here is a list of the most effective free storage and backup utilities, which are designed more to help you recover data that's important to you in your everyday duties, after you find out the hard way why hard drives and spilled coffee don't mix.

Best Firefox Add-ons

Check out these more critically functional enhancements to Mozilla's Firefox.

Amping Up Business With 3D

3D technology isn't just for scientific modeling and attempts at cinematic nostalgia anymore; Many companies are using the tech for everything from R&D to education. Here's just a sampling of a few of the projects in the enterprise arena.

10 People-Related Project Mistakes

In this installment of Getting the Best Out of Geeks, we spoke with project management guru Dr. Steve Flannes to get the scoop on the ten biggest people-related mistakes that IT project managers can make. As the principal of t...Read More

Beware a Generation of Risk Takers

An upcoming survey from Symantec and Applied Research-West confirms many suspicions about the generation gap in the workplace, namely that younger workers will use your corporate network to run most any device, technology or social networking software they can get their hands on. Should you be concerned? Oh, yes.

How Technology Can Help Stop an Infuenza Pandemic

The CDC Influenza Pandemic Plan outlines the agency's IT plans and systems to support a nationwide response to a potential outbreak of a non-seasonal flu pandemic through real-time data exchange and information management.

10 Ways to Cultivate a Creative IT Environment

Baseline's second installment of a four-part series on how to get the most from your IT role players.

10 Ways IT Employees are Different from Everyone Else

Baseline's first installment of a four-part series on how to get the most from your IT role players.

Face-Saving Tools for Managers

Fixware, freeware and almost-legalware to keep you up to date with your IT department.

Gaffes Keeping Geeks Out of the Board Room

If you're the type of maverick who's ever gone to a formal event in a tuxedo t-shirt or a gown and Chuck Taylors, then you'll probably benefit from this list. It could potentially make a difference in your future earning potential. Seriously.  
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