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Top 10 Business Analysis Trends for 2010

ESI International, a provider of learning-based tools and certifications in project management and program management, offers 10 trends that will impact requirements management and development (RMD) this year.

Seven Reasons IT is Hard

There certainly have been better times in the history of business to be working in IT. The slow economic recovery has done little to correct the damage done to IT departments, and over-stressed IT workers contend with lon...Read More

Forecasting a Brighter 2010

Forrester Research recently updated its predictions for IT spending in 2010. So far, the outlook looks bright-particularly compared to last year, which saw an 8.9% drop in global IT spending. Forrester reports an expected 8.1% increase in spending globally and 6.5% rise within the U.S.

40 Fast Facts about Oracle

How much do you know about the hard-charging enterprise software giant? See also: Fast Facts About Google; Fast Facts on Microsoft, Fast Facts on HP

Six Careers with Promise

The U.S. Department of Labor projects the fastest-growing jobs through 2016. IT careers look like winners.

No More Useless Meetings

Meetings are a drag, and worse, they are often a waste of time. But Jean Van Rensselar of Chicago-based Smart PR Communications says productive, half-hour meetings are doable. "Lack of planning and unproductive discussion...Read More

IT's Seven Deadly Sins

Running an effective, efficient IT operation is no easy task. Chris Oleson (an IT manager), Mike Hagan (an IT executive) and Christophe DeMoss (a national consultant) co-authored "Achieving IT Service Quality: The Opposite of Luck...Read More

10 Worst Jobs for 2010

Think your job is tough? Think again. Compare your daily routine to the those on's list of 10 Worst Jobs of 2010, and chances are you'll start feeling better about your career choices. See also: 10 Best Jobs of 2010.

10 Best Jobs for 2010

Love your job? So do the folks at, who put two IT specialties on their list of 10 Best Jobs of 2010. Their definition of "best job" seems heavily weighted toward sedentary indoor work, available to a broad sw...Read More

Meet the Latest iPhone Killer

The newest Android phone breaks some new ground in the mobile wars — it's available directly from Google, and it's not tethered to a single carrier. But how does it stack up against the iPhone and other contenders for the smart-phone crown? Reviews are positive, but the game is just beginning.

How to Ace a Job Interview

Adapted from the site How to Nail an Interview, created by marketing pro Steinar Skipsness; the videos there must be seen to be believed.

The War Between Business and IT

Susan Cramm's forthcoming book, 8 Things We Hate About IT: How to Move Beyond the Frustrations to Form a New Partnership With IT (Harvard Business Press, March 2010), examines the frustrations common to the business-IT rel...Read More

Security Predictions for 2010

A look at some of the new year's big issues on the security front, courtesy of ICSA Labs, a vendor-neutral testing and certification lab used by many top security vendors.

Trends for 2010

Our research shows 10 business and technology trends that will help define the IT landscape in 2010.

IT Leadership: Playing to Win

Great coaches can galvanize individuals with different interests and divergent objectives, and focus them on a common goal. Joe Frontiera, PhD and Dan Leidl, PhD, managing partners of Meno Consulting, spoke with elite lacros...Read More
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