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Nine Awful Office Holiday Gifts

Oh, you shouldn’t have…no, really, you shouldn’t have. What could be nicer than a small gift from your employer to mark the holidays? That depends on the gift. The presents listed here were exchanged in real-life workplace...Read More

10 Best Business Apps of 2011

This year will be remembered as the Tipping Point for mobile applications, the moment when downloadable apps running on portable devices for enterprise users went from interesting to essential. See also Best Business U...Read More

Ten Rules of Great Companies

Successful organizations should stress long-term planning and an intense focus on understanding their own businesses and markets, say authors Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen in the book, Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, ...Read More

10 Top Business Apps for Tablets

As tablet computers grow more common in the office, applications available for them are evolving from simple personal productivity software and games like Angry Birds to sophisticated enterprise tools. See also Best Bus...Read More

10 Office Party No-Nos

Remember that scene in the great old Eddie Murphy movie, Trading Places – hey, remember funny Eddie Murphy movies? – where a filthy, booze-swilling Dan Aykroyd is at the lavish company Christmas party, stuffing a whole salmon fr...Read More

10 True Tales of Bad Office Behavior

When you’re on your eighth job in a career that dates to the mid-1980s, you figure you’ve seen and heard it all, especially when it comes to mind-boggling behavior on the part of bosses, colleagues and subordinates. And...Read More

Grinchy Bosses Crack Down on Holiday Shopping at Work

Employees who do their online holiday shopping at work may be putting their jobs at risk, says CareerBuilder. Many companies monitor the use of the Internet and email, and some have fired staffers fo...Read More

Android`s Mobile Security Disaster

Android's profound impact on the mobile market has made it a prime target for criminals. And the operating system, which powers over half of the 60.5 million smartphones sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011, is less sa...Read More

10 All-time Great Ad Lines

U.S. companies spend more than $400 billion dollars a year on advertising and marketing, but very few examples cross into the broader culture to become iconic catch phrases or punch lines. has come up with ten all-time great...Read More

How Companies Really Use Their Intranets

The promise of social media helped make “collaboration” a buzzword. Books have been written, processes have been preached, and the term took hold, trumpeting the value of working together in an automated fas...Read More

20 Insider Views of Hot Companies

Candid observations from employees of ten well-regarded organizations, gathered by Glassdoor, reveal the good and less good qualities of working at these hot companies. The focus is on corporations that are heavily inves...Read More

How to Look, Drive, Eat and Drink Like an Executive

It’s said, at least by clothing salesmen, that you should dress for the position you want and not the one you have. If you like the concept of emulating the boss, you’ll want to check out this research from...Read More

Eight Memories That Would Make Your HR Person Cringe

Sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain have rekindled debate over inappropriate workplace behavior. Katie Roiphe argues in the New York Times that we've gone too ...Read More

Occupy Wall Street Message Resonates With Workers

Corporate managers, take note: The Occupy Wall Street movement may appear to be something you can ignore, but sentiments expressed by protesters are likely to be widely shared by your own rank-and-file wo...Read More

Six Signs That Workers Just Don`t Care Anymore

Workers are not so into work these days. After years of layoffs and being told to do more with less, and with few rewards for their efforts beyond hanging on to their jobs, their engagement level is the lowes...Read More
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