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10 Business Lessons from the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI is nearly upon us, but there’s still time for a list of X lessons for business and IT derived from previous iterations of the big game. The event itself represents a major business success: More t...Read More

Businesses Learn to Love Consumer IT

Managers and IT folks freaked out when workers started bringing their smartphones and tablets to work. Now? Not so much, according to a survey from Avanade. See also 10 Ways IT Deals With Consumer Technology. Users ex...Read More

Corporate Do-Gooders Out to Save the World

Doing good while doing well is the new corporate mantra. Business leaders say profits alone are no longer enough, according to a survey from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and the Economist Intelligence Unit. Integra...Read More

Mobile Revolution Threatens IT Security

The more mobile devices that enter an enterprise, the worse its information security gets. A study by the security firm Check Point shows the rising risks imposed on companies by a flood of iPhones, iPads, an...Read More

Coveting Thy Neighbor's iPhone

Tech Envy has come to work. As more people use their own smartphones and tablets on the job, jealousy over cool devices is on the rise, according to a survey from Captivate Networks. The consumerization of IT is widesp...Read More

Will Move For Food, Workers Say

Have career, will travel? You might need to relocate for the right job, and a survey from CareerBuilder says a lot of people are willing to do so. The good news: many companies are willing to pay moving expense to fill tale...Read More

Ten Ways to Eliminate Drama from Projects

Unrealistic expectations. Impossible deadlines. Fickle managers. No wonder big projects stress everyone out. A certain amount of tension is to be expected, given that only one-third of IT projects are considered ...Read More

Ten Ways to Master Metrics

Hard numbers can be hard to find, but data-driven arguments are the best way to support a business case for your project or strategic initiative. The book, Metrics: How to Improve Key Business Results (Apress/available...Read More

Why Compliance Officers Can`t Sleep at Night

See also Workers More Honest When Someone is Watching, Business Ethics: Not an Oxymoron Pity the compliance and ethics officers in your company. They feel stressed by amped-up regulations and public scrutiny, a...Read More

10 Strange Interview Questions

Job interviews are stressful enough without curveballs from the interviewers, but off-putting questions are not uncommon. collected inquiries made during actual interviews from its “Interview Reviews” section. M...Read More

Rise of the Switched On, Stressed Out Workforce

Technology is a two-edged sword for workers, says a global survey from Dell and Intel. Constant connectivity means they have less time for themselves and often feel the boss is watching them. But tech also e...Read More

IT Spending Forecast From Gartner

IT spending is expected to increase in 2012. After years of budgets crimped by a bum economy, there is significant pent-up demand at companies around the globe to drop some extra cash for the products and services they...Read More

Flat Salaries for IT Workers in 2012

Technology workers shouldn’t expect large raises in 2012 even if the employment picture brightens, according to the most recent annual salary survey from Janco Associates. “For information technology, the recession has ...Read More

10 Hot Project Management Trends

Collaboration is a key to managing successful projects; project teams, stakeholders and executives must pull in the same direction. Also essential: resource management, training, tailored strategies, and innovation, says ...Read More

10 Real-World Ways to Outthink the Competition

NHL legend Wayne Gretzky said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” In the book, Outthink the Competition: How a New Generation of Strategists Sees Options Others Ignore (Wil...Read More
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