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How to Write a Bad Resume

Jobs site TheLadders.combreaks down several common mistakes people make when writing their resumes. See also: How to Get Fired

Social Media Behaving Badly

It's one thing when companies spill your data by accident. But what about when they do it on purpose? Google's latest foray into social networking, Buzz, met with immediate criticism when it became clear that the servi...Read More

How Users Conquered IT

Technology popularized by consumers is remaking the corporate IT shop. Smartphones, social networking, and blogs are among recent examples of this consumerization of the enterprise. Yet the trend has deep roots, extending to the early days of the personal computing era. More on this topic here.

Tech Industry Sees Stronger 2010

The BDO Seidman 2010 Technology Outlook Survey examined the opinions of 100 chief financial officers at leading technology companies located throughout the United States. The survey was conducted in January of 201...Read More

Ten Realities of Workplace Romance

Workplaces romances can be costly and disruptive for an employer. They're also pretty much inevitable. Much of the information in this slideshow comes from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Where IT Spending Will Go in 2010

Analysts with Pierre Audoin Consultants predict this year's global IT spending by verticals. PAC believes the hottest growth sectors for technology spending includes utilities, public sector and the telecom market.

40 Fast Facts on Linux

The open source software turned 18 last year, and its maturity is evident to hackers and corporate types alike. See also: Fast facts on Microsoft, Oracle, Google and HP.

Eight Ways to Get Fired

Many good workers have lost jobs because of downsizing in the Great Recession. But getting terminated for cause happens, too. Here are some of the leading ways to earn the ax. See also: Job-Killing References, Awful Co-Workers, Social Networking Without Tears.

What's Wrong With Microsoft

Former Microsoft VP Dick Brass published an opinion article in the New York Times, arguing that the Redmond giant has become "a clumsy, uncompetitive innovator," with "a dysfunctional corporate culture in which the big ...Read More

Tech Stars Shine in New Roles

One sign that an industry has come of age is when its stars begin to shine in other areas of the culture. Technology titans have made that leap, first slowly, now in droves. Enriched by their business careers, embold...Read More

The Rising Cost of Data Breaches

The impact of security incidents is increasing, according to the Ponemon Institute's Cost of Data Breach study, which highlights a survey sponsored by PGP. Ponemon found that the price tag for breaches will rise again this yea...Read More

Football's IT Kick

Technology has changed the way we watch football. For fans, the result has been a mix of wins and losses.

15 Key Projects for the Data Center

Applied Research West recently tallied up surveys from over 1,700 organizations of all sizes from around the world for Symantec's annual State of the Data Center report. Unsurprisingly, the biggest priorities within th...Read More

Virtualization Wins, Issues Remain

CDW's Server Virtualization Life Cycle Report compiles results of a survey of nearly 400 IT managers, from companies with 100 or more employees, about server virtualization. The report showed that the vast majority of o...Read More

Hard Times in the Data Center

IT leaders say they're having trouble keeping their data centers staffed with competent, trained employees. Budget strains, training woes, and recruiting issues are among the issues at hand. These statistics come from the 2010 edition of Symantec's annual State of the Data Center report.
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