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10 Things to Hate About the iPhone

The iPhone has been a technology game-changer and a cultural icon, yet Apple, despite its design wizardry, is still a non-factor in the enterprise IT market. We scoured the Internet looking for recurring complaints abou...Read More

7 Musts of Systemic Security Strategy

RSA recently came up with a list of seven guiding principles it considers key toward developing a systemic security strategy. Baseline takes a deeper dive.

40 Fast Facts About Hewlett-Packard

The world's largest IT company is also one of the most interesting and influential. HP's impact goes well beyond technology; in many ways, it is the prototypical high-tech company and the fountainhead of Silicon Valley culture. See also: Fast Facts on Symantec, Apple, Intel, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google.

Enterprises Still Spending on Security

Data Dimension teamed up with IDC to take the temperature of the IT security market, with a global sampling of 400 IT decision makers. News was surprisingly good, given the state of overall IT budgets today. Organizati...Read More

CIOs Ban Social Nets

Do social networking sites serve as useful tools for connecting within the business world, or are they simply time-wasters? More than half of enterprise IT leaders lean toward the latter perspective, according to a new survey conducted amo...Read More

The State of Enterprise Software Adoption

How closely does your company monitor and measure software adoption, post-implementation? When things go wrong, does IT get blamed? Neochange, Sandhill Group and the Technology Services Industry Association (TSI...Read More

10 Tips on Purchasing Financial Software

Best practices, compiled by consultant Jacoby Garcia.

IT Staffing Trends

While spending predictions may have scared IT workers about their job prospects, a recent poll of CIOs by the Society for Information Management found that IT HR spending trends in 2010 may be more favorable than workers fear.

Security Audits Survive Budget Cuts

IT dollars are tight, but most organizations are still spending on security audits. Amplitude Research surveyed 350 IT executives and network administrators about their security and compliance activities.

Social Networking Without Tears

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half Technology found that many businesses ban sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the workplace. Seen as a distraction by some, these sites have potential value to IT employees who use them...Read More

Eleven Ways Google is Evil

by Edward Cone UPDATE: Google's backroom deal with Verizon on net neutrality has people talking again about the company's core values. While Google has earned some non-evil points since this slideshow first appeared by ...Read More

Where the IT Jobs Are Now

While the U.S. economy continues to struggle, there are pockets of strength in the IT labor market. To find the hot spots, both by specialization and by industry, we spoke with the following experts: David Van De Voort, IT workforce s...Read More

The 2010 IT Budget

The Society for Information Management recently polled CIOs about their IT spending priorities and plans for dollar allocation in the coming year.

CIO Priorities for 2010

The Society for Information Management (SIM) surveyed CIOs and IT executive leaders about their top priorities for 2010, based on a list of 20 IT and business concerns.

Smarter Search with Solr

The open source search software behind some of the web’s hippest sites. By David F. Carr Read Carr's article on Solr, and see our slideshow on a related project, Hadoop.
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