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Great Recession Leaves Its Mark

The impact of the Great Recession will be long-lasting, with many Americans facing a “new normal” in terms of finances and long-term prospects. A survey from Public Agenda, a non-partisan, non-profit research or...Read More

Six Product Flameouts to Haunt Your Dreams

As IT continues to import consumer technologies, one has to wonder how vulnerable enterprise operations will become to the whims of the mass market. Looking at the current dominance of products like iPad and serv...Read More

Ten Ways to Quit at Work

“You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Turns out Kenny Rogers didn’t just sing a catchy song, he voiced some sound management principles. Sometimes, you ...Read More

If Tech Companies Were Celebrities

Did you ever think about how much show biz and tech biz have much in common? No? Well, stick with us anyway. The connections between glamour and geekery go beyond a shared interest in computer-generated imagery and the u...Read More

10 Thoughts on Effective Innovation

“Some men see things as they are and say why,” said George Bernard Shaw. “I dream things that never were and say why not.” Shaw was a creative force– he wrote more than 60 plays, won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar...Read More

Seven Bad Workplace Romances and One Good One

See also Realities of Workplace Romance, No Recession for Office Romance Cupid has a whole new realm to conquer, but you should think twice before taking a shot from the little guy. According to Ask April —...Read More

10 Embarrassing Office Moments

Wardrobe malfunctions. Pratfalls. Momentarily confusion between your boss and your spouse. Even the most serious and polished among us probably has a story to share about an embarrassing moment at work — and anyone relucta...Read More

Temp Jobs Lose Their Stigma

With job growth still sluggish, temporary positions have taken on a new luster. Temp jobs for professional/business service positions increased by 25,000 per month over the last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics...Read More

IBM`s Internal App Store

IBM is using an internal service akin to the Apple App Store guarantee the quality and safety of the apps distributed to its employees. The service, known as Whirlwind, also creates a framework for managing roles and responsibilit...Read More

11 Principles of Business Success

Take personal initiative in your career, instead of waiting for someone to hand opportunity to you. Be proactive in resolving problems, rather than muddling along until a crisis hits. You have the tools to overcome the o...Read More

10 Business Analysis Trends

Business Analysts must balance their soft skills, such as communication, with their technical capabilities related to IT infrastructure and data analysis if they want to best serve their organizations. So says a report, “201...Read More

10 Tips for Mobile Security

As tablets and smartphones make their way from the consumer world into the IT ecosystem, keeping those devices – and the corporate networks and data they access – secure is a growing challenge. Employees want to access work e-m...Read More

Essential Skills for Cloud Computing

The cloud is a cultural force within the enterprise, not just a new way to run the tech stuff, says Mike Lingo, CTO of Astadia, a cloud-oriented consulting firm. The cloud environment empowers workers to take control ...Read More

12 Soul-Killing Work Habits

Work is hard enough without the energy-sapping, morale-killing behavior of the people around you. And the long recession has made the problem even worse. “Most people wrongly assume that their tasks and responsibilities are what...Read More

How to Build Better Software

Writing good, reliable software is hard work. That was true when Frederick Brooks published his seminal book, The Mythical Man-Month, in 1975, and it was still the case by the time Scott Rosenberg’s Dreaming In Code: Two Dozen P...Read More
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