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How to Put Green IT to Work

As energy prices remain high and threaten to spike on future demand, a recession lingers and corporate sustainability is pushed into the strategic mainstream. Organizations are increasingly cognizant that green IT is no longer...Read More

How Travel Sites Rate With Consumers

Some of the earliest and largest changes wrought by the Internet came to the travel industry. In this relatively-mature market, it's all about speed, performance, and reliability – users aren't willing to to...Read More

Twittering Your Way to a Job

Twitter may look to outsiders like little more than a place to catch up on celebrity ephemera and chat (briefly) about kids, movies, sports and other events of the day. But, more and more, the social-networking site is becoming a j...Read More

Federal Energy Savings Mean Business

The federal government is getting very serious about reducing its energy bill, and it is looking to partner with tech vendors to come up with better ways to do it. That could add up to billions of dollars in contracts aw...Read More

Saying No To Digital Records

Most Americans simply aren't ready to have their health records converted to digital formats, according to a new survey from Xerox and Harris Interactive. Top concerns remain security and the potential for these digital files to b...Read More

The All-Time Top Techies of Film

Geeks rule on the Big Screen. Well, that's what we like, anyway. This is a completely subjective list – that’s right, they’re on this it because we said so - of our favorite techies and otherwise science-savv...Read More

Better Software Development

It's not the design process that causes software bugs, developers say. It's the lack of foresight on the part of companies when it comes to adequate testing, according to a recent survey from Electric Cloud. The result is many...Read More

Slow Growth For IT Salaries

As the recovery struggles to take wing, IT salaries in 2010 are rising just slightly over last year's. At the same time, a number of benefits are on the decline. Some benefits, though, such as flex-work schedules, are increasing in ...Read More

Challenges Hinder Remote Groups

"What we have here ... is a failure to communicate," went the famous line from Cool Hand Luke. All too often, the same can be said for teams that work virtually throughout the world. Employees at multinational corporations...Read More

Ten Best Viral Marketing Videos

Viral videos spread by word of mouth and across social networks, drawing millions of viewers and creating all kinds of buzz for the brands that appear in the short clips. Positive reactions can be powerful, but negative vibes can pack a punch, too. Are you ready for the viral world represented in these YouTube sensations?

Letting Go Of Infrastructure

A clear majority of IT and business-decision makers no longer understand why their organizations are running infrastructure operations in-house, according to a new report from Savvis Inc. So what's stopping them from getting ...Read More

Why Telecommuting Makes Sense

Telecommuting—workers like it, the environment benefits from it, but a lot of bosses still disdain it. In a tight economy, though, it is harder than ever to argue with the bottom-line numbers. Allowing employees ...Read More

Groundbreaking Video Games

Whether or not the video games on this list truly rank among the greatest of all time is a matter of personal taste, but these titles have been the most groundbreaking ever in terms of impact on gaming, according to Mar...Read More

Not Many New Jobs

Hold the Champagne: The grim days of the recession seem to be behind us, but that does not indicate a surge in IT hiring any time soon. While few CIOs are planning to make staffing cuts, the vast majority aren't looking to add staff either, according to a new survey from Robert Half Technology.

Capital, Talent Constraints Limit Startups

SVB Financial Group, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank, surveyed more than 300 U.S.-based tech/life sciences startups. The results indicate an improving economic environment, but also show that more access to capital is needed to make a complete turnaround.
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