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Video Server Boom Ahead

Consumer-focused technologies like 3D, video-on-demand and interactive advertising are all expected to create a boom market for video-server solutions, according to industry researcher Frost and Sullivan.

Give Yourself a Raise

Been a while since your last pay increase? Then give yourself the equivalent of a raise by following these 17 simple, surefire steps to save money every day and boost your personal bottom-line.

10 Hottest IT Freelance Skills

Full-time IT job growth may be relatively stagnant, but online freelance marketplace company Elance says IT contract gigs are going like gangbusters. Elance reported this week that the number of job posts for IT workers increased...Read More

13 Most Important IT Roles

IT specialization is out, and skills that translate across the enterprise are in. Forrester Research rates 13 jobs for the age of software-as-a-service and outsourcing.

How to Deal with a Bad Boss

A lot of people would pay to see a movie called "Dr. StrangeBoss: Or, How I Learned to Stop Whining and Manage My Toxic Supervisor." One in ten workers say they have bad bosses, and one-third of these employees say they can't quit b...Read More

Conspiracy Theories That Really Happened

We all know that some Hollywood-ready plots unfold in real life - the Bay of Pigs, for example, or Watergate - even as less realistic scenarios maintain their grip on the public fancy. Here are eight lesser-known stories that may be difficult to believe - but that actually took place:

Web 2.0 Projects Done Right

Social media are a must for business, but getting projects right takes some work. Camden Consulting's Kris Girrell offers these tips (adapted from her recent article, Web 2.0: Leading the Brave New World.

How Internet Censorship Works

See also: Censorship as Strategy Information may want to be free, but a lot of governments feel otherwise. Internet censorship is a global issue with huge ramifications for business, political speech, and personal li...Read More

Management Tips from the Corleones

On the surface, the Corleones were a close-knit family that sold olive oil and occasionally whacked a trouble-maker. But look a little deeper, and the Godfather trilogy reveals insight and strategies that can help your IT career thrive.

Online Retail Getting Stronger

Seeking a double-digit growth market? Who isn't? Online retail sales is the place to be, according to Forrester Research Inc. Here's what to expect in the U.S. and European Union over the next five years.

20 Spring Books for IT Pros

Our quarterly picks for the best books of the season to help IT leaders (and aspiring IT leaders) learn more about the business, manage and motivate staff, and plan and execute their strategies.

CIOs: IT Hiring Jump Predicted

Employment firm Robert Half Technology has released an IT Hiring Index and Skills Report indicating that technology professionals could see a bump in demand for their skills during second quarter. The employment firm interviewed more than 1,400 CIOs in order to deliver its findings.

Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities

Are you a prime target for cybercriminals and online fraudsters? If you live in one of these 10 U.S. cities, you might be. Symantec's Norton unit commissioned Sperling's BestPlaces to research how cities rank in terms of risky on...Read More

Six Reasons to Use an iPad

Apple's latest game-changer is on the way, but what is the iPad's utility for businesses? Zogby International surveyed almost 2,500 U.S. consumers about their motivations for using a tablet computer. A majority cited doing business as their main reason for using an iPad, but other motivations could hinder productivity.

Putting Software to the Test

Testing software is no simple proposition. Tiny errors can result in bugs, breakdowns and irate customers. Enterprise infrastructure and application services firm Keane developed a best practices approach to ratcheting up software quality analysis and squashing defects.
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