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Top 10 Security Breaches in 2008

A look at the most disastrous security breaches of the past year.

Top Telecom Vendors of 2008

Two of the five this year’s most-improved vendors in our 2008 Vendor Value study are telecom vendors. But they seem to have improved at the expense of their competitors.

Top 5 Hardware Vendors of 2008

Once again, Dell and Hewlett-Packard fought a tight race to the top of our 2008 Vendor Value rankings for hardware vendors.

Top 5 Networking Vendors of 2008

Cisco’s dominance is under serious challenge from a host of smaller, nimble companies, according to our 2008 Vendor Value study.

Top 10 Software Firms of 2008

The software vendor rankings in our 2008 Vendor Value survey reflected the changing face of the enterprise software market.

Top 5 Security Vendors of 2008

CIO Insight’s annual Vendor Value survey gets to the heart of the IT vendor market, with IT managers ranking their providers by value, reliability and loyalty.

10 Security Researchers Making a Difference

At the forefront of computer security at the network, desktop and code levels are the security researchers who blend a mix of skills in hacking, software programming and intelligent detective work to help decode and thwart...Read More

Secure IT Systems with Encryption Tools

Securing your infrastructure- the applications, databases, files and network --via encryption may not always be easy to implement, but it is one of the most risk-averse ways to prevent data breaches and keep intellectual prope...Read More

IT Trends for 2009

As 2009 unfolds, it’s clear that enterprises with a forward-thinking approach and a solid grasp of technology trends will have a distinct competitive advantage. The following technologies trends in areas like SaaS, virtualization and proje...Read More

The 50 Most Influential People in Business IT

The world of IT is one of innovation, leadership and collaboration, and the 50 individuals profiled in this gallery have played major roles in getting us where we are today and will help us get to where we want to b...Read More

10 Notorious Cyber Gangs

For several years now, security researchers have warned enterprises and government organizations of the growing threat posed by organized cyber criminals. Online crime rings are fleecing organizations out of customer and employee personally identifiable information, stealing passwords, intellectual property and more.

Historic IT Projects: NASAs Man on the Moon

Baseline salutes NASA on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the efforts put forth to put a man on the moon.

10 Free Log Management Tools

Turn mountains of log data and analysis into actionable information with these ten free applications that every IT manager should know about.

IT Salary Survey: Tight Times

Salaries for IT professionals changed little from June 2007 to June 2008. Although hiring for the most in-demand jobs has returned to normal levels, lower-level administrative jobs appear to be on the cutting block.

Software as a Service Survey

In an April SaaS survey conducted by Burton Group and Ziff Davis Enterprise Research, 67 percent of the 252 CIOs whose companies use some form of SaaS have been doing so for two or more years.
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