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Mainframe Expertise in Demand

Mainframe skills are in demand, with the old-school technology continuing to play a key role in enterprise computing and even factoring heavily in cloud-connected strategies. Recent numbers from IBM illustrate the trend: In ...Read More

Database Pros Under Pressure

Performance issues and poor planning are keeping database workers up at night & literally according to a new survey from Embarcadero. Scope creep and slow, inefficient tools have caused more than half of these employees ...Read More

Sick Days Are a Luxury

See also: Worst Excuses For Calling In Sick, Recession Tips Work/Life Balance Remember sick days? How quaint. Many workers now feel pressured to avoid calling in sick, even with a fever, and a significant percentage won't stay home...Read More

Top 10 Tech Newsmakers of 2010

2010 was yet another wild ride in the IT world. The year gave us a slew of major news—from landmark product launches, to game-changing acquisitions, to some of the worst technological terror threats ever seen. And through it a...Read More

8 Funny Data Disasters of 2010

Data disasters befall us all. Hard drives fail and precious family photos are lost, or a business laptop with valuable corporate data is stolen. But some disasters are more colorful than others. Kroll Ontrack, a provider of ...Read More

Stress Mounts as Holidays Approach

Employees are facing more stress than ever at work, and the holidays only make things worse, according to a new survey from ComPsych Corp. Seasonal increases in pressure add to feelings of fatigue and a sense of being ou...Read More

Top 10 Tech Losers of 2010

You think you had a tough year? OK, maybe you did. But for some in the technosphere, the pain went beyond the long hours, flat pay scales, and never-ending FUD that you probably encountered. Famous careers flopped, and some of t...Read More

Eight Ways to Network Over the Holidays

The Holiday Season can be brutal if you are out of work or desperately searching for a better job. Nobody could blame you for not being in much of a mood to make merry at seasonal parties when you’re scrambling to pay ...Read More

Sponsored Content: Business Intelligence in the Era of Social Networks and Clouds

The explosive growth in unstructured data, much of it coming from new sources like social networks and smart devices; more demanding user requirements for easy-to-us...Read More

2010 Tech Predictions That Struck Out

“Never make predictions, especially about the future,” said (supposedly) Casey Stengel, the New York Yankees manager famous both for winning and for saying zany but pithy things. The five technology mavens cited h...Read More

Return of the Christmas Bonus

Roll over, Scrooge, and tell Tiny Tim the news: companies are expected to be more generous with their workers this holiday season, according to a new survey from BNA. A stabilizing economy makes employers more likely than las...Read More

Adaptive Case Management Can Make Your Career

Learning, thinking, and acting on the fly are keys to success in the modern workplace. Adaptive Case Management, to give this process its formal name, is an essential tool for knowledge workers, according to ...Read More

Gender Divide Persists in IT

Women have made great strides in IT over the decades, but much progress remains before the technology workplace sees true gender equality. Women and men in IT remain divided by their respective compensation levels and job cha...Read More

10 Ways to Boost Your Charisma

Some people are more successful than others for reasons that have little to do with ability, training, education or intellectual capacity. In many cases, the distinguishing factor is charisma. This is an intangible quality, ...Read More

WikiLeaks is Coming for You

WikiLeaks may be coming soon to your place of business, or even to your own personal information files. Are you ready? The WikiLeaks story of radical transparency and harsh official response is not going away, no matter how muc...Read More
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