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Mobility Brings Efficiency, Risk to the Enterprise

Mobility momentum has shifted to the point where businesses of all sizes not only have embraced mobile devices, but now feel like they can't get work done without them, according to the Symantec 2012 State of ...Read More

How to Land Your Dream Job

You're auditioning for your next job every day. What you wear, how you interact with colleagues and clients and the substance and style of your electronic communications dictate how you're perceived by others, from your employees to ...Read More

How to Speak the International Language of Business

With the increasingly global economy, knowing the rules of working with people around the world will be more important to business success. Different cultures have different customs, and if you don't kn...Read More

Experienced Workers Not Ready to Retire

Mature professionals are far from an endangered species, and few plan to stop working anytime soon, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. Some continue working to compensate for the hit personal and retirement saving...Read More

The Best Places to Find a Job

When it comes to finding a top IT job, not all cities are created equal. Some have weathered the recession better than others, and some are adding more jobs as industries bounce back. According to a recent report from Modis IT Sta...Read More

Linux Developers in High Demand

While some sectors of the economy have seen dwindling prospects for job-seekers, Linux developers have their choice of opportunities. Linux programming skills are in high demand, and those who can do the job can command higher s...Read More

Talented Workers In Demand

As the Great Recession eked on, many companies were forced to lay off valuable professionals. And those workers have turned to jobs they're overqualified for to make ends meet – if they can find work at all. But the tide is turning...Read More

The Perks of Working for America's Best Companies

Superhero capes are the new company cars as companies seek more off-beat and creative ways to engage employees and let them know they're valued individuals. Many of the organizations on the "2012 FORTUNE 100 Bes...Read More

Underfunded 401 (k)s Threaten Retirement Dreams

Today's workers are struggling to pay their day-to-day expenses, so it's no surprise even fewer are successfully squirreling away money for the future. And recent research from Deloitte Consulting LLP., shows that ...Read More

Good Bosses v. Bad Bosses: Know the Difference

Very few people in this world answer to no one, and knowing who you're working for can make the difference between having a positive work experience and wanting to quit for good at quitting time. How can you t...Read More

How to Get a Job Without Applying

The days of looking for jobs in classified ads or merely posting your resume on a job board are gone. That just doesn't work anymore. Because honestly, do you think those hundreds of resumes you email to corporate HR departmen...Read More

Office Romance Is in the Air

Office romance is alive and well and a significant number of workers say they've dated their colleagues, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. In a surprisingly large number of cases, these cubicle dalliances have led...Read More

Ten iPhone Apps that Will Save You Money

We recently revealed how, the cost of going out to lunch and getting coffee from the coffee shop can add up over the course of your career, as much as $120,000 worth. That's a lot of lattes. But thanks to th...Read More

How You Spend $120,000 on Coffee and Lunch

Routine expenses for office workers add up over time, often reaching into the thousands of dollars in a year and possibly into six figures over the course of a career. And that’s just for coffee and lunch. Accounting ...Read More

Five Terrible Excuses for Being Late to Work

CareerBuilder has released its annual survey on tardiness in the workplace and the reasons given for it, and, as usual, creativity reigns supreme. See also Worst Excuses for Missing Work CareerBuilder cautions that ...Read More
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