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Millions of Jobs Could Be Sent Overseas

While many hope the recovery of the U.S. economy will create domestic job opportunities, a recent report from the Hackett Group finds that the U.S. job market will continue to face challenges. Many jobs will be off-shore...Read More

Employers Boost Benefits to Land Talent

Companies aren't waiting for an official declaration of "Happy times are here again" to re-examine the way they reward workers. As the economy improves, they're anticipating a serious struggle to recruit and retain...Read More

Companies Suffer From IT Skills Gap

The pace of technology is relentless, and IT professionals face the continual challenge of staying on top of the latest trends and evolving technologies while continuing to do their jobs. Many companies are finding tha...Read More

Employee Confidence Is on the Rise

Things are looking up and overall employee confidence is inching upward, to its highest level since May 2011, a new report from Randstadt finds. There's also a notable rise in the number of employees who have confidence ...Read More

The New Face of Risk Management

For business and IT executives, the so-called "New Normal" seems like anything but normal. Economic volatility, social and political turmoil, unpredictable energy prices and a spate of natural disasters have left many organizat...Read More

Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Networking

We know that networking plays a critical role in our future success. But how often do we invest hours at live events or social sites such as LinkedIn, and end up with little to show for it? How can we make our profess...Read More

IT Pros Call Foul on March Madness

While the employees in your office may be excited about March Madness and the obligatory office pool, the IT team isn't thrilled. A significant number of tech professionals say that the annual college basketball champion...Read More

Workplace Bullies Take a Toll on Office Life

We may feel like workplaces have become too hyper-sensitive, making mountains out of molehills. But a significant percentage of organizations still report incidents of workplace intimidation, threats and other...Read More

Don't Talk Politics at Work

Our 24/7 cable-news culture, the always-on social media world and the rise of Internet news have made political news and political debate a part of our everyday lives. Some of us are even bringing our politics to work. While mo...Read More

10 Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

Have you mentally tuned out at work even before your day begins because you can't focus or wish you were still asleep? You're not alone. As many as four in 10 U.S. employees experience fatigue on the job, according to publishe...Read More

The Fastest Growing Cities for Tech Jobs

While traditional tech hot-spots like Silicon Valley, Seattle and New York continue to thrive, many unexpected regions are vying to become the nation's next hub for tech professionals. Raleigh, N.C., leads the pack with...Read More

Ten Digital Stars of the NBA

With NBA teams gunning for the playoffs, cyberspace is lighting up with chatter about the teams and players. Many times it's the players themselves causing a stir with blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos or uncensored Tweets. Othe...Read More

How to Turn Slackers into Performers

You can spot a slacker instantly: He's the coworker who's texting away during a crucial meeting. He's pretending to look busy at the computer when he's actually calling up YouTube videos. And, somehow, he always comes...Read More

How to Turn Awful Meetings Into Awesome Meetings

We're spending too much of our time at meetings, and many of us feel like that's not time well spent, recent studies show. Workers today spend an average of 5.6 hours a week attending meetings, and a whoppi...Read More

Brand Building: 10 Companies That Do It Right

In the hyper-competitive world of business, having a strong brand can mean the difference between being a multibillion-dollar enterprise whose logo is recognized around the world and going the way of the Betama...Read More
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