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Nine Persistent Conspiracy Theories

Do techies have a weakness for conspiracy theories? A certain suspicion of authority is a hallmark of tech culture, along with the belief that better answers may be out there for almost any problem. On the other hand, the job ...Read More

Nine Reasons Your Security Systems Are Inadequate

Security Information and Event Management technology has yet to come into its own. Though enterprises have been aided to some degree by SIEM technologies of different stripes, these products fall short of expe...Read More

IT Spending Trends

The Information Systems Audit Control Association (ISACA), a nonprofit group that represents 86,000 IT governance, audit and security practitioners across the globe, recently conducted a survey of 500 IT pros about technology investments and an evaluation of their returns. Here’s a recap of the findings.

IT Job Market Prospects

An inside look at online job posting statistics from employment site All figures are as of May 1, 2009.

Seven Solid Non-Certified IT Job Skills

The quarterly Foote Partners IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index, released in late April, systematically categorizes and establishes market value for discrete job-skills categories. The following is from the index's hot list and valuation data.

Nine Steps to Prepare Your Business for a Pandemic

As fears of a Swine Flu pandemic grow, you need to make sure your organization is ready to deal with business and IT continuity issues. Content provided by SunGard Availability Services.

8 Ways Technology has Changed Sports

Sports fans are tracking NBA and NHL playoff games on their iPhones, streaming audio of their favorite baseball team's games at the office, and posting shots of their kids' soccer games on Flickr. But technological...Read More

Top 10 IT Certifications Now

Foote Partners recently released its quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index outlining the hottest skills and certifications. According to the survey, 60 skills and certifications decreased in value, while 46 increas...Read More

7 Tips for Keeping the Right Personnel

By Bruce F. Webster With IT budgets frozen or pared back, you need to handle any staff reductions carefully to ensure that you hold onto your best engineers and managers. For an in-depth look at this topic, click here. [Copyright (c) 2009 by Bruce F. Webster]

CIOs Still Spending

Times are tough and many organizations may be in survival mode, but CIOs are still spending, according to a recent survey conducted by Robert Half International. The firm’s research shows that the majority of organizations still pla...Read More

7 Ways to Ruin a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is not inherently evil, but it sure feels that way when you are trapped in the audience for a bad presentation. Some people just don't get the concept. You know who we’re talking about - the folk...Read More

Dirty Dozen: Inside 12 IT Disasters

by Ericka Chickowski Learning from your mistakes is good. Learning from others’ mistakes is even better. We looked at 12 major IT failures to learn more about how and why they happened. Each example is unique, but the...Read More

Five ERP Disasters Explained

by Ericka Chickowski Some of the most common - and most devastating - IT failures come as a result of failed enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiatives. These cases illustrate some of the problems these big projects face.

10 Truths About Project Planning

by Ericka Chickowski The development of business requirements and project parameters can make or break an IT project. The data in this slideshow comes from an IAG Consulting report called Business Analysis Benchma...Read More

5 Must-Read Spring Books for IT Pros

In this tough year, IT managers can use every bit of advice they can find. These five books, slated to be published this quarter, can be a big help. Books on enterprise transformation, IT metrics, product development, careers and performance management make up our spring reading list for IT managers.
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