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IT Security Gets Little Respect From Staffers

It's one thing for outsiders to critique IT security, but the view from within organizations tasked with the job of protecting data carries a special weight -- and the news is not encouraging. A SenSage survey of IT security staffers says management of IT security is ineffective and processes are inadequate.

40 Fast Facts about SAP

From a small, German IBM spin-off to a global IT behemoth, SAP's rise has largely come on the back of its enterprise resource planning software. But as its recent deal for Sybase shows, SAP is willing to supplement organic...Read More

Healthiest Places to Work

Outside magazine picked the top 50 companies to work for in terms of healthy/active-lifestyle perks. A non-tech company, Natural Habitat Adventures, was #1, but here are ten IT/tech-related companies that made the list. No reason your company can't cop some of these ideas. See also Best Jobs, Worst Jobs.

Falling Short on Green Support

Office buildings fall short when it comes to taking advantage of smart technology to reduce power and water consumption, along with other ways of supporting green policies, according to new survey findings from IBM.

A Brief History of Mobility

People-and IT departments have always looked for ways to communicate on the go and keep their data with them. Here's how technology has evolved over the last 3,500 years.

Understanding Capacity Management

How mature is your IT organization in planning for capacity management? If you're like many organizations, probably not very. "A majority of IT organizations - nearly 60 percent - are in a reactive state," says Per Bauer...Read More

40 Fast Facts About CA

Name that company! Huge growth through acquisitions, financial scandals and a shifting identity have made life interesting for CA (formerly Computer Associates) over the last few decades. Known best for mainframe software, ...Read More

No Recession For Office Romance

There's been "no recession for workplace romance" as liaisons remain frequent, according to, with daring (or stupid) behavior in abundance. See also: Realities of Workplace Romance.

Better Project Management

A Senior Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute, Watts Humphrey is a National Medal of Technology winner who is known as the "Father of Software Quality." He pioneered concepts such as the Capabili...Read More

Write a Better Blog

IBM is offering a "Blog Muse," offering bloggers a new way to find topics and reach bigger audiences.

Cyberspies on the Prowl

The risk of politically and economically motivated cyberespionage is growing, as governments and criminals are unleashing digital assaults on businesses and other governments.

How Malware Spreads

Like bacteria in a petri dish of warm sugar water, malware thrives in a computing environment full of unsecured P2P networking, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities, and free-flowing e-mail attachments. According to Symantec's recent Globa...Read More

40 Fast Facts About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been decades in the making. From service bureaus to ASPs to grid computing, cloud fundamentals are scattered through the history of information technology. See also: Fast Facts on Symantec, Cisco, Apple, Intel, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, Google and HP.

Why Companies Use Virtualization and the Cloud

Attendees at the annual Network Instruments conference used the meet-up to discuss the challenges and opportunities of virtualization and cloud deployments. A survey of 105 IT decision makers at the event yielded the following results.

Don't Drown in Data

The amount of information in the enterprise is growing rapidly and IT needs to ensure that companies are making the best use of it. That's the message from an EMC Corp-produced report based on a "Dream Team" of star CIOs and IT leaders...Read More
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