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Geeky Gifts for Dads

With Father’s Day bearing down on us, a device-obsessed nation once again struggles with what to get the geek dad who has everything. The thing is, they don’t have everything, because there’s always a steady string of n...Read More

Most Reputable Companies

Google, Sony and tech-oriented firms others are considered “most liked, trusted and respected” by the general public, according to a new study from the Reputation Institute.

Bad Credit Could Cost You A Job

Bad credit can harm virtually every aspect of your life, including an employment search. Here are the numbers behind credit ratings and how you can fix a bad score, according to experts from and

IT Spending On The Mend

Worldwide IT spending is on the upswing, according to reports by IDC and Gartner. After last year's recessionary dip, technology spending looks to be recovering strongly on the back of overdue capital spending on hardware equipment.

You're No Rocket Scientist

But maybe you could be. Beware: this celebrated job demands lots of education and know-how, and and the pay isn't what you'd think.

Confessions of IT Job Seekers

Stalking recruiters! Deceiving co-workers! Stealing credit! For some tech workers, it's "anything goes" in getting a job, promotion or raise, according to a new survey from the IT Job Board. We know you are not the people doing th...Read More

Making Sense of Unstructured Data

With its SPSS Modeler software, IBM aims to help enterprises make better customer decisions based upon what's being posted on social-media sites.

Hot Or Not: Seven Products Users Demand

As the economy heals, IT strategies are shifting from cost-cutting mode toward innovation. Forrester Research predicts that IT spending will rise 6.6 percent during 2010, a compared with a drop of 8.8 percent ...Read More

13 Must Click Blogs for Techies

You want geeky? You've got geeky. These tech blogs aren't afraid to get a little code under their fingernails.

IT Employees Feeling More Confident

A new survey from Technisource says moods are lifting in the IT shop. After a rough 2009, workers feel more confident about their own company's prospects. And even though they feel better equipped to find a new job, most want to stay put - for now.

IT Security Gets Little Respect From Staffers

It's one thing for outsiders to critique IT security, but the view from within organizations tasked with the job of protecting data carries a special weight -- and the news is not encouraging. A SenSage survey of IT security staffers says management of IT security is ineffective and processes are inadequate.

40 Fast Facts about SAP

From a small, German IBM spin-off to a global IT behemoth, SAP's rise has largely come on the back of its enterprise resource planning software. But as its recent deal for Sybase shows, SAP is willing to supplement organic...Read More

Healthiest Places to Work

Outside magazine picked the top 50 companies to work for in terms of healthy/active-lifestyle perks. A non-tech company, Natural Habitat Adventures, was #1, but here are ten IT/tech-related companies that made the list. No reason your company can't cop some of these ideas. See also Best Jobs, Worst Jobs.

Falling Short on Green Support

Office buildings fall short when it comes to taking advantage of smart technology to reduce power and water consumption, along with other ways of supporting green policies, according to new survey findings from IBM.

A Brief History of Mobility

People-and IT departments have always looked for ways to communicate on the go and keep their data with them. Here's how technology has evolved over the last 3,500 years.
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