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Indian Workers Returning Home

U.S. companies may face a serious case of brain drain as the majority of technology professionals from India plan to return home, according to a recent survey from, a tech-job portal. Even some workers who have ...Read More

Project Pitfalls and Solutions

Projects fail more than half the time, according to industry research, and too often it’s easy to blame the tech stuff instead of the people who really screwed up. Technology, after all, doesn’t have feelings or...Read More

Best Places to Find an IT Job

What are the best places to find work now? IT staffing firm Modis gathered information from its network across the U.S. to find the cities with the hottest job markets over the past quarter. The company looked at factors such...Read More

Conflict Can Be Constructive

Conflict is not something to avoid in the workplace – as long as you manage it effectively. No decisions are made with complete certainty, so some honest disagreement about the best course to follow is inevitable. In the ne...Read More

This Week in Distressing Tech News

So much happens in the world of technology and business, and in the world at large, and it all happens so quickly. The torrent of information makes it hard to keep up, and harder still to sort the important events from t...Read More

Your Job Is Making You Fat

Many office workers say the cubicle lifestyle is making them gain weight, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. Logical enough, as too many of us sit at our desks all day, feeling trapped and stressed by the demands of the j...Read More

Stalling Recovery Worries Workers

Recovery from the Great Recession has hit a soft patch and worker confidence has taken a hit, according to a survey from Technisource. Optimism about the economy has waned of late, and more people now think their jobs are...Read More

How To Screw Up A New Job

Are you always looking for your Next Big Career Move? You're far from alone. One of the great cultural changes in the business world over the second half of the last century was the demise of the career employee, who stuck around...Read More

Agile Teams Communicate With Body Language

Ever watch a NASCAR race and marvel at the way the pit crew operates as a synchronized, agile team? Several times during a race, they need to change four tires and fill the tank – all in less than 15 seconds. ...Read More

Workers Dissatisfied with Recognition on the Job

See also Why You Can't Get Promoted Most of us like to have our hard work recognized, but an alarming number of U.S. workers say that simply isn’t happening. The unhappy news comes from the first Workforc...Read More

10 Leadership Mistakes

Just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing -- and your employees can tell when you’re faking it. “Real leadership equity is only earned, not bestowed,” says John Hamm, author of the book Unus...Read More

Job Prospects Brighten for College Graduates

Organizations are more inclined to hire college graduates this year than in the recent past – but the grads have to be careful not to blow the opportunity. Like the rest of the workforce, college graduates ha...Read More

Open Source's Greatest Hits

See also: 40 Fast Facts on Linux Viva Software Libre! Oracle’s announcement that it would give up control of was a big win for open-source software – or, really, recognition of a victory the open-source commun...Read More

Spring Books for IT Leaders

Springtime brings a bevy of new of books for current and aspiring IT and business leaders. But this time around there’s more than your usual run of academic works by wonky types—the season’s new releases include a strikin...Read More

Green Drives Growth and Innovation

Sustainability policies are meant to save on costs, but they might also make a positive impact upon innovation and brand reputation. A majority of companies have come up with formal gameplans for going green, according t...Read More
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