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Ten Habits of Bad Web Design

Awful websites remain a hazard for businesses and customers. Fifteen years have elapsed since the Web reached the mainstream, but the bad old days of roll-your-own GeoCities pages never seem too far away. It is one th...Read More

Creating An Acceptable Use Policy

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a written document agreed to by everyone sharing a computer network. It defines the intended uses of the network, including unacceptable uses and the consequences for violating the agree...Read More

10 Steps Toward Product Innovation

There is a big difference between "invention" and "innovation," according to David Croslin, and he should know. Croslin holds 25 patents and formerly served as chief technologist within HP's communications, media and en...Read More

Swearing in the Workplace

President Barack Obama said on national television that the massive Gulf oil spill had him pondering "whose ass to kick." It was not exactly paint-peeling, Pattonesque stuff, especially considering what’s said across p...Read More

Employee Benefits Cut in Recession

As if the pay-cuts and wage-freezes of the past few years have not been hard enough for workers to endure, the grinding recession and its seemingly-endless aftermath also have forced (or enabled) managers to tak...Read More

Apps For Your Television

No wonder Apple is making noises about reviving its long-dormant television strategy: the next frontier for killer applications could very well be on your TV set. Many consumers say that they would prefer to give up the h...Read More

Top Droid Apps for IT

Looking for apps to help you manage Gmail, store files and read news? A new list compiled by Tom Caswell, founder of Dynamic E-Learning Strategies and a consultant for the OpenCourseWare Consortium at MIT, offers some useful o...Read More

Hiring IT Freelancers Goes Online

IT job growth may be sluggish, there are some signs of a pulse in the employment market. Elance, an online marketplace for IT workers and other creative freelancers, recently conducted a poll among 500 small businesses. It fou...Read More

Sarbanes-Oxley as a Management Tool

The Supreme Court says Sarbanes-Oxley will be with us for a while, striking down a key provision of the law but leaving most of it untouched. That may be good news for managers who have grown accustomed to SOX. A recent su...Read More

How to Put Green IT to Work

As energy prices remain high and threaten to spike on future demand, a recession lingers and corporate sustainability is pushed into the strategic mainstream. Organizations are increasingly cognizant that green IT is no longer...Read More

How Travel Sites Rate With Consumers

Some of the earliest and largest changes wrought by the Internet came to the travel industry. In this relatively-mature market, it's all about speed, performance, and reliability – users aren't willing to to...Read More

Twittering Your Way to a Job

Twitter may look to outsiders like little more than a place to catch up on celebrity ephemera and chat (briefly) about kids, movies, sports and other events of the day. But, more and more, the social-networking site is becoming a j...Read More

Federal Energy Savings Mean Business

The federal government is getting very serious about reducing its energy bill, and it is looking to partner with tech vendors to come up with better ways to do it. That could add up to billions of dollars in contracts aw...Read More

Saying No To Digital Records

Most Americans simply aren't ready to have their health records converted to digital formats, according to a new survey from Xerox and Harris Interactive. Top concerns remain security and the potential for these digital files to b...Read More

The All-Time Top Techies of Film

Geeks rule on the Big Screen. Well, that's what we like, anyway. This is a completely subjective list – that’s right, they’re on this it because we said so - of our favorite techies and otherwise science-savv...Read More
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