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New Jobs For Laid-Off Workers

There is life after the pink slip, as more people who have been laid off find their way back into the workforce. CareerBuilder says a large majority of the formerly unemployed are finding full-time jobs, as opposed to part-tim...Read More

Hottest Career Opportunities Now

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have published a list of job-market hotspots, with an eye to career-building opportunities. Included are diverse fields such as healthcare systems support staff, finan...Read More

Mobile Devices Deluged By Security Threats

Mobile devices face a record number of security threats, according to Juniper Networks. The Malicious Mobile Threats Report 2010/2011 finds a 400% increase in Android malware and a spike in highly-targeted Wi-Fi atta...Read More

Nine Ways Advance Your Career

No level of experience or know-how can cover up a lack of professionalism. To get ahead, you must be mission-focused, accountable and committed to innovation. In the book, The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Progra...Read More

Eight Critical Questions About Cloud Computing

As you ponder your cloud computing strategy – and more than half of Fortune 1000 companies are doing just that, with 10% currently selecting cloud providers – it pays to ask some key questions about how ...Read More

Six IT Jobs That Pay Well Now

IT certifications have lost their pricing power. Foote Partners reports that pay premiums for certifications are at their lowest point in 12 years, while non-certified skills are commanding more money. The IT Skills and Certi...Read More

Cell Phone Cancer and Six Other Workplace Dangers

The World Health Organization has announced that experts have deemed the use of cell phones to be “possibly carcinogenic.” According to the news release, “The WHO/International Agency for Research on...Read More

Five Office Drama Queens And How To Deal With Them

William Shakespeare is credited with writing nearly 40 plays. Had he worked in a modern office, he might have written twice as many. You want drama? The average workplace has plenty of it. Corporate life...Read More

Too Squeezed to Take A Vacation

Demanding work schedules and mounting financial challenges are leading many workers to cancel vacations this year, according to CareerBuilder. Even those who plan to take time off intend to stay connected with the office wh...Read More

It's Chic To Be a Geek

See also Geeks in Pop Culture In a bizarre inversion of the high school pecking order, geeks are popular. A clear majority of Americans say that being called a geek is a compliment, according to a new survey from Modis, an IT-industr...Read More

Tight Budgets Ahead

Doing more with less remains the mantra at corporations, according to a new survey from Deloitte Consulting LLP. Most senior executives expect revenues to grow over the next two years, but nearly as many say they remain focused on cos...Read More

Shared Service Centers on the Upswing

More organizations are using shared-services centers to streamline operations and cut costs, says Deloitte Consulting. Shared-services centers allow organizations to consolidate functions used across the company. Mos...Read More

Facebook Scores With Job Seekers

Facebook and other social media resources have emerged as critical elements in the modern job search. Younger workers seeking internships and entry-level jobs are making full use of social media to get leads and contact em...Read More

Making Meetings Less Awful

See also Stupid Meeting Tricks Meetings can be torture. The average worker spends 5.6 hours every week in meetings, yet 71% of participants say it’s pretty much a waste of time, according to a Microsoft survey. Meetings themse...Read More

Parents Ruining Job Chances for Young Workers

In the age of hovering, overly-involved parents – the ones who pressure teachers and principals to change test grades and insist on more playing time for their brats during kiddie soccer games -- it’s unsurpris...Read More
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