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Don't Drown in Data

The amount of information in the enterprise is growing rapidly and IT needs to ensure that companies are making the best use of it. That's the message from an EMC Corp-produced report based on a "Dream Team" of star CIOs and IT leaders...Read More

Health Care to Boost IT Spending

Health-care reform will require billions in IT investment by government agencies to achieve legislative mandates, according to a new report from INPUT.

How IT Runs Lean

IT needs to run lean, and technology managers can learn from decades-old concepts that worked for Toyota, according to Informatica's John Schmidt and David Lyle. Find out how with these guidelines from their book, Lean Integration, and Schmidt's Informatica blog.

NBA Legends on Management

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, these quotes from all-time great players, coaches reveal valuable lessons for tech pros.

Always-On Workers Fear Unplugging

Many of today's workers are always plugged in, and some are afraid to exist any other way, according to a new survey from InterCall.

SaaS for HR

HR departments view SaaS as a way to stay on top of recruitment and other company goals, according to a new survey from Saugatuck Technologies and Plateau Systems. But CIOs must make sure that support comes with the package.

Worn Out Equipment Propels SMB Spending

A recent survey of small businesses shows a moderate increase in IT spending ahead. Conducted by Spiceworks, the survey questioned the IT spending habits and budget plans of 1,250 small businesses. The modest gains are driven in part by a need to refresh long-held hardware.

Don't Let a Layoff Take You by Surprise

You don't need to read the latest company earnings to know that a layoff is coming. There are day-to-day "trouble signs" that clearly send the message.

Your Boss Thinks You Know Too Much

Managers say workers have too much access to information they don't need, according to a new report from Ponemon and Aveksa. But whose fault is that?

Most IT Jobs to Vanish

"The IT function of 2015 will bear little resemblance to its current state," says a research report from the Corporate Executive Board. The outlook is for "fundamental changes in how the function is organized and managed." Some predictions on trends, and outcomes for the IT shop.

Annoying Meeting Tricks

See also: No More Useless Meetings, Present Like Steve Jobs, How to Ruin a PowerPoint. PGi commissioned a study to find out what people like - and don't like - about meetings. PGi specializes in meeting, conferencing and collaboration solutions for businesses.

Green is the Color of Money

"Going green" is more than a way to help the planet. It's a smart way to save thousands of dollars a year.

How You Drive Non-Techies Nuts

Face it: There are traits and quirks typical of IT workers. Sometimes, this can make the marketing, sales and otherwise non-tech folks, well, a bit crazy. Here are some common lapses and how to avoid them.

Connection Rates Soaring

Americans are more connected than ever to the Web, social networks, mobile phones, etc. But survey numbers from a new Arbitron/Edison Research report show just how massive the popularity of these tech tools has become. What are the implications for your business?

IT Salaries No Game

Even virtual realities feel the real-world economy. Gaming-industry tech jobs pay well, but salary declines are being reported for the first time in nearly a decade, according to a new salary survey from Game Developer Research.
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