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Men Work Less than Women - and Pay the Price

Women are working longer hours and are perceived to be more honest in the workplace, according to a new report from theFIT. In its "Report on Workplace Culture," theFIT finds that women are also working more days per ...Read More

Troubling Truths About Hiring Practices

You've probably sat at your desk on more than one occasion and asked yourself, "How did that person ever get his/her job?" A recent survey from TEKsystems provides one likely answer. The study reveals that a lack of thor...Read More

Ten Ways to Read Your Colleagues' Minds

Knowing what your co-workers are thinking doesn't require super powers. Knowing a few things about communication and body language can give you all the information you need to have successful interactions at work bas...Read More

Managing the Mobility Revolution

Companies must find ways to manage the rise of mobile-devise use in the enterprise, according to a new report from AIIM, a global, nonprofit organization that provides independent research, education and certificati...Read More

Eight Myths About Customer Collaboration

In today's social media-driven world, the customer has more power than ever before, and that's changing everything from the way products and services look, to how they feel, to how well they perform, to how quickly they are...Read More

Would You Recognize Your CEO?

If you had to pick your CEO out of a police lineup, could you? If so, congratulations, because a significant percentage of workers today say they couldn't do the same, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. The surv...Read More

What the Next Generation of Workers Really Wants

While young workers are often stigmatized as being entitled and lacking a strong work ethic, a recent survey reveals that college students who anticipate joining the workforce in the next year or two convey...Read More

Web Apps Create New Security Risks

There's no debate that security is growing infinitely more complex by the day. As organizations open their networks to customers, business partners and others, the risks continue to grow. Mobile devices and open-source codes...Read More

Ten Ways to Get Positive Customer Feedback

There is no greater testimony to a company's worth than honest word-of-mouth feedback from the public. However, unlike paid ads and promotions, you can't control what people say about your products or services. Or can you...Read More

Ten Project Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Managers often find themselves placed in the role of project managers (PMs), but they don't have the right skills to succeed at the job. Sometimes they miss critical steps because they lack insight into PM me...Read More

Bizarre True Stories from the IT Trenches

Tech support teams often handle requests for support that go way beyond configuring printers, troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook or restoring lost documents. According to a recent survey from Robert Half Technolog...Read More

Organizations Struggle to Collaborate

It's safe to say that collaboration is increasingly the glue that holds organizations together and provides a competitive advantage. Yet, while many businesses have adopted strategies and solutions for ...Read More

Is Your Company's Leadership Team Failing?

It's not just rank-and-file employees who are having trouble meeting their company's needs. C-Suite executives are also finding it challenging to live up to the demands put upon them as leaders, according to a rec...Read More

Ten Questions That Will Reveal Your Character

Nothing is as important to a professional as his or her reputation, and while it can take a lifetime to build a good one, a few moments can destroy it. It's important to realize that you and your organization ...Read More

More Workers Don't Care About Work

More workers don't care about their jobs anymore, according to recent research from Modern Survey. Not only are they not engaged with their organizations, many wouldn't recommend where they work to others looking for a jo...Read More
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