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15 Fun Facts About NASA's Mission to Mars

Dek: With the successful landing of the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars, NASA was once again in the national spotlight. The rover's mission—to determine if life as we know it on Earth ever existed on the...Read More

Imagine Having NFL Players As Your Co-Workers

If it’s August, that means the NFL preseason is already under way and “football withdrawal” is fading. But as you plop down in front of a big-screen HD TV to watch the season kickoff on Sept...Read More

Web Applications Are Under Attack

As the Web has evolved, security threats have grown. Protecting Web-based applications and data is a growing concern for organizations of all shapes and sizes. According to a recent “Web Application Attack Report”...Read More

15 Fast Facts about Apple

Apple is a perennial regular on most lists of admired companies, even though it sometimes takes heat for its mixed track record on international labor, the environment and anti-competitive business practices. Launched in 1976 with th...Read More

Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream

More than eight in 10 companies currently deploy cloud computing solutions or services, and more than 50 percent plan to increase their cloud investment by 10 percent or more in 2012, according to the latest "Annual Tren...Read More

Hiring Prospects Brighten for IT Industry

In this era of skeletal staffing, are we finally seeing numbers improving for full-time IT opportunities? Could be. Janco Associates has come out with its monthly analysis of the latest tech industry data from the U.S....Read More

Ten Indispensable Mobile Apps

What mobile applications could you absolutely, positively not live without? No, we're not talking Angry Birds or Words with Friends here. We're referring to apps that enhance your work performance on the road. Serving clients and...Read More

Ten Surefire Ways to Get Promoted

Do you feel like you've hit the proverbial glass ceiling, promotion-wise? The reality is that advancing in an organization involves far more than just being extremely competent at your job. Politics will play a role, of course...Read More

Ten Signs Your Company Is in Trouble

Are you starting to get a bad feeling about your company's future? For certain, these are not times for the faint-of-heart or weak-of-stomach. In fact, only 44% of businesses last beyond their first four years, accordi...Read More

IT Is Essential for Marketing Success

Technology has always played a major role in marketing, but a report reveals that organizations will seek greater input from IT departments to achieve better customer performance. IBM’s “The State of Mar...Read More

A Clear View of Cloud Security

As organizations migrate to the cloud, they need to confront new and different security concerns. At the heart of the matter are two key questions: Who is responsible for data protection in the cloud, and how can an organization...Read More

Cursing at Work Could Crush Your Career

Hey, this isn't a bunch of politically correct &%$#, so be careful what you say—and how you say it—or you could face consequences at work. Yet, even with the potential for negative outcomes, the majority ...Read More

Some Workers’ Commutes End in Road Rage

Road rage has hit an alarmingly high level among commuting professionals, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. The younger you are, the more likely you are lose your temper while driving. And women are fa...Read More

IT Workers Lose Confidence in Job Outlook

The economy must make a major turnaround for tech professionals to feel good about their prospects, according to a new "IT Employee Confidence Index" survey from Randstad Technologies/Technisource. Overall, the i...Read More

A Top 10 List of Android Phones

With the unveiling of Android in 2007, Google officially launched the open-standard era for mobile devices. Currently, Android commands a staggering 59 percent market share of smartphones worldwide, with 1 million ac...Read More
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