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Social Networks Surge as Recruiting Tools

Corporations are sharply increasing their use of social networks to hire talent, according to a recent study from Jobscience. In fact, LinkedIn has emerged as a preferred option over many time-tested traditional...Read More

Many Americans Are Unhappy at Work

The old adage goes, "Do what you love and love what you do." But the truth is that the majority of U.S. employees (52.8 percent) aren't satisfied with their jobs, according to a recent survey from The Conference Board. The g...Read More

Job Vacancies Are Crushing Revenue and Morale

Lean-mean budget tightening for staffing is taking a heavy toll on organizational performance. Many employers now acknowledge that job vacancies are creating a decline in both the quality of work and revenue, acc...Read More

Eight Rules for Dating a Co-worker

Office romances are alive and well, according to research compiled by At least one-third of all American workers have either had a romantic relationship at work or know someone who has. More than seven out of...Read More

What Kind of Social Media "Personality" Are You?

If you ever worked at a large corporation—or taken some college psychology courses—you've probably come across what's known at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. The MBTI evolved from the theories of t...Read More

Managing and Protecting Business Information

It's certainly not a news flash that digital information is overtaking the enterprise. A remarkable number of processes and transactions now take place online, and organizations are adopting collaboration tool...Read More

Video Technologies Close Communications Gaps

With the use of mobile devices in the workplace skyrocketing, managers confess that it's getting difficult to communicate with workers when they're on the road, according to a recent survey from ...Read More

Ten Questions to Help You Rate Your Boss

You may spend nearly as much time with your boss as you do at home, so it's important to have a good one, right? Unfortunately, too many managers make life miserable for employees. In fact, three out of four emplo...Read More

Employees Have Tough Time Taking Vacation

Workers are facing significantly greater challenges than their bosses in taking vacations this year, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. In many cases, employees simply can't afford a summer getaway. In others, t...Read More

SMEs Embrace Big Data to Get a Competitive Edge

Small and midsize enterprises know that leveraging big data can make them more efficient and competitive, and many are moving to adopt these technologies at a faster pace than their big-enterprise counterpa...Read More

Ten Things You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S III

It looks as if the Samsung Galaxy S III will soon emerge as the "next big thing" for the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) generation. That means the IT folks need to prepare for the onslaught. Spri...Read More

Poor Hiring Practices Turn Off Job Candidates

Employers risk losing more than potential employees when they leave unfavorable impressions during the job application and interview stages. They can cause significant damage to their brand's reputation, thanks to ...Read More

Major Challenges Migrating to Cloud and SaaS

Businesses face challenges in transitioning to a fully integrated cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) environment, according to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research and released by Host A...Read More

iPhone Addiction Reaches New Heights

It is now capable of storing more than 500,000 Apple-approved apps. Its "latest/greatest" version sold 4 million units in its first weekend on the market. And customers speak of their devotion to this device in ...Read More

Security Challenges of BYOD and Gen Y

Over the last few years, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has engulfed the enterprise. Although smartphones and tablets have unleashed huge productivity gains and changed the way people work and intera...Read More
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