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10 Ways To Develop Leaders

Some people are born leaders, but most of us learn the art of leadership along the way. The better you are at nurturing leadership potential in others, the more valuable you will be to your organization. To cultivate these skil...Read More

Write a Better Resume

See also Awful Applications and Ridiculous Resumes Much conventional wisdom about resumes and cover letters is wrong. Consider the basic, "Just the facts, ma’am," approach. In reality, facts must be backed up with good stories if you wa...Read More

Eight Ways To Tame Office Chaos

Is your work life out of control? Do you find that keeping up with meetings, e-mail, and routine distractions prevents you from focusing on the actual work you need to get done? Maybe it’s time to rethink some of your wo...Read More

Get Healthy or Pay Up

Are you ready for your company to monitor your lifestyle? Soaring healthcare costs have employers making workers pay for their unhealthy practices. Smoking is one habit under scrutiny, as is non-participation in wellness programs an...Read More

Eight Ways to Kill Innovation

A lot of things can go wrong on the long journey between the birth of an idea and its actual implementation. Potential breakthroughs fail for many reasons, with even worthy concepts falling victim to the hazards of the devel...Read More

Diversity Extends to Paychecks

Different groups get paid differently and have different experiences at work. A survey from CareerBuilder shows wide disparities in pay, although it does not fully address the reasons for such disparities. Workers with disab...Read More

Data Explosion Overwhelms Management Tools

Failure to manage data effectively is keeping organizations from reaching strategic business objectives, reports Syncsort. Part of the problem lies with data-integration tools; execs are frustrated by the cost o...Read More

Talent Crisis Looming For Global Companies

Unemployment remains high, yet senior execs doubt they can find enough talent to drive growth and successfully pursue global business strategies, according to PwC’s annual survey of global CEOs. Talent manageme...Read More

IT Skills That Command Big Bucks

Having the right skills gives you a chance to make more money than ever these days. You may even crack the six-figure club, according to research from, which addresses what the online tech-jobs hub describes as an emer...Read More

What Businesses Fear Most

What gives big technology companies the jitters? Competition and consolidation, a fragile economy, and government regulation, for starters, according to a study of 100 large, publicly-traded tech firms by BDO USA. BDO examines ri...Read More

Five Ways To Get What You Want At Work

Noted consultant Mick Jagger posited that you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need. Knowing how to get what you need, though, is not always easy, and the difference betwee...Read More

Mobile Apps Live Fast, Die Young

Some smartphone users say they would give up coffee before missing out on the latest mobile apps, says a survey from MTV Networks. As one user puts it, "Apps are like Xanax in a phone." But how do these small downloa...Read More

Working Moms Earn Less Money

A working mother who is the sole breadwinner for her family earns much less money than a father in a comparable role, according to a CareerBuilder survey of full-time workers with kids living at home. Women were three times li...Read More

Five Gaffes In A Multi-Cultural Workplace

The globalized workplace brings great potential for cultural misunderstandings and embarrassing gaffes. That’s true not just for overseas assignments, but at home, where the U.S. population is projected to becom...Read More

New Jobs For Laid-Off Workers

There is life after the pink slip, as more people who have been laid off find their way back into the workforce. CareerBuilder says a large majority of the formerly unemployed are finding full-time jobs, as opposed to part-tim...Read More
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