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Ten Ways to Get More Out of Twitter

With more than 500 million active users and $140 million in revenue, Twitter has certainly arrived. Yet, many professionals remain confused about how to maximize the time they spend on this vastly popular social media s...Read More

Office Politics: Rampant in the Workplace

Far away from the White House campaign trail, office politics is alive and well at your organization, according to a survey from Robert Half. For example, though many businesses claim to maintain a culture of complete t...Read More

Ten Ways to Build a Customer Culture

Selling products is about more than just the products themselves. Companies that constantly land and keep customers cultivate a culture of service excellence that's practiced organizationwide. The book Uplifting Service: The Pr...Read More

What Workers Want to Stay at Their Job

What keeps people from leaving their employers? It depends on whom you ask. Women and older workers are more likely to cite reasons such as job satisfaction and work-life balance. As for men? You guessed it: Money remains...Read More

Outsourcing of IT on the Rise

The outsourcing of IT will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, according to a survey from Bluewolf. Currently, as much as one-quarter of annual IT budgets is allocated to outsourcing, and spending is projected to grow...Read More

Ten Tips for Pitching Winning Proposals

Crisp, concise proposals that produce results can help elevate your standing at work, but cultivating the perfect elevator pitch isn't easy. In the book Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect (www.sma...Read More

Ways High Tech Is Changing the NFL

In the early years of football, the forward pass was considered the height of innovation. But pro football has come a long way since those humble beginnings. Indeed, with the NFL Network devoted to the game 24/7/365&mdas...Read More

Bad Behavior in the Office Elevator

Behavior on office elevators is out of control, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. From physical confrontations to indecent exposure, employees reveal that anything is possible once those sliding doors are...Read More

Ten Signs You're About to Get Fired

With the employment picture remaining stagnant, you need to remain constantly aware of the classic trouble signs that often lead to a termination. For workers, the reversal of fortune can be so sudden that you could win that ...Read More

Workers Don't Save, Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Even with still-high unemployment, many professionals are taking on a high degree of personal financial risk and aren’t saving enough. In fact, many are living paycheck to paycheck, according to a recent s...Read More

Re-evaluating Security and Privacy Practices

While most companies have security controls and privacy policies in place, many don't have systems in place to make sure those policies are being followed, according to a new report from PwC US. Enterprises need to...Read More

15 Fun Facts About NASA's Mission to Mars

Dek: With the successful landing of the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars, NASA was once again in the national spotlight. The rover's mission—to determine if life as we know it on Earth ever existed on the...Read More

Imagine Having NFL Players As Your Co-Workers

If it’s August, that means the NFL preseason is already under way and “football withdrawal” is fading. But as you plop down in front of a big-screen HD TV to watch the season kickoff on Sept...Read More

Web Applications Are Under Attack

As the Web has evolved, security threats have grown. Protecting Web-based applications and data is a growing concern for organizations of all shapes and sizes. According to a recent “Web Application Attack Report”...Read More

15 Fast Facts about Apple

Apple is a perennial regular on most lists of admired companies, even though it sometimes takes heat for its mixed track record on international labor, the environment and anti-competitive business practices. Launched in 1976 with th...Read More
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