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How Business Uses Smartphones

The iPhone is still beating Android -- by a lot -- when it comes to the preferences of business users. Facebook is really popular on mobile devices but has not emerged as a key tool for actually getting much work don...Read More

Recession Upsets Work/Life Balance

See also: Recession vs Your Lunch Hard economic times are making it more difficult for those Americans who still have jobs to balance the pressures of work with the rest of life, according to a new survey f...Read More

30 Fast Facts on Facebook at Work

See also 11 Tips For Business on Facebook, Case Study: Rosetta Stone on Facebook An upcoming movie, “The Social Network,” presents a version of Facebook’s creation story that won’t earn an...Read More

10 Tips for an Online Job Search

Searching for a job, but don’t know where to begin? Need specific advice for Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter? Check out these ideas from the book The Online Job Search Survival Guide, by Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D.,...Read More

Capacity Management For More Efficient IT

See also: Understanding Capacity Management. IT departments should not fly into crisis mode whenever something goes wrong. One way to keep things on an even keel is through capacity management, which creates proj...Read More

Hack Your Way to a Promotion

A new kind of hacking is emerging within the workplace, and it doesn't just involve computer systems. It's called "hacking work" - a dynamic that encourages IT employees and other professionals to take greater control of thei...Read More

What Workers Love and Hate About Social Media

Social media skills can make you more valuable on the job. You probably have a few ideas of what works best on these sites, too. A new survey from Careerbuilder looks at worker preferences for busines...Read More

What People Do All Day

When it comes to work and play, men and women are on different wavelengths, according to new findings from a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey. In fact, the BLS folks found out a lot about how we live in this rep...Read More

Higher Health Costs Ahead

The immediate impact of health-care reform is expected to lead to higher costs for employees, according to a new survey from the National Business Group on Health. Employers are expected to raise percentages on premiums, out-of-...Read More

Gender Divide Still Divides Workplace

A much higher percentage of women than men feel that women don't get equal pay for doing the exact same job – a finding that is echoed by similar sentiments over promotions, flex-time benefits and even loans, accor...Read More

Most Innovative Software Leaders

In presenting the "Most Innovative" creative forces in software today, has come up with a list that contains some of the top business brands in the world - as well as some less-famous names that nonethe...Read More

What Wall Street Wants from IT Hires

Wall Street is hiring IT talent again. But what skills are in demand? Says Constance Melrose, managing director at eFinancialCareers North America, “To modernize Sir Francis Bacon, financial services compani...Read More

Books to Help You Move Ahead in IT

The age of the tech-obsessed geek is dead. In case you haven’t looked around lately, ones and zeroes aren’t as cool as they used to be—at least, not for those working in corporate IT organizations. For the better ...Read More

How to Be Smarter Than Your Boss

Ever said to yourself, "My boss is a moron, I could do his job!"? Despite your confidence, you're probably wrong. Not everyone is cut out to be a CIO or IT executive. Any successful IT leader needs to balance technical sm...Read More

No Confidentiality at Work

It's time to overhaul policies on access to data and apps, according to a new survey from SailPoint. A surprisingly large percentage of workers feel that there’s nothing wrong with reading confidential files that they...Read More
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