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10 Books for Dealing With Annoying Colleagues

See also Your Coworkers Hate You, An Office Menagerie. Working in an office can be annoying enough, what with the biting politics and incessant deadlines. And anyone who's seen Office Space has cringe...Read More

Workers Pay for Job-Related Technology

Employees who depend on multiple communications devices, including hard-core iWorkers, often pay their own money to get the right tools for their jobs, according to a new online poll from Unisys. Workers want control...Read More

Rules You Never Learned in School

Building a career takes more than knowledge of programming, project management, or other traditional tech skills. There are any number of people-oriented traits that separate those who continue to move upward and...Read More

Improve Your Networking Skills

Hate the interpersonal aspects of career advancement? Networking for People Who Hate Networking could be the book for you. The fact is that your distaste for networking is far from unusual, but it's holding you back. An IT pro us...Read More

Body Language Influences Hiring Decisions

The body language of interviewees can have a major influence on hiring decisions. Hiring managers are interested in something other than your resume and what you have to say -- the way you project “body...Read More

IT Executive Salaries

Still longing for the boom years? The ongoing recession has taught us that the good days probably aren’t coming back for a while, but that doesn’t mean the boss’s paycheck is suffering. For a solid perspective on the ...Read More

Highest-Paid Tech CEOs

Yes, HP's Mark Hurd is on the list. Last year was a tough one for the economy, but many technology and telecommunications chiefs still raked in huge bucks. The Wall Street Journal recently published its 2009 CEO Compensation...Read More

Online Shopping Remakes Retail

Innovation in retail technology is being driven in large part by Generation Y shoppers, who expect to be able to use texting and other increasingly commonplace tools to conduct commerce. Other generations are follow...Read More

Biggest Brands On the Web

Online media and social networking sites and tools are rapidly turning buzz-building into a science. Creating brand awareness is hardly unique to the digital age, of course. In the Mad Men era, cigarette companies, booze...Read More

Eight Signs You've Been in IT Too Long

Are you an old-school techie? In a world where IT workers are hip, the old image of geeks without a shred of modern sensibility has been shattered. The invisible nerds of yesteryear, eating leftover pizza in ...Read More

Stupid Questions at the Help Desk

[UPDATE: More stories here, plus, Am I too PC or not PC enough?] We’ve all heard the tale of the clueless computer user who is told by the Help Desk to press any key and responds by asking, “Which one is the ...Read More

Connected Customers Demand Better Service

Bad service won't fly with networked consumers. More and more customers are going online to scour blogs and social networking sites to get the skinny on a company's reputation before shopping. In what it ...Read More

Becoming An Effective IT Coach

In the new book, Coaching Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley/available now), author Lyssa Adkins provides several guidelines to explain how IT project managers can transform themselves into “Agile Coaches” for their teams – ...Read More

What Job Seekers Want Today

Money is the number one concern for job-seekers, according to a new study by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology. The report, entitled “Workplace Redefined: Shifting Generational Attitudes During Economic Change,...Read More

Change Management for IT Workers

In his new book, Beyond the Wall of Resistance (Bard Press), change-management expert Rick Maurer reveals how managers can go about change in a way that engages employees and solidifies commitment. Fear, confusion...Read More
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