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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Twitter

With Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber topping its list of most-followed users, Twitter might not seem like the most useful tool for professional networking and building your business reputation. But there's more to Twitte...Read More

Healthy Employees Can Boost Your Bottom Line

A healthy workforce is often a happier and more productive one, and companies are getting the message that investing in employee health can lead to the well-being of the entire organization. Many companies are ...Read More

Government Faces a Big Data Challenge

The amount of data being collected, analyzed and stored by government agencies is growing exponentially, and it's creating a challenge for IT departments as agencies struggle to scale their systems and make those bits a...Read More

IT Workers Are Happy, but Willing to Move On

Technology workers are happy and engaged in their work, according to a recent study on IT staff engagement from Randstad Technologies and its subsidiary Technisource. As the economy begins to show signs of impro...Read More

The Challenges of Global Virtual Teams

As businesses expand internationally, it's become more common for teams to be distributed around the world. And mobility tools, such as smartphones, and virtual presence technology, such as teleconference serv...Read More

Eight Reasons Why Business Plans Fail

Many companies talk about their commitment to innovation, but when it comes time to offer up ideas and launch a game-changing business plan, things wilt and die. In the book, "The Business Model Innovation Factory:...Read More

Executive Hiring Still Lacks Diversity

What does your average senior leadership executive look like? Odds are, he's an older white male, despite the actual diversity in the American population. New survey data from CareerBuilder finds that a significant number...Read More

Be a Winner by Asking Power Questions

We often think that we convey intelligence by coming up with clever responses to questions. But that's only half of the equation. When attending conference calls or meetings with executive superstars, have you ever no...Read More

Your Company's Reputation Depends on Your CEO

Companies must do a better job of earning the respect of their customers or they risk losing market value, a recent survey from Weber Shandwick and KRC Research finds. And much of that reputation rides on the c...Read More

Companies Fall Short in Recruiting Candidates

Many organizations are ready to hire, but a significant number of them are ill-equipped to recruit effectively, according to recent research from Allied Van Lines. Given that Allied is all about moving people, part...Read More

How Stupid Companies Treat Customers

Memo to senior execs: Your customers have changed greatly over the past decade, but, in many cases, you haven't made the adjustments necessary to accommodate their expectations. At least, this is the message conveyed in the boo...Read More

Is Your Company's Messaging Meaningless?

How often have you gone on an organization's Website to find out more about it and clicked away without getting a clue about what it does? Or, worse yet, have you reviewed your own company's "About Us" summaries and concluded...Read More

Ten Influential People in Business and Technology

Who are the top movers and shakers in tech and business? They include a one-time Web superstar turned start-up investor; a social media strategist with serious political chops; and an inventor who's stirri...Read More

Bad Social Media Behavior Can Ruin Your Job Search

If you think those wild photos of you and your friends from the last Cinco de Mayo aren't a big deal, you'd better think again: They could cost you a job. A significant percentage of job seekers are passed ove...Read More

The World's Top 10 CEOs

One invented early versions of Google while writing his dissertation. Another dreamed up the coffee giant Starbucks after experiencing the charms of Milan's coffee-bar culture. One is the third African-American leader of a Fortune 5...Read More
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