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Ten Ways to Keep Moving at Work

When you sit at a desk all day, you're inviting a variety of health issues. Staying in one position for too long puts constant pressure on individual parts of the body. A sense of discomfort kicks in, and muscle tension increase...Read More

IT Must Deal With Real-Life Horror Shows

Slashers, ghosts and zombies ... Oh, my! With an onslaught of hackers, meddlesome internal users and malware-laden applications out there, IT departments may feel as if they’re dealing with a real-life horror sho...Read More

Ten Bizarre Excuses for Calling in Sick

Three out of 10 workers call in sick when they're not actually ill, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. They do so because they don't feel like going to work (cited by 34 percent of employees), want to relax...Read More

Job Candidates Ask for More, and Many Get It

Throughout this year, we've written about companies that are facing increasing competition to land top talent. Apparently, the word has gotten out among job seekers. The vast majority of hirers and HR professionals s...Read More

Eight Ways to Do More With Less

If you've spent any time working in an enterprise, you've likely heard C-suite executives repeat the mantra, "Do more with less." (We know: It's easier to say this than it is to make it happen.) But the book The Laws of Su...Read More

IT Job Market Holds Firm

Given what Americans have endured over the last several years, it's safe to say that any news that isn't particularly bad is actually pretty good. Which is probably the best way to interpret the latest IT jobs availability report from ...Read More

Professionals Constantly Hunt for Their Next Job

The concept of a company lifer is passé, as professionals are constantly seeking out their next career opportunity, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. In fact, a significant share of workers will l...Read More

Ten Ways to Get a Big Raise

Nearly half of workers cite salary as a major source of job dissatisfaction. If you're one of those employees, here's a relevant question: What are you doing to change the situation? After all, there are many ways to demonstrate dis...Read More

IT Horror Story: A World Without COBOL

With Halloween just around the corner, a real-life horror story is all around us, just waiting to be unleashed. We’re referring to our widespread dependence on COBOL, one of our oldest programming languages. ...Read More

Worldwide Demand for Data Centers Surges

Despite the growing profile of consolidation and cloud computing, data centers remain a major source of increased global spending, according to findings from the “Datacenter Dynamics 2012 Global Census&rdqu...Read More

Opportunities and Challenges Fuel Job Satisfaction

The majority of professionals are happy at work, according to this year's annual “2012 Job Satisfaction and Engagement Research Report” from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). And t...Read More

The "Mobile Elite" Risk Getting Fired for BYOD

A new breed of employee is quickly evolving—a "mobile elite." These people command a more sophisticated knowledge and understanding of technology, even if they don't work in IT. They are early adopters of per...Read More

Ten Ways to Be Happy at Work

Do you wonder what it takes to feel truly content with your job and career? It's a puzzle, as research shows that less than half of employees are satisfied at work. In fact, less than one-third of professionals consider themselves ...Read More

Ten Ways to Write a Great Résumé

For IT workers and other professionals, the résumé may amount to the most career-critical writing you ever produce. Unfortunately, the résumé failure rate--which is surging now thanks to the wealth o...Read More

Companies Take Risks With Compliance

Over the last decade, compliance has emerged as an enormous challenge for organizations large and small. Amid a spate of regulations and requirements, many companies are struggling to manage policies and regulations. A stu...Read More
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