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Companies Seek Business Value From the Cloud

The cloud has emerged as far more than an industry buzzword or flavor of the month. A substantial number of IT leaders are looking to make continued investments in cloud computing to lower IT costs and repla...Read More

Warning Signs That You're Addicted to Tech

Sure, we're all constantly on our computers and other devices. We may even jokingly confess that we're addicted to our smartphones. But there's actually a clinical term for an unhealthy attachment to mobile techno...Read More

Ten 'Sins' That Can Destroy Your Alliances

No IT department operates in a vacuum. To deliver on key goals, you and your tech colleagues must work with other departments, outside vendors and partners. Without such alliances, even the most talented IT team a...Read More

Tech Workers' Confidence Soars

Technology professionals are approaching 12-month highs with respect to their overall job and economic confidence, according to a recent survey from Randstad. In fact, the firm reports that optimism among these workers is the high...Read More

IT Staff and Leaders at Odds Over Job Performance

There's a considerable difference of opinion between IT professionals and their bosses with respect to employee performance management, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. Supervisors overlook p...Read More

Ten Gartner Predictions for 2013

Businesses in China and India will begin to dominate global IT commerce. Big data will fuel demand for IT jobs, but many of those positions will remain vacant. And you'll likely have more opportunities to exhibit technolog...Read More

Organizations Scramble to Hire Mobile IT Workers

If you're looking for an in-demand IT niche, then consider specializing in mobile technology functions such as device management and application development. The vast majority of organizations surveyed are creat...Read More

Ten Ways to Run a Successful Meeting

Tired of spending your valuable hours at meetings that have no apparent purpose? Join the club. Most professionals attend more than 60 meetings a month, research shows, and more than one-half of that time is wasted. A...Read More

What Your CIO Is Focusing on Now

Does your CIO seem to walk around with a bit more pep in his or her step these days? It could be because a number of negative trends of recent years are reversing themselves, according to the latest annual survey from the...Read More

Social Media Users Have High Expectations

We all know how much influence social media users have on an organization’s reputation. That means your company will do itself a big favor by effectively addressing consumers who reach out about product and ...Read More

IT Stakes Are High in Upcoming Elections

Despite the divisiveness of this year's political campaigns, there's something that both top IT and business leaders overwhelmingly agree on: Elected leaders need to do more to encourage tech innovation, according ...Read More

Ten Ways to Keep Moving at Work

When you sit at a desk all day, you're inviting a variety of health issues. Staying in one position for too long puts constant pressure on individual parts of the body. A sense of discomfort kicks in, and muscle tension increase...Read More

IT Must Deal With Real-Life Horror Shows

Slashers, ghosts and zombies ... Oh, my! With an onslaught of hackers, meddlesome internal users and malware-laden applications out there, IT departments may feel as if they’re dealing with a real-life horror sho...Read More

Ten Bizarre Excuses for Calling in Sick

Three out of 10 workers call in sick when they're not actually ill, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. They do so because they don't feel like going to work (cited by 34 percent of employees), want to relax...Read More

Job Candidates Ask for More, and Many Get It

Throughout this year, we've written about companies that are facing increasing competition to land top talent. Apparently, the word has gotten out among job seekers. The vast majority of hirers and HR professionals s...Read More
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