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10 Tips For Leading A Virtual Team

How do you manage what you can't see? The ability to access applications and information from mobile devices and remote workplaces reduces the importance of geographic location, but team leaders face a new set of problem...Read More

Why Your Company Cares About The Housing Market

Housing woes continue to plague millions of Americans, and to threaten the larger economy – including the business sector. A new survey from Fannie Mae shows that many homeowners worry about losing their jobs,...Read More

Do-It-Yourself Tech Support Strains IT Patience

Younger workers who grew up with computers and mobile phones enter the workforce with more technology experience than any prior generation. This makes life both easier and harder for IT support staffs, accord...Read More

Startups Too Scary For Many Workers

With the boom in social-networking company valuations, you might think experienced technology pros would be longing for positions at startups. After all, consumer-facing enterprises, notable among them those social-medi...Read More

Weak Technology Hinders Innovation

Most organizations lack a comprehensive view of their own project portfolios, and inadequate technology often is to blame. Portfolio management helps companies decide which projects and products to invest in by providing...Read More

Employed But Struggling With Bills

Even people fortunate enough to remain employed are struggling with debt concerns and the resulting stress on their savings and retirement portfolios. In that vein, here's some bad news and some not-quite-that-bad news. ...Read More

A Touchy-Feely Guide To Productivity

How can you create a culture of positive thinking at your workplace? According to business advisor and consultant Paul David Walker, author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations, there are seve...Read More

9 Apps You Can't Live Without

Food, water, shelter…software? On an existential level, you really can live without the applications you love. But, as the rabbi in the old joke says, “You call that living?” To settle the argument (or actually start it)...Read More

10 Hot iPad Apps For Business

iPad is dominating the enterprise market, accounting for an overwhelming proportion of business tablet activations, with Android tablets yet to make a dent in the corporate sector. As a result, iPad is transf...Read More

What I Learned From Losing My Job

After 12 years, my position as a senior writer for USA Weekend Magazine was eliminated. I loved the place, but I understood that my industry was changing. It felt uncomfortable to join a statistical club that I had report...Read More

Business Travel Rolls Along

Business travel is alive and well in the era of austerity. A good-sized chunk of the workforce hits the road at least seven times a year, and they’re pretty happy about it. While budgets are tight and technology makes it eas...Read More

Mobile Support Lacking for Most Workers

Most companies come up short in terms of equipping workers with the mobile tools they need to succeed. Mobile devices and applications are commonly perceived as productivity boosters, if not outright necessit...Read More

10 Ways To Hold an iPad

iPads are not just tablet computers, they're fashion accessories, and how you wield yours says something about your own personal sense of style. On a recent airplane trip from Oakland, Calif., to Albuquerque, N.M., I saw iPads bein...Read More

40 Fast Facts on Twitter

See also Fast Facts on Linux and Apple Twitter happened fast, fittingly enough. In early 2007, microblogging was hardly even an annoying neologism and the startup company built around the idea was just another social media wannabe...Read More

Where Private Companies Are Spending IT Dollars

Nearly one-third of private companies are investing more in IT to spur growth and efficiency, according to PwC's Private Company Trendsetter Barometer. These companies plan to increase IT spending from 5.6% ...Read More
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