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Stupid Questions at the Help Desk

[UPDATE: More stories here, plus, Am I too PC or not PC enough?] We’ve all heard the tale of the clueless computer user who is told by the Help Desk to press any key and responds by asking, “Which one is the ...Read More

Connected Customers Demand Better Service

Bad service won't fly with networked consumers. More and more customers are going online to scour blogs and social networking sites to get the skinny on a company's reputation before shopping. In what it ...Read More

Becoming An Effective IT Coach

In the new book, Coaching Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley/available now), author Lyssa Adkins provides several guidelines to explain how IT project managers can transform themselves into “Agile Coaches” for their teams – ...Read More

What Job Seekers Want Today

Money is the number one concern for job-seekers, according to a new study by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology. The report, entitled “Workplace Redefined: Shifting Generational Attitudes During Economic Change,...Read More

Change Management for IT Workers

In his new book, Beyond the Wall of Resistance (Bard Press), change-management expert Rick Maurer reveals how managers can go about change in a way that engages employees and solidifies commitment. Fear, confusion...Read More

10 Tips for Hiring From Within

In today’s economy, hiring from within might be the most cost-effective way to fill positions. In a recent post, Harvard Business Review blogger Amy Gallo shares tips about conducting internal interviews from two ...Read More

Top Companies for Diversity

The IT workplace is home to people from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, abilities, and life experiences. To succeed in recruiting top talent and retaining it, companies must recognize the offi...Read More

How Families Text

Texting while driving and “sexting” are two practices parents warn their kids against but may be doing themselves, according to the new LG Text Ed Survey from LG Mobile Phones and TRU Research. "This approach to child-rearin...Read More

30 Fast Facts About Smartphones

iPhones and Androids and various Blackberry devices are everywhere, and the revolution has just begun. One day we will tell our children about mobile telephones that only made calls, and cameras that only took pict...Read More

Employees to Bosses: Listen Up

Fewer workers trust senior management to make the right decisions, says ”Employees First,” a survey by HCL Technologies. Workers want more opportunities to provide input and solve problems. They believe that the ...Read More

Getting That Big Promotion

Hiring senior executives from within the enterprise is an art that few companies have truly mastered. Even at companies committed to talent development, aspirants to top management often find career guidance that is vague and...Read More

Job Outlook Inspires Gloom

Americans are increasingly pessimistic that the current employment picture will turn around anytime soon, according to a new survey from Harris Interactive. Maybe they've heard the phrase, "jobless recovery," too many t...Read More

Recession Versus Your Lunch

Want a break? You might want to take up smoking. We're not endorsing any unhealthy habits, just looking at some stats on break time at work. Turns out the long recession pinches in ways that go beyond lost jobs, smalle...Read More

Content Security a Hot Commodity

The Internet continues to be a dangerous place for IT, and conventional defensive weapons may prove inadequate. A typical Web exploit kit is available today on the black market for as little as $300 to $1,000, making it extrem...Read More

iPhone 4 and Famous Tech Flameouts

The uproar around Apple's iPhone 4 means the increasingly controversial device could end up claiming a spot in the pantheon of spectacularly flawed products. That the iPhone 4 has continued to sell briskly, desp...Read More
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