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Worst Excuses for Missing Work

Everyone feels like playing hooky sometimes. Most of us just tough it out, or maybe take a personal day. Then there are the folks found by CareerBuilder, who pursue more inventive ways to avoid work for the day. This sort of thin...Read More

12 Offbeat iPhone Apps

When Apple opened up the iPhone to third-party applications in 2007, it didn’t take long for the bizarre ideas to start coming in. Apple has banned certain apps out of competitive interests, and others for reasons of value,...Read More

10 Real-Life Lessons on Innovation

Successful companies generate ideas and bring new products and services to market by having processes in place to make it all happen. A new book, Harvesting Intangible Assets: Uncover Hidden Revenue in Your Company’s Inte...Read More

10 Deep Thoughts About Software

Who knew that geeks can be wordsmiths, or that software can inspire examples of rhetorical excellence? A list of pithy quotations about software development shows that the coding crowd has its verbal moments, too. These quote...Read More

10 Business IT Trends for 2012

2011 was a big year for mobility and social networking, with cloud computing also moving into the spotlight. So what can we expect for enterprise technology next year? Companies using IT to do more with less, an increasing e...Read More

Where IT Spending is Headed

Mixed messages about IT spending abound, including a surprising resistance to the mobile enterprise, says CDW’s October IT Monitor. The report finds that 40 percent of IT decision-makers expect their IT budgets to grow over ...Read More

No Double Dates With the Boss

U.S. workers tend to have positive relationships with their supervisors, but they also maintain boundaries when it comes to personal interactions, according to a survey from Adecco Staffing and Opinion Research Corporation. F...Read More

10 Ways To Stop Insider Security Threats

Information security too often involves a fortress mentality, with not enough attention paid to the risks of an inside job. Yet nearly half of all data breaches can be linked to insiders, with half of those breaches in...Read More

IT and Project Manager Salary Survey

Does your paycheck show how hard you’ve been working? Probably not, as pay rates for IT and project managers remained flat between June 2010 and June 2011, according to the 2012 Mid-Year Salary Survey from IT management c...Read More

Ten Commandments of Office Etiquette

See also: Eight Ways to Make a Great First Impression. Proper office etiquette often comes down to common sense and common courtesy, but people still have questions. Is it OK to tend to your personal grooming if the cubicl...Read More

10 Failures Who Became Huge Successes

Henry Ford is credited with saying, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” He would have known, because he endured significant setbacks before finding a winning formula in the automobile indust...Read More

10 Rotten, Terrible, No-Good Bosses

There’s something about working for The Man that just makes us mad. That’s true even when we are The Man, or The Man is a woman -- tales of misapplied authority never get old. Some of this is just human nature – an atavis...Read More

Why Your Company Should Buy You an iPhone 4S

It may not have been the mythical, magical iPhone 5 that the media had been speculating about for so long that it seemed a sure thing – but Apple's iPhone 4S, announced on Oct. 4 and available on Oct. ...Read More

10 All-Time Rotten Business Scandals

With Occupy Wall Street protests spreading from New York to cities across the country, Corporate America’s reputation is under scrutiny. The drum circles are banging out their complaints about bailouts and profiteerin...Read More

Five Less Awesome Legacies of Steve Jobs

Did the late Steve Jobs inhibit technology innovation? It sounds crazy to ask that question about the brilliant designer and leader of the computer revolution, who made the most of his second chance at running Apple....Read More
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