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Managing User Access Is Key With Hybrid Clouds

Virtually all enterprises today have sensitive data and critical applications in the cloud. Providing employees and business partners with remote access to those resources without compromising securit...Read More

Making Sense of Today's Cyber-Threat Landscape

"Cyber-crime is big business," notes a recent Trustwave Global Security Report. "We hear it so often that the words threaten to lose their impact." Nevertheless, there is a very real impact. The security solu...Read More

The Top 10 Tech Company CEOs

What makes a great tech company CEO? They must have leadership qualities and vision, of course. Then, there's the ability to pump up employees' spirits—whether during a major presentation in an auditorium, a small gathering...Read More

Innovation Will Drive Growing IT Budgets and Staff

IT budgets and staff are expected to grow this year, according to a recent survey from the Hackett Group. The accompanying report, "The CIO Agenda: Balancing Risk, Cost and Innovation," explains tha...Read More

8 Oddball Requests From the Boss

In the course of your career, you may have had a demanding boss or two, but have you ever had one who asked you to be a chauffeur for members of her family? Feed his pets? Or help him break up with his significant other? B...Read More

Why the Digital Transformation Is Stuck in Neutral

The majority of IT decision-makers fear that their company may be losing ground to competitors in launching a digital transformation, according to a recent survey from Progress. The accompanying rep...Read More

Companies Step Up Cyber-Security Safeguards

A seemingly endless barrage of cyber-attacks is forcing business and IT leaders to take notice and step up protection. According to a newly released study of 221 IT directors, managers and practitioners conduct...Read More

How IT Purchase Decisions Are Madeā€”and by Whom

When it comes to making enterprise technology purchasing decisions, Millennial buyers, rather than Boomers and Gen Xers, are most likely to have the final say, according to a recent survey from the Arket...Read More

How a Lack of Automation Hurts Companies

At home, we don't think twice about ordering car rides from Uber and, well, pretty much anything from Amazon. And we usually consider such sites and apps easy to use, with relatively fast delivery of services...Read More

What Job Seekers Want From Prospective Employers

With many employees either actively looking for new job opportunities or remaining open to such a change, potential candidates are growing increasingly savvy about researching companies before submitting an...Read More

IT Teams Are Weighed Down By Complexity

IT professionals, overwhelmed by the fast-changing environments they're asked to support, are collectively crying "Uncle!" according to survey findings from a poll of more than 1,300 tech pros conducted by Ips...Read More

Are Mobile Apps Secure?

There's no disagreement that mobile technology helps workers and their employers achieve enormous gains in productivity. However, as organizations migrate to mobile devices and practices, the need for robust security grows. What's ...Read More

IT Struggles to Meet Network Capacity Demands

An insatiable need for access to data and digital technologies is causing organizations to expand their network capacity to staggeringly high levels, according to a recent survey from Viavi Solutions. The r...Read More

How Risk-Averse Leadership Hurts Companies

While most C-level executives are confident that their company will outperform its competitors over the next 12 months, many admit that an unwillingness to take risks may result in a marketplace liability, accor...Read More

Why IT Pros Are Feeling Less Stressed About Work

Far fewer technology employees feel overwhelmed with stress these days, according to TEKsystems' annual "IT Stress and Pride" survey. Findings show significant improvements on this front in multiple areas. ...Read More
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