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How IT Scrum Teams Bring Value to the Business

The vast majority of IT professionals surveyed said their department has scrum practices in place, according to a recent survey from the Scrum Alliance. The accompanying "2015 State of Scrum Report" rev...Read More

Aging Systems Impair Contact Center Performance

A significant number of companies are hanging on to aging desktop systems in their contact centers, at the cost of the customer experience and other business drivers, according to an August 2015 commi...Read More

Your Web Presence Can Help—or Hurt—Your Job Search

Job recruiters are increasingly relying on technology tools to do their jobs, according to a recent survey from Domain.ME. They are proactively researching whether a job candidate has a personal Website&mda...Read More

Demanding Users Give IT Pros Headaches

If you and your tech colleagues are frequently downing aspirin, it's understandable: A significant share of IT service management professionals describe their company users as "demanding and unrealistic," according t...Read More

Why Companies Suffer From Information Gridlock

Only a small minority of companies are making enough use of automated and collaborative tools to be considered champions of information mobility, according to a recent survey from Ricoh. The resulting report...Read More

How IT Must Improve to Meet Business Expectations

Under pressure to gain a competitive advantage through disruptive IT, company leaders are expecting more input—and innovation—from their IT departments, according to a recent survey from ...Read More

How to Overcome Barriers to Career Success

Too often, we become our own worst enemy at work. We may let a lack of self-confidence sabotage our work efforts. We may spend so much time multitasking that we never finish anything. Or we may lapse into constan...Read More

Lack of Skilled IT Pros May Slow Business Growth

Growing confidence in business growth, combined with a lack of qualified talent for open positions, is translating to great job opportunities for many technology professionals, according to a recent survey ...Read More

IT Focuses on Application Performance Management

Enterprise success increasingly revolves around applications. They are the hub where data, software code and connected technologies meet—and where business value is generated. But today's IT e...Read More

How Connectivity Keeps Workers on Duty 24/7

Because technology has created a world in which we have constant access to information and communications, there really is no safe haven for professionals who would like to detach themselves from work-related tas...Read More

9 Fascinating Facts About Sports Analytics

In your wildest dreams, did you ever think you’d have a shot at a career in professional sports? Well, it’s actually possible today, thanks to the booming interest in sports analytics&mdash...Read More

Anxious Job Seekers Pull Outrageous Stunts

While it's a good idea to demonstrate initiative when applying for a job, there's a difference between being creative and coming across as, well, a little odd. For real-life examples of some over-the-top approach...Read More

The World's 12 Most Innovative Tech Brands

What do the most innovative brands in the world do? One is investing heavily in cloud-based voice services to further advances in no-touch computer interactions. Another has inspired an immense surge of interest in a...Read More

10 Apps That Help You Manage Your Time Effectively

To deal with the ever-growing number of technology and business demands piling up on their plates, professionals and managers must constantly find better ways to use their time effectively. However, there...Read More

Why Companies' Digital Strategies Are Failing

A significant number of executives and managers believe that their organization lacks a clear and coherent digital strategy, according to a recent survey from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital...Read More
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