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9 Ways to Stand Out During a Job Interview

While Baseline has reported extensively that IT professionals are in high demand for available job openings, it would be inadvisable to walk into an interview assuming that "I've got this one in the bag!" Express...Read More

Cloud Data Protection Strategies Come Up Short

Enterprises are flocking to the cloud for the efficiency, cost savings, flexibility and scalability this technology offers. In fact, 40 percent of applications, on average, are deployed in the cloud, ...Read More

How Meetings and Emails Hurt Productivity, Morale

Employees are spending a significantly smaller portion of their workday focusing on their primary job duties, and that's keeping them in the office longer, according to a recent survey from Workfront. While...Read More

IT Is Under Pressure to Deliver on Digital Efforts

Top executives are expecting major accomplishments from their IT organization in order to meet strategic goals and lead their organization to a successful digital transformation, according to a rece...Read More

Firms Struggle to Deliver Analytics to Customers

In the digital world, all roads ultimately lead to data and analytics, which are fueling innovation and, in many cases, competitive advantage. But analytics can take many forms and encompass many...Read More

Never Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

In an earlier slideshow, we shared recommendations about how to make a good impression during a job interview by being prepared to answer key questions that are often asked by employers. But there are also ...Read More

Is Bug Testing Out of Control?

Application security is increasingly under the microscope. As perimeters dissolve and conventional cyber-security boundaries disintegrate, there's a growing focus on code quality and detecting vulnerabilities before they res...Read More

The Early Jobs of 10 Tech Leaders

We all had to start our career somewhere, but when it comes to famous tech leaders, we tend to forget that they also had to earn a living in their younger days—often in boring jobs and in positions that had not...Read More

As Identity Theft Grows, Companies Must Do More

One of the sad and disturbing realities of the modern world is the growing incidence of identity theft. Organizations and individuals are learning that despite earnest precautions and protections, breaches a...Read More

Key Questions Employers Ask During Job Interviews

If you've taken part in enough job interviews, you've undoubtedly realized that certain questions keep coming up. But did you ever wonder why they're so popular with employers? If so, then consider the fol...Read More

10 Amazing Predictions From Gartner

The next few years promise to extend the current digital revolution into uncharted territory, according to Gartner's recently published report, "Top Strategic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond." It will, indeed, look l...Read More

Where to Find the Fastest Internet Connections

While worldwide internet connections speeds are down slightly, average peak connection speeds are on the rise, according to research published by Akamai Technologies. The resulting "Second Quarter, 2016 St...Read More

Delete or Erase: Keeping Corporate Data Safe

One of the biggest challenges related to enterprise security is managing the seemingly endless array of touchpoints and system entry points. As a result, today's security must incorporate far more than perimete...Read More

Why Managers Lack Confidence in Their Firm's Data

Nearly all managers lack complete confidence in their company's data, according to a recent survey from Experian Data Quality. The accompanying report, "Building a Business Case for Data Quality," ind...Read More

9 Reasons You're Not Getting a Promotion

Most people hope to get promoted on a fairly regular basis throughout their career. In fact, nearly four out of five professionals assess advancement opportunities when they're looking for a new job, according to re...Read More
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