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Ten Predictions for Project Management in 2013

Project management offices (PMOs) have emerged as popular designations within organizations to address expensive project failures caused by scope creep, missed deadlines, inflated budget costs and other...Read More

Employee Confidence Fuels Job-Hunting Plans

Workers are expressing confidence both in their companies and in their own value in the marketplace. As a result, a significant percentage of professionals say they'll likely look for new jobs this year, according to...Read More

The Ten Most Important Executives in Social Media

They include the subject of an Oscar-nominated film, a would-be professional comedian and a man who never earned his high school diploma. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these individuals  share tw...Read More

Demand for Cloud-Based Skills Will Grow Rapidly

The acceleration of demand for cloud-based tech skills will increase far beyond that of other IT niches, according to Microsoft-sponsored research conducted by IDC. In fact, there are 1.7 million open clo...Read More

Tech Initiatives Key to President Obama's Legacy

The dizzying pace at which technology is advancing—and the resulting meteoric rise in the volume of data that's being created—isn't simply changing the day-to-day lives of Americans. It's driving o...Read More

Ten Oddball Job Interview Questions

In a recent slideshow, we revealed real-life bizarre behaviors of job candidates during interviews. Well, turnabout is fair play, isn't it? With that in mind, Glassdoor, a career/recruitment community site, presents the fol...Read More

Many Workers Lie to Managers About Their Time Off

We're sure you've sometimes suspected colleagues or staff members of faking it when they've called in sick. But have you thought the same thing when they've scheduled leave for bereavement or jury duty? Th...Read More

Lessons Learned from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

While attending Harvard, he helped start Facebook as a fun college project and transformed it into a social media giant with more than 1 billion users, 42 million pages and 9 million apps--and counting. He's ...Read More

Automated Controls Reduce Errors and Costs

Regulatory and compliance issues have emerged at the center of enterprise IT. Putting appropriate oversight in place is increasingly critical, and how an organization goes about the task affects everything from ...Read More

Workers Are Optimistic About Career Prospects

More is more. As in, more promotions. More job opportunities. And more raises. Is all of this wishful thinking? Time will tell. But the prevailing sentiment among employees today remains increasingly optimistic abo...Read More

Ten Priorities for Data Center Managers

The theme that will dominate the top of the to-do list of data center professionals in 2013 can be summarized in one word: power. Specifically, how to use less of it, according to a recent survey from the Uptime In...Read More

Bad Hires Are a Drain on the Bottom Line

Let's face it: It's painful to work with new hires who aren't working out. They miss deadlines. They produce sloppy work. They often seem to pack 10 pounds of negative attitude in a five-pound bag. And guess what?...Read More

More Employees Are Getting Promotions and Raises

More organizations are recognizing the efforts of valuable employees by promoting more of them and offering them a boost in pay, according to a recent survey from WorldatWork. The findings appear to reverse...Read More

Job Seekers Don't Leverage Recruitment Resources

There's a lot more to job hunting these days than there was in the past. Several years ago, it was fine to simply email a résumé to a potential employer and send a courtesy follow-up note a week lat...Read More

IT and Business Execs Differ on Cloud Advantages

The cloud has established itself as a valid, value-enhancing computing option rather than just another techno buzzword. Four out of every five new commercial enterprise applications are deployed on cloud...Read More
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