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Women Workers Are More Upbeat

Men and women professionals have different perspectives about the (hopefully) recovering economy, according to recent research from Randstad on employee confidence and engagement. Findings depict women workers as generally m...Read More

Hiring Prospects Brighter for IT Pros

While recent unemployment data remains bleak, IT workers can anticipate more encouraging conditions than their counterparts in other professions. The tech unemployment rate remains below 4 percent, and competition for tech...Read More

How to Power Up Your Morning Routine

Top performers make the most of the time between waking up and heading to the office. Setting aside time in the morning for productive or fulfilling activities can increase your energy level and alertness for the rest of th...Read More

Employers Show Room for Improvement on Communications, Innovation

Today's workers have high standards, but most employers aren't living up to them. In fact, less than half of professionals worldwide give their companies positive marks when it comes to engagemen...Read More

10 Silver Linings For Project Management

Projects are being slashed, staff members are being shown the door and the economy is in the tank. But there are still a few bright spots for project managers and the project management office (PMO) during these lea...Read More

Companies Fail to Address Employee Skills Gap

The shortage of skilled employees continues to present challenges for employers. In fact, managers are saying they're seeing the toughest hiring environment since 2007, according to a recent survey from Manpo...Read More

Ten Ways to "Get Physical" at Work

Do you feel sluggish and out of shape after spending hours parked at your desk? It's a common concern--one with serious potential consequences for your health and well-being. Health problems like diabetes and poor cardiova...Read More

Social Media, Mobile Strategies Still Evolving

Companies know they need to have a strategy in place when it comes to social media and dealing with mobile consumers, but many of them aren't sure how to engage potential customers using these tools. In...Read More

'The Avengers' in Your Office

Ever since the Marvel Comics superhero team "The Avengers" debuted on the big screen, the movie has been the subject of water-cooler buzz--especially after it raked in more than $200 million in its opening weekend. But has the ...Read More

Dealing With Compliance Challenges

The complexities of running a business have grown exponentially over the last several years. Yet, despite massive investments in information management systems, most organizations continue to struggle with implementing the...Read More

Geeks Are the New Rock Stars

It's good to be a geek these days, according to a recent survey from Modis. Rather than being depicted as social misfits, geeks are now perceived by the general population as highly intelligent, resourceful professionals. Perhaps i...Read More

Ten U.S. Presidents' Other Jobs

With the presidential election heating up, you may be interested to know that former occupants of the White House held down jobs just like you and me. OK, maybe a few of these occupations weren't quite as normal as the kind of...Read More

Mobile Workers Can't Disconnect

Mobile workers are finding it more difficult than ever to disconnect from their devices. And the constant checking and sending of messages is causing problems with their spouses, kids and other loved ones, according t...Read More

The CEO as Chief Engagement Officer

Today's chief executives know that they need to be in front of their customers when it comes to social media. Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest, they're determined to transform the way they engage w...Read More

CFOs Say Economic Outlook Improving

A lingering and deep recession combined with marked advances in technology has forever changed the business landscape. According to recent research from New York City-based Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business, C...Read More
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