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Four Key Areas Where IT Drives Business Results

Researchers from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and Sybase explored the relationship between data management and business results. Improvements in variables including quality, usab...Read More

Green IT Savings by the Numbers

You're doing Green IT wrong, people. So suggests research by power-management company 1E. Going green is supposed to save you money while you're saving the planet, and saving money is the reason most businesses are going t...Read More

25 Fast Facts About Twitter in the Workplace

Twitter devotees are taking over the workplace, 140 characters at a time. The wildly popular microblogging site with the funny name and the celebrity cred has gone from curiosity to the mainstream in j...Read More

Security, Compliance, and Managed File Transfer

File transfer is an often-overlooked component of communications infrastructure, involving the movement of mass amounts of data or files, both among employees and outside parties. An Executive Strategy Planne...Read More

Think Like a Rich Person

Books about getting rich often seem to work better for authors than readers, so any tome on the subject should be approached with considerable caution. But a new book, How Rich People Think (London House/Available now), provides a...Read More

11 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Page for Business

See also Case Study: Business Goes Social, 30 Facts About Social Nets at Work Software company Rosetta Stone wants to have a meaningful presence on Facebook, but it is not leaving its interactions...Read More

10 IT Skills in Demand Now

See also Jobs Headed Offshore, Wacky Job Applications Some good news on the IT job market: CIOs are increasingly confident about growth in the fourth quarter, and some are planning to hire. But there's some bad news, too, at lea...Read More

Awful Applications and Ridiculous Resumes

There are nearly 15 million people unemployed in the U.S., and, judging by the paperwork, quite a few of them are going to remain jobless for a while. That's the impression conveyed by a new report from Careerbuil...Read More

12 IT Jobs Headed Offshore

The scale and scope of offshoring IT jobs are on the rise. While staffing help-desk positions somewhere in India is a given, advances in areas such as cloud computing and open-source software have encouraged U.S. compan...Read More

Eight Ways to Rate Your Boss

See also My Boss is Like Donald Trump. It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves from time to time -- could your boss do the job he or she gets paid to supervise, or is your daily routine beyond the capabilities o...Read More

TV Bosses Reminiscent of Real Bosses

See also: Eight Ways to Rate Your Boss. Have you noticed any unsettling similarities between the bad bosses, actual and fictional, that you watch on television and the managers and executives you meet in real life? Ac...Read More

Workers Struggling to Pay Bills

Working people are having a difficult time getting by on what they make. That means living paycheck-to-paycheck is a hard reality for more than three-quarters of Americans with jobs, according to a new survey from Careerbui...Read More

How Business Uses Smartphones

The iPhone is still beating Android -- by a lot -- when it comes to the preferences of business users. Facebook is really popular on mobile devices but has not emerged as a key tool for actually getting much work don...Read More

Recession Upsets Work/Life Balance

See also: Recession vs Your Lunch Hard economic times are making it more difficult for those Americans who still have jobs to balance the pressures of work with the rest of life, according to a new survey f...Read More

30 Fast Facts on Facebook at Work

See also 11 Tips For Business on Facebook, Case Study: Rosetta Stone on Facebook An upcoming movie, “The Social Network,” presents a version of Facebook’s creation story that won’t earn an...Read More
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