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Eight Big Data Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The big data market will trigger $34 billion in IT spending this year, according to a Gartner forecast. Most of that investment will pay for upgrades of traditional systems to better gather and analyze d...Read More

The Best U.S. Cities for Tech Jobs

In pursuing a tech career, should you seek out opportunities in regions that are well-established IT havens? Or should you explore possibilities in places that aren’t as established, but are gaining a lot of momentum? T...Read More

Good Customer Service Rules the Online Experience

Businesses are constantly attempting to solve the riddle of how to make the online shopping experience better for their customers—and more profitable for them. Fortunately, a recent survey from LivePerson ind...Read More

Job Candidates Want Payback for Hiring Snubs

Note to hiring recruiters: If you think there's no harm, no foul involved when you don't acknowledge a job candidate's application, think again. The vast majority of job seekers expect to get at least a token "thank...Read More

Employers Cite a Surge in Demand for Linux Pros

It is considered the most ubiquitous and popular free open-source operating system. And if you demonstrate IT skills in this field, you're setting yourself up for a lucrative in-demand career. In this case, we're...Read More

Firms Need Tough Security Against Cyber-Threats

Despite a near constant barrage of news stories about cyber-espionage and cyber-attacks, business and government remain woefully behind the curve in instituting adequate safeguards. Meanwhile, threats grow and t...Read More

Don't Let March Madness Shut Down Your Network

If it's March, that means it's time for workers to overload business-intended network resources to surf the Web for NCAA Tournament highlights. With lots of pride riding on those ubiquitous NCAA Tournament offic...Read More

What to Ask--and Not Ask--During a Job Interview

In business, they often say that there are no bad questions—but, actually, there are. That's especially true when the questions come from job candidates who are apparently clueless about knowing what is&mdas...Read More

Bizarre Excuses for Being Late to Work

Some people will come up with any story to explain why they are late to work, judging from the following over-the-top explanations compiled by CareerBuilder. And if you think tardy arrivals happen frequently at your offic...Read More

Engaged Employees Are Motivated and Committed

Engaged employees are more likely to remain committed to their current organizations than colleagues who aren't. And these engaged professionals are highly motivated by work satisfaction and the potential for...Read More

Bad Behavior Is Thriving on Social Media Sites

Managers, do you ever wonder what your employees are doing on social media when they're supposed to be working? It's important for you to be aware of your workers' social media habits because significant numb...Read More

Ten Ways Tech Will Make an Impact on Business

The prospects of IT working closely with the business side of an organization in more meaningful ways are no longer an elusive pipe dream. It's reality, and it's happening every day at the most successful org...Read More

Business Doesn't Take Advantage of Telecommuting

Teleworking sounds like a win-win. It saves companies on expenses such as office space, equipment and supplies. And, because the average daily roundtrip commute covers 32 miles and takes an hour, it saves e...Read More

Ten Ways to Live in Peace With Your Co-Workers

Ever get the feeling that office employees have less personal space than ever? If so, you'd be correct. The average worker is allotted 75 square feet now, compared to 90 square feet in 1994, industry research show...Read More

Companies Struggle to Leverage Social Media

Today's organizations are either slow to recognize the influence of social media on their reputation, or they don't know how to take full advantage of it. Either way, this lack is hurting them in the competitive...Read More
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