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Nine Off-the-Wall Office Bets

People love to gamble, as the spread of casinos and state lotteries makes clear. At work, the addiction to office pools isn’t limited to those ubiquitous March Madness bracket challenges. And employees can get pretty creative...Read More

Six Signs You Can`t Take It Anymore

Employees are cracking under the pressure of increased workloads that come without reasonable additional compensation. Simple gratitude for remaining employed went a long way during the Great Recession, but recovery mean...Read More

Five Bad Bosses and How To Manage Them

You can’t always pick your boss, but you will have to work with all kinds of managers if you want to thrive professionally. Unfortunately, all the business or technical know-how in the world can’t prepare you for...Read More

March Madness vs Office Productivity

We’re suspicious of those studies that come out around every major sporting event, purporting to quantify the economic cost of distracted workers. Sure, people are obsessing about the NCAA tournament (we are), but th...Read More

Mobile Rage is the New Road Rage

People are losing patience with mobile-gadget users talking and pecking away, oblivious to those around them, whether they’re driving a car, watching a movie or even using a public restroom. A survey from Intel Corporati...Read More

10 Trends That Will Change Your Workplace

What changes are coming to your workplace? More accountability for major goals. Greater productivity demands. And better pay increases and job opportunities. That’s the forecast derived from a new survey from th...Read More

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Change is a catalyst for success. But resistance often dooms change strategy, whether displayed openly by classic office rebels or covertly by the cloak-and-dagger types. HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change (Harvard Business Rev...Read More

How To Use Social Media in a Disaster

If a fire, an ice storm, or even a terrorist attack struck your organization, would you immediately go online and Tweet about it? No? Well, maybe you should. So says a report from Janco. Yet most companies haven't con...Read More

Eight Gaming Skills That Pay the Bills

See also Groundbreaking Video Games Do you think of hours spent playing Call of Duty as professional development time? It's not such a stretch. Gaming culture helps people thrive in a corporate environment, according...Read More

10 Hot IT Skills Now

Are your skills in demand? A new report from Foote Partners rates the relative value of skills for technology jobs. The report, IT Skills and Certifications Hot Lists Forecast, covers the first half of 2011. It says employers will spe...Read More

Half of the Workday is Wasted

Knowledge workers at SMBs spend 50% of their workdays on unproductive but necessary tasks like dealing with spam or scheduling meetings, says a study conducted for cloud-based VoIP and unified communications company Fonality...Read More

10 Weak Excuses for Being Late to Work

CareerBuilder has a fresh assortment of oddball rationalizations from workers who simply can't get to the office on time (see our previous list here.) Perhaps influenced by a tight job market, fewer people are showin...Read More

Seven Human Weaknesses That Cyber Criminals Exploit

Successful cybercrime often depends on the kindness of others – trusting souls who believe that Facebook message , LinkedIn request or Tweet they received is on the up-and-up. Understanding this vulner...Read More

How Jazz Can Inspire IT Innovation

IT professionals can learn a lot from jazz, says Josh Linkner, founder of ePrize. Great musicians such as John Coltrane and Miles Davis understood that their creative success depended upon disciplined command of their s...Read More

Sure Signs of Smartphone Addiction

OK, we get it: you really, really love your smartphone. But is your affection for the device out of control? Smartphones are increasingly ubiquitous; during the fourth quarter of 2010, a staggering 100.9 million of the m...Read More
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