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A Q&A About Holiday Gift-Giving in the Office

Office gift-giving is a fine way to spread cheer during the holiday season, but it can also lead to showboating on the part of lavish spenders; hurt feelings among those who feel left out; and anxiety for profe...Read More

Ten Differences Between Star Employees and Duds

Have you ever wondered what separates company stars from office duds? (We're pretty sure you've worked with both at some point in your career.) In the book The Young Professional's Guide to the Working World: Sa...Read More

How Social Media's 10 Cs Can Change Your Business

Remember when employees got fired for posting content and photos on social media? Such incidents now seem like a relic from a different age. Today, executive leaders within all segments of industry are tryi...Read More

Midsize Companies Struggle With Tech Challenges

Midsize businesses are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, according to a recent survey from SWC Technology Partners. The resulting report, the "2012 Technolog...Read More

To Get the Job, Send Hiring Pro a Thank-You Note

Do you show proper appreciation after a job interview by sending thank-you notes? This step has traditionally been considered a given in the process, along with wearing professional attire, shaking hands firmly, ...Read More

Mobile Strategies Can Fuel Business Success

Memo from the marketing folks: We need to do a better job of reaching mobile users, and we need to do it now! Given that IT is playing a larger role in cross-departmental initiatives, the technology staff should lea...Read More

The World's 10 Best Places to Work

How would you like to work for a huge global company where the CEO hosts regular coffee sessions in which you can really speak your mind? Or another business that sets aside a week for volunteerism? Or a third that grants six-...Read More

Ten Tech Trends to Watch in 2013

By now, all the buzzwords, phrases and trends—the cloud, BYOD, the mobile revolution, social media, etc.—have established themselves as part of the daily tech conversation. But what affect will they have on ke...Read More

Data Breaches Grow ... and Grow More Serious

As networks and computer systems grow more sophisticated, cyber-crooks are keeping pace and finding new ways to exploit weaknesses. The recently released 2012 "Data Breach Investigations Report", along with industry sn...Read More

Eight Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Futurist

Knowing everything about existing IT trends is great, but it's the ability to spot and act on future trends that will make you indispensable. The book Think Like a Futurist: Know What Changes, What Doesn't, and...Read More

Workers Go to Extremes to Get a Job

It can be a tough hiring market out there, but how far are you willing to go to stand out in a crowd of competitors? Apparently, some job applicants are willing to go a bit too far, according to a recent survey from OfficeTe...Read More

iPhones End Up in Odd Places

"You always hurt the one you love," is a line from an old Mills Brothers' song. These days, it could refer to our relationship with Apple's iPhone. Accidents involving the massively popular mobile device (the iPhone 5 racked up mo...Read More

Failures Behind 10 Success Stories

"If it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't have any appointments," went the old song from They Might Be Giants. Perhaps that rings true for you, as you question why you're not reaching the career heights you once envisio...Read More

Companies Seek Business Value From the Cloud

The cloud has emerged as far more than an industry buzzword or flavor of the month. A substantial number of IT leaders are looking to make continued investments in cloud computing to lower IT costs and repla...Read More

Warning Signs That You're Addicted to Tech

Sure, we're all constantly on our computers and other devices. We may even jokingly confess that we're addicted to our smartphones. But there's actually a clinical term for an unhealthy attachment to mobile techno...Read More
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