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Job Security Is High in IT, Especially in Big Data

The unemployment rate for technology professionals is significantly lower than that of U.S. workers overall, according to recent research from, a career site for technology and engineering professional...Read More

Coping With Fear and Anxiety at Work

Did you know that the workplace is filled with fear and anxiety? Some workers walk on eggshells, in a panic over whether they'll get called out for bad performance, lose their job … or even have a spider creep ...Read More

What to Do Before and After a Job Interview

The interview continues to be the essential make-or-break stage of any job hunt. At that point, you've already proven yourself on paper and now have to prove yourself in a face-to-face meeting. A great résum&e...Read More

Many Professionals Are Ready for a Career Change

If you've ever sat at your desk and asked yourself, "Is this all there is?" with respect to your career path, you're in good company. A majority of professionals are interested in making a career change, accordi...Read More

IT Sales Lag, but 2014 Spending Looks Brighter

Technology spending is cooling off a bit this year, but it's still growing at a healthy rate, according to the latest Gartner "Worldwide IT Spending Forecast." And prospects for 2014 are looking brighter, with...Read More

Hiring Should Hold Steady for Rest of 2013

We may never go back to the Golden Age of tech jobs, and those dot-com boom days now seem like a distant memory, but a healthy sense of employment stability is definitely settling in, according to the latest hir...Read More

Ten Co-Worker Types You Want to Avoid

Many organizations promote their family-like office environment. That sounds really nice, but would you honestly want some of your relatives sitting in the next cubicle every day? Unfortunately, you can't pick your fa...Read More

Unengaged Employees Hurt the Bottom Line

The vast majority of employees are not engaged at work, and quite a few have such negative feelings about their job that they have the potential to disrupt productivity and bring down co-worker morale. Some may ev...Read More

What Do Professionals Want From Their Career?

What do today's professionals really want from their career? They prefer job satisfaction to a hefty paycheck. They value work-life balance over career advancement. They crave social interaction with peers, as well ...Read More

Tech Autonomy Enhances Business Performance

Since computers first emerged in the workplace, IT departments have been known as gatekeepers … and, in less positive terms, the "Department of No." But a number of factors—including cloud computin...Read More

What Helps—and Hurts—Productivity

Apparently, we can come up with all kinds of excuses for not being productive. For example, we might say, "It's too hot in here." Or "It's hard to focus when I constantly get dragged into meetings." Or "How am I ...Read More

Employee Benefits Are in a State of Flux

The status of employer-provided benefits remains a moving target these days, according to a recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The resulting "2013 Employee Benefits Research Report...Read More

Careless Social Media Postings Can Cost You a Job

You are what you post. At least, that's what a large number of hiring managers think, according to a CareerBuilder survey. They're actively engaging in thorough searches of social media sites to get a sense of ...Read More

Replacing Virtual Connections With Real Ones

Are Americans ready to walk away from their computers, shut down their multiple mobile devices and actually connect with other human beings? In-person? Could be—at least some of the time, according to a r...Read More

Be Prepared for Tough Job Interview Questions

If you think you can write your own job ticket because you're a tech whiz, think again. Many hiring managers understand that superior talent is worthless if the employee has a bad attitude, isn't a team player, has...Read More
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