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5 Career-Crushing Things Employees Say

The majority of employees queried said they've heard a colleague say something that had a catastrophic impact on their career, according to a recent survey from VitalSmarts. In fact, many of the professionals said th...Read More

Why Companies Want Employees to Use Custom Apps

Businesses are greatly increasing efforts to encourage their employees to adopt customized mobile apps, according to a recent survey from Apperian. The "2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report" rev...Read More

How Tech Availability Gaps Hurt Business

The vast majority of IT decision-makers admit that their users have suffered from a technology availability gap, according to a recent survey from Veeam Software. The "2016 Veeam Availability Report: How to C...Read More

How CMOs Are Gearing Up for a Data Explosion

The emergence of big data and other technology disruptions is putting pressure on chief marketing officers (CMOs) to rethink their strategic direction, according to a recent survey from IBM's Institute for B...Read More

12 Tech Companies With the Best Reputations

The technology industry enjoys the best overall reputation of any sector, according to a recent survey from the Harris Poll. The research focuses on what Harris defines as a company's Reputation Quotient (RQ...Read More

The 10 Highest Paying Technology Jobs

By now, it's pretty clear that many companies are willing to offer great salaries for proven tech talent. If you've ever wondered how much you'd command on the market with world-class IT skills and experience, the fol...Read More

Why Mobile Developers Have Great Job Opportunities

The majority of worldwide organizations are planning multiple—if not dozens—of mobile app projects, according to a recent survey from Progress. As a result, the hiring market is booming for mo...Read More

Why Employees Need Better Automation Tools

IT does a good job overall of supplying the business with solutions and incorporating policies that support productivity, but there's still room for improvement, according to a recent survey from Samanage. ...Read More

How Collaborative Tech Transforms Organizations

A notable share of organizations are investing in a broad range of collaborative technologies—a move that is essential for building a comprehensive digital transformation, according...Read More

How Smart Technology Will Shake Up the Workplace

Anticipating that innovative smart technologies will significantly increase companies' revenues over the next five years, the vast majority of organizations are adopting these solutions, according to a r...Read More

Need for In-Demand Tech Skills Continues to Grow

The number of U.S. technology jobs continues to soar, according to a recent research report from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). In ranking specific IT employment categories, applic...Read More

Why So Many Meetings Are a Waste of Time

For U.S. employees, the hours spent discussing work issues with bosses and colleagues—and prepping for those meetings—seems to rival the time spent actually doing their work, according to a survey...Read More

Many IT Pros Ignore Corporate Security Policies

One of the inescapable realities of enterprise cyber-security is that a huge gulf exists between what companies should do to protect their IT systems and data and what actually takes place. A recent researc...Read More

How Flexible Work Policies Can Boost ROI

A majority of global organizations are adopting flexible working policies to allow employees to work when and where they want, using the devices and apps they prefer to work with, according to a recent survey...Read More

Consumers Hit Back When Companies Are Breached

Now that consumers have grudgingly accepted a reality in which the growing array of security and privacy threats in the digital world are an unavoidable part of life, they are using their concerns to seize e...Read More
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