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Why IT Developers Choose the Freelance Life

Experts have described the freelance economy as the "new economic normal." Whether they're called contractors or hired guns, 53 million people are doing freelance work in the United States, and they account for ...Read More

What Successful Chief Digital Officers Do

Today's chief digital officer (CDO) must serve as an indispensable tech expert, informed customer advocate and innovation authority for the organization. Given its multifaceted value, this position is gaining an i...Read More

How the C-Suite & IT Differ on the Tech Talent Gap

When it comes to how extensively tech recruitment and retention problems are impeding organizational success, perspectives diverge somewhat between C-suite executives and IT professionals, according to a re...Read More

The 10 Best-Performing Fantasy Football Sites

We know you're probably taking breaks between IT projects to tinker with your fantasy football lineups. Don't worry. You're in good company: As reported previously, fantasy football now represents a $70 b...Read More

The Top 10 Tech Companies on Social Media

Which technology companies have become the real stars of social media? They include some of the industry's most well-known names and, not surprisingly, the biggest players in the social media space, according...Read More

How to Succeed as an Intrapreneur in Your Company

The vast majority of U.S. employees are convinced that they possess at least some entrepreneurial qualities, and most of them said they can take advantage of these instincts at their job, according to a re...Read More

Why IT Is a Critical Differentiator, Growth Driver

A significant share of mid-market level executives reported that their company's leadership now views technology as a critical differentiator and growth driver, according to a recent survey from Delo...Read More

Learning to Lead Like a Navy SEAL

Do you have what it takes to lead like a Navy SEAL? We're not talking about achieving the physical fitness of a SEAL. We're focusing on the characteristics of SEALs that define true leadership ability. In the book First, ...Read More

10 Must-Read Fall Books for Career Development

When the air starts getting crisp and the leaves turn golden, it's time to hit the books again. But don't worry, we're not suggesting that you go back to college. We're just introducing our fall books list. O...Read More

How to Manage Today's Complex Data Environment

As data volumes swell, the need for robust storage solutions continues to grow. However, devising a strategy for dealing with today's complex data environment is a daunting challenge for companies of all sizes...Read More

12 Questions About Security That Boards Must Ask

With the ever-growing number of data breaches companies face, a corporate board must elevate its presence as a watchdog to ensure enterprisewide accountability in the interest of cyber-security. Toward thi...Read More

Battling Fraud Grows Even More Complex

Enterprise fraud is nothing new, but digital technologies and ubiquitous communications have forever changed the stakes. Not only is it easier to move data and information across computer systems, but fraudulent act...Read More

Companies Struggle to Fill Cyber-Security Jobs

A growing challenge for organizations of all sizes is the need to find and hire cyber-security talent. Rapidly evolving technology and increasingly sophisticated hackers and attackers are putting greater pres...Read More

Is a Visa Expansion the Answer to the Skills Gap?

A significant number of companies are losing revenue due to a lack of available skilled candidates for open job positions, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Computer programmers and emp...Read More

Why Companies Need Better Collaboration Tools

The vast majority of business leaders said their organization would greatly benefit if their employees could work more flexibly and collaboratively, according to a recent survey from Google...Read More
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