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Cyber-Espionage and Ransomware Attacks Soar

Malware continues to be a major factor in cyber-crime, and a growing volume contains ransomware. That's among the key findings of the 10th annual "Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report," which is based...Read More

Follow These 10 Steps Before Sending Your Résumé

You get only one opportunity to make a good first impression. When applying for a job opening, you often make that initial impression with your résumé. While you may think you have put togeth...Read More

How Data Issues Can Stall Digital Transformations

The majority of companies have the data they need to pursue a digital transformation, but very few of them are effectively leveraging that data to ensure successful outcomes, according to a recent su...Read More

Risky Business Is the New Normal

The arms war between hackers and the business world continues to escalate. Although security tools and methods have improved dramatically over the last few years, cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, and ...Read More

Are SMBs at Risk by Neglecting Cyber-Security?

At a time when small and midsize businesses have access to technologies that allow them to compete with much larger rivals, there is one critical area of modern business in which they simply have not kept up:...Read More

Best Cities for IT Salaries and Cost of Living

It's great to get a six-figure salary offer. But in terms of your ability to afford a comfortable lifestyle and even save money, your overall compensation accounts for only part of the equation. The other pri...Read More

Security Issues Place More Pressure on IT Pros

As organizations wade deeper into digital technology, the pressure grows on IT and security professionals to keep systems up and running. What's more, as budgets shrink and the time required to manage and mai...Read More

How to Improve Content Delivery to Your Customers

While IT and other departments are fully committed to content initiatives, they admit that they're falling behind in adopting the latest in content delivery technologies to b...Read More

Some Employee Behaviors Create Business Risks

A majority of workers said their employers have not come up with written policies about data retention, social media or the personal use of work devices—or they are unaware of such policies if they...Read More

Tech Issues Contribute to Employee Unhappiness

A significant segment of professionals are either unhappy or only somewhat happy at work, according to a recent survey from Teem. The resulting "2016 Employee Happiness" report reveals that technology-re...Read More

Why Digital Transformation Is Good Business

The vast majority of companies are investing in digital transformation projects, or they're planning to do so, according to a recent survey from Fujitsu. The accompanying "Global Digital Transformation Survey...Read More

Why the RAD Concept Is Taking Off

In the 1980s, the term, "rad," meant "radical" in a cool sort of way. Today, it still means radical and cool, but these descriptions now refer to the technological concept of rapid application development (RAD), w...Read More

IT Pros Are Stressed but Committed to Their Career

The vast majority of technology professionals feel stressed at work, according to a recent survey from Spiceworks. The accompanying report, "Who Is the IT Pro?" presents a variety of findings about tech e...Read More

DevOps Teams Share Tech Tools, but Not Knowledge

A recent survey from Atlassian and xMatters presents a mixed bag of findings about the performance of today's DevOps teams. On the positive side, the resulting "XMatters Atlassian DevOps Maturity" repo...Read More

Cyber-Crime, Vulnerabilities and Spam Skyrocket

Data breaches skyrocketed in 2016, when cyber-attackers stole more than 4 billion records— exceeding the combined total from the two prior years. That alarming statistic comes from IBM's "X-Force Threa...Read More
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