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Bad Hires Are a Drain on the Bottom Line

Let's face it: It's painful to work with new hires who aren't working out. They miss deadlines. They produce sloppy work. They often seem to pack 10 pounds of negative attitude in a five-pound bag. And guess what?...Read More

More Employees Are Getting Promotions and Raises

More organizations are recognizing the efforts of valuable employees by promoting more of them and offering them a boost in pay, according to a recent survey from WorldatWork. The findings appear to reverse...Read More

Job Seekers Don't Leverage Recruitment Resources

There's a lot more to job hunting these days than there was in the past. Several years ago, it was fine to simply email a résumé to a potential employer and send a courtesy follow-up note a week lat...Read More

IT and Business Execs Differ on Cloud Advantages

The cloud has established itself as a valid, value-enhancing computing option rather than just another techno buzzword. Four out of every five new commercial enterprise applications are deployed on cloud...Read More

How to Succeed: Advice From a "Girl's Guide"

We know that most of you are "IT guys." And judging from the attendee representation at tech conferences we've gone to over the years, we don't think the gender balance within the industry is going to balance out anytim...Read More

Smartphone Addiction Is Rampant in Gen Y

For Generation Y, the smartphone might as well be considered a physical appendage. That's because—other than when these individuals are asleep—there seems to be little or no time when they're not connecting...Read More

Ten Game-Changing Tech Trends for 2013

This is the time of year when an abundance of predictions lists come out. Some stand out from the crowd, including the following 10 predictions from the IEEE Computer Society, a respected community for technology lea...Read More

Companies Struggle to Staff for Tech Innovation

Through 2020, IT jobs in areas such as business analytics, cloud and social business are projected to grow by 22 percent in the United States. However, some organizations lag far behind others when it comes...Read More

IT Hiring Market Heats Up for 2013

IT professionals may find themselves sitting in the driver's seat when it comes to the job market. The vast majority of hiring managers say they expect to increase tech staffing over the next six months, with many indicating ...Read More

Little-Known Facts About Ten Legendary IT Firms

If you're looking to impress people by the water cooler or at your next office party, you can casually mention some of these little-known facts about well-known technology companies. Sure, they don't speak t...Read More

Year in Review: 12 Memorable Tech Events of 2012

Twitter commands the world’s attention during the NFL’s biggest game. Google ruffles the feathers of users with a revamped privacy policy. Facebook prompts a trading frenzy when it goes public. T...Read More

IT Is Out of the Loop on Key Business Functions

Financially successful organizations involve IT with multiple aspects of the business process, such as product innovation and customer analysis. But only a minority of companies worldwide actually do this, ...Read More

Tablets Are Changing How Employees Work

The last few years have unleashed enormous changes on the enterprise in general and on IT departments in particular. But nowhere is this change more obvious than in the use of tablet computers, particularly the iPad. Th...Read More

Ten More Great Tech Companies for Workers

In yesterday's slideshow, we revealed the 10 best tech companies to work for, as ranked by Glassdoor, a jobs and career community. But why stop there, when the organizations ranked 11th through 20th also receive glowin...Read More

The Ten Best Tech Companies For Workers

They're high-flying technology businesses that hire smart, hardworking people and give them the autonomy they need to make a difference. They care about their employees, demonstrating a significant degree of professional...Read More
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