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10 Leadership Mistakes

Just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing -- and your employees can tell when you’re faking it. “Real leadership equity is only earned, not bestowed,” says John Hamm, author of the book Unus...Read More

Job Prospects Brighten for College Graduates

Organizations are more inclined to hire college graduates this year than in the recent past – but the grads have to be careful not to blow the opportunity. Like the rest of the workforce, college graduates ha...Read More

Open Source's Greatest Hits

See also: 40 Fast Facts on Linux Viva Software Libre! Oracle’s announcement that it would give up control of was a big win for open-source software – or, really, recognition of a victory the open-source commun...Read More

Spring Books for IT Leaders

Springtime brings a bevy of new of books for current and aspiring IT and business leaders. But this time around there’s more than your usual run of academic works by wonky types—the season’s new releases include a strikin...Read More

Green Drives Growth and Innovation

Sustainability policies are meant to save on costs, but they might also make a positive impact upon innovation and brand reputation. A majority of companies have come up with formal gameplans for going green, according t...Read More

Where Your Job Will Be Outsourced

The geography of IT outsourcing is shifting rapidly. Yes, the usual suspects – India, China and Malaysia -- remain at the top of the list for job exports. But upstarts like Egypt, Mexico and even Estonia are emerging as...Read More

Seven Ways to Bust Your IT Budget

Companies overspent by more than $207 billion on technology and telecom purchases last year, according to NPI, a consulting firm specializing in the management of IT spending. Many enterprises were dealing with budgets t...Read More

Office Bullies Make Work Hard

If you think bullying ends on the playground, think again. Many workers say bullying is a part of office culture, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. We’re not talking about wedgies in the breakroom, but non-physical ...Read More

Six Ways to Make Better Decisions

Making decisions is hard. Making decisions as a group is really hard. So it helps to have a viable decision-making process, especially when the results of your deliberations have an impact on the bottom line – and mayb...Read More

Why Projects Fail and How to Rescue Them

Failed projects are costly, so a sound project recovery strategy can pay off handsomely. A new study from project management firm PM Solutions, “Strategies for Project Recovery,” says the average American com...Read More

Bad Manners and Bad Applications Costly in Job Search

See also Job Interview Blunders You thought your job interview went well, but you didn’t get the position. What happened? It could be your manners, or lack of them, says a survey from CareerBuilder. ...Read More

Hackers Target Mobile Devices

Attacks targeting mobile devices are on the rise, and the overall threat environment grew yet more hostile in 2010, says Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 16. “Cell phones are coming into your work enviro...Read More

10 Hot Business Technologies

A Deloitte Consulting report, “Tech Trends 2011: The Natural Convergence of Business and IT,” includes a list of “disruptive and emerging technologies” that are expected to play important roles in business through the ...Read More

The Return of Worker Turnover

Employers beware—your workers are confident that they can find jobs elsewhere, and turnover rates may be about to increase. A survey from shows growing confidence about the job market, even as companies cont...Read More

Securing and Supporting Tablet Computers

See also: iPad Goes Corporate Is your company ready to manage tablet computers? The promise of these devices is huge, but so too is their potential to cause headaches. Maintaining security and making sure sensitive...Read More
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