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Ten Ways to Tame Mobile Madness

Do you ever get the feeling that your mobile devices own you, instead of the other way around? Do you sense that the constant addition of gadgets and apps into your life has made your ability to manage time more challenging, in...Read More

Don't Let Poor Business Writing Kill Your Career

Regardless of your job, it's important to know how to communicate effectively in all types of business documents—and that includes using the proper grammar, word usage, style consistency, etc. As indicated ...Read More

Workforce Preview: What to Expect From Gen Z

Some of them aren't old enough to drive yet, but you shouldn't overlook the inevitable influx of Gen Z workers within the next several years. Currently between the ages of 13 and 18, these future professionals ...Read More

Nine BYOD Mistakes that Drive IT and Users Crazy

Some 1.2 billion smartphones will enter the market over the next five years, industry research shows, promising to further empower today's mobile BYOD (bring your own device) generation. In fact, mobile applica...Read More

Ten Quotes That Will Inspire Your Inner Leader

Lots of leadership experts talk a big game, yet many of the motivational quotes that are getting a lot of the social media attention fail to deliver. But wouldn't you jump at a chance to take in short nuggets of w...Read More

Ten Sci-Fi Quotes for 'Techies' to Live By

In a recent Baseline slideshow, we played a little game of "What if ...?" and imagined how some famous science fiction characters would function if they were your co-workers. (The verdict: It wouldn't be as weird as you...Read More

Mobile Users Can't Function Without Their Apps

How useless would you be without your mobile apps? Would you be able to find your way from home to work? Could you somehow maintain a relationship with your significant other? Would you be able to work at all? Bel...Read More

Business Users Push Firms Toward the Cloud

Five years ago, managers and staff outside IT knew very little about the cloud. Today, however, they have far greater influence on how a company will adopt cloud computing, according to a  survey from...Read More

Mobile and Consumer Tech Benefits Companies

Although consumer and mobile technologies in the enterprise aren't a new concept, organizations are now turning to these tools in a far more enthusiastic and strategic way, according to a new study from business tec...Read More

Managers Say Employees Lack Critical Skills

Remember how much time you spent in school going over the "Three Rs": reading, writing and 'rithmetic? Or memorizing all the state capitals? Or otherwise investing countless hours on fairly rote tasks? You may ...Read More

Benefits and Risks of Office Dating

Is office dating "no big deal," or is it too risky, given that a relationship gone sour can lead to a negative workplace situation—or even legal fallout? Regardless of the possible outcomes, a significant number ...Read More

Security Careers Offer Opportunities, Challenges

It's a good time to be an IT security professional. Threats are rampant and come from a variety of sources, making security skill sets a sought-after commodity, and pushing IT security compensation upward. Of co...Read More

Big Data Analytics Provides a Financial Edge

From now through 2020, the digital universe will double every two years, according to research from IDC. By then, the total amount of digital data will equal 40,000 exabytes. To put that into context, a s...Read More

Nine Signs That Your Star Employee Plans to Leave

One-quarter of workers plan to change jobs this year or next, according to research from CareerBuilder. When those employees are designated office "stars," their loss hurts both your department and the ov...Read More

Employers Conflicted on 2013 Hiring Strategies

Overall, U.S. organizations plan to boost staffing this year, according to a recent survey from Yoh, a workforce-solutions company. But many executives express reservations about a number of headwinds out t...Read More
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