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Enterprise Mobility Raises Concerns and Challenges

The widespread adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise has unleashed productivity gains and cost savings that couldn't have been envisioned only a few years ago. However, these devices have also gen...Read More

Would 'Breaking Bad' Characters Work Well in IT?

This week, we said goodbye to Breaking Bad, as the TV show's long-anticipated finale aired. It seems unconventional to build an entire TV series around a “hero” who’s diagnosed with lung...Read More

Professionals Can't Escape the Work Vortex

IT professionals are increasingly being swept into what can only be described as a "work vortex": a never-ending cycle of time-consuming, always-increasing tasks and responsibilities that are paired with ever-shri...Read More

Companies Can't Take Control of Big Data

Organizations believe that big data will be "very important" to business in 2014, but they acknowledge that they're struggling to take command of this technology, according to a recently released survey f...Read More

How Not to Write a Résumé—If You Want the Job

A résumé represents the very first impression you'll make on a potential employer. So why do so many job applicants get this part of the process wrong? We asked this—as we're sure you will t...Read More

Workers Struggle to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Do you remember when off-hours were off limits for work? We don't either. And neither do a lot of other people, according to a recent survey from the American Psychological Association's Center for Organi...Read More

How to Cope With Toxic Co-Workers

You will undoubtedly encounter a parade of extremely, ahem, challenging co-workers throughout your professional career. There's the backstabber in the corner cubicle, closely watching over everyone else's performance so h...Read More

Tips for Using Social Media to Advance Your Career

It really is a great time to pursue an IT career, especially if you're comfortable with two rules: First and foremost, you are responsible for your success. Companies can provide training and support, but...Read More

Half of All Job Candidates Don't Negotiate Pay

If you're like nearly one-half of job candidates out there, you're literally leaving money on the table when you get hired. That's because a notable number of employers say they're willing to negotiate on that...Read More

Execs Say IT Is Too Slow to Deliver on Mobile

A growing number of enterprises are in a hurry to move into customer-benefiting mobile initiatives. However, many top business decision-makers feel that IT can't respond rapidly enough to accommodate the swif...Read More

How to Find a Sponsor to Fast-Track Your Career

He's not your buddy, and he's not your boss. He's not even someone you work with on a daily basis. However, he could very well have a more positive influence on your career than any of those colleagues. He (...Read More

Ten Excuses for Taking an Extra Day Off

Apparently, the classic can-do American spirit applies to employees who want an extra day off. In fact, some are willing to try almost anything to get some additional time away from the office. At least, that's the ...Read More

Ten Ways You Can Lose a Job Promotion

Even if you're a star performer, that doesn't mean you're a lock for a promotion. There are a number of behaviors that will red-flag an employee's suitability for advancement, according to a recent survey from CareerB...Read More

Being an 'Intrapreneur' Is Good for Your Career

What can you do when you feel stuck in your current job? Try unsticking yourself by taking advantage of a workplace trend that's transforming employees into "intrapreneurs": people who behave like entrepreneur...Read More

Organizations Face Hurdles Deploying Clouds

These are heady days for the cloud, according to a recent survey from TheInfoPro/451 Research Market Monitor. There's considerable interest among organizations in launching internal cloud resources, as w...Read More
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