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Eight Reasons Why Websites Fail on Mobile Devices

In 1964, Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communications theory, came up with a simple yet memorable phrase: "The medium is the message." At the time, his words spoke of the need for news and e...Read More

What People Fear the Most About Technology

Technology can be scary. For proof, look no further than the following six biggest fears about our gadgets, apps and cyber-space, compiled by Modis, an IT staffing firm. Some of these fears are plucked right from th...Read More

Top IT Organizations Meet Business Expectations

What difference does a high-performing technology organization make? A lot! In fact, enterprises with world-class IT meet ROI expectations at twice the rate of other companies, and they spend 15 percen...Read More

How to 'Re-Recruit' Your Most Valuable Employees

Whether you're a manager or a team leader, you need to retain strong contributors to foster lasting success. Retention is particularly important now that the job market is on the rebound, and you can ex...Read More

Vital Lessons for Job Candidates and Employers

Thanks to social media, mobility and the shifting economy, the rules of job searching seem to change every day—and the same goes for managers who must search for and interview promising candidates. With...Read More

Business Must Address Big Data Knowledge Gaps

Think of big data as tidal wave that has only begun to crash. A majority of worldwide executives say the effective analysis of corporate data is important, and this sentiment will dramatically incre...Read More

Companies Offering Top Pay for Software Engineers

Have you ever wondered which companies pay the highest salaries for software engineers? If you guessed Google or Apple, you'd be wrong. Both of those big-time players did make the following top 10 list for...Read More

Social Media Gives Companies Positive ROI

Innovative companies are flocking to social media as if it were some kind of superpower. Unlike a comic book hero, however, social media provides very real benefits. Many U.S. companies are getting tangible, ...Read More

Nine Disruptive Trends Shaping Business and IT

There's no doubt that the business world has entered an era of unmatched disruption. New technologies—and new ways that technologies intersect—have created both opportunity and risks for org...Read More

Why IT Pros Think They're Better Than the Boss

Who's in charge? That's a good question in IT departments, as a recent survey from TEKsystems reveals that a majority of tech professionals feel they can do a better job than their bosses. Specifically, they thin...Read More

How to Create Perfect Professional Tweets

Isn't it amazing how much knowledge can be imparted in 140 characters? That space limitation obviously applies to Twitter. Launched in July 2006, the site now commands more than 200 million monthly active use...Read More

12 Ways to Stand Out at Work

Here's a not-so-well-kept secret about work: It's too easy to sink into the abyss of anonymity. Some people prefer this because they think it's the best way to hold on to a job—by not making waves. But experts say those ...Read More

Avoiding Data Center Downtime

According to the "2013 Study on Data Center Outages," a recently released study conducted by Ponemon Institute for Emerson Network Power, outages present a difficult and costly challenge for organizations. In fact, dat...Read More

C-Suite Execs Resist the Digital Transformation

Too many organizations are not pursuing a digital transformation, calling into question their ability to survive for the long haul, according to a recent survey from Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Sl...Read More

How Employees Waste Time in the Office

You might think that most employees have minimal downtime to fritter away, but they could have more time on their hands than they're letting on, according to the following survey findings. Apparently, some profession...Read More
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