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Workplace Books That Can Help You Be Successful

Do you think you have a handle on disruptive technologies? Are you ready for a working environment in which women will start dominating in both rank-and-file and managerial roles? Can you master not only wha...Read More

What Women Professionals Want From Their Jobs

So what do women really want at work? They seek recognition for work well done. They value finding personal fulfillment in their day-to-day tasks. And, hey, tossing more compensation and an occasional promotion int...Read More

Ten Must-Have Tech Gifts for the Holidays

If you want a crack at getting any of these tech gifts for the holidays, you better hope you end up on Santa's "nice" list. These products made a recent top 10 list of buzz-worthy tech products compiled by HighBeam Resear...Read More

Ten True Confessions of Telecommuters

If you've ever wondered what your telecommuting colleagues are really doing when they're working at home on the company clock, then consider the following findings from a recent survey from TeamViewer. Yes, a large percent...Read More

Employee Engagement Is (Finally) on the Upswing

If the economy really is on the rebound, then senior managers will have to pay heed to the level of employee engagement within their organizations. Fortunately, that level appears to be on the upswing, accordi...Read More

Bad References Can Keep You From a Great Job

When applying for a job, how good are your references? References must be taken seriously, as they influence the hiring decisions of a vast majority of employers, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. Unf...Read More

Workers Can't (or Won't) Escape From Their eMail

Do you sometimes feel as if you're perpetually buried inside your inbox? Join the club. Despite the massive popularity of social media, we spend a staggering amount of hours sorting, reading and ...Read More

Don't Jeopardize Your Job at the Holiday Party

Is your company having a holiday party? Then count your blessings because more than half of organizations are ditching the holiday event this year, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam. In many cases, that ...Read More

Ten Ways to Induce Management to Adopt the Cloud

Is your company still on the fence when it comes to launching a cloud computing strategy? If so, you know that the cloud is a technology model that practically guarantees greater ease-of-tech deployment,...Read More

Professionals Are Swamped With Spam Texts

With well over half the population texting on their mobile devices, you can understand why spammers are having a field day. Yes, these would be the same pests who flood your email inbox with offers for cheap loans, dr...Read More

Ten Ways to Disarm Angry Customers

In this age in which so many people post virtually everything about their experiences on social media, good customer service matters more than ever. After all, research indicates that customers are five times more likely to share...Read More

A Q&A About Holiday Gift-Giving in the Office

Office gift-giving is a fine way to spread cheer during the holiday season, but it can also lead to showboating on the part of lavish spenders; hurt feelings among those who feel left out; and anxiety for profe...Read More

Ten Differences Between Star Employees and Duds

Have you ever wondered what separates company stars from office duds? (We're pretty sure you've worked with both at some point in your career.) In the book The Young Professional's Guide to the Working World: Sa...Read More

How Social Media's 10 Cs Can Change Your Business

Remember when employees got fired for posting content and photos on social media? Such incidents now seem like a relic from a different age. Today, executive leaders within all segments of industry are tryi...Read More

Midsize Companies Struggle With Tech Challenges

Midsize businesses are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, according to a recent survey from SWC Technology Partners. The resulting report, the "2012 Technolog...Read More
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