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Business Doesn't Take Advantage of Telecommuting

Teleworking sounds like a win-win. It saves companies on expenses such as office space, equipment and supplies. And, because the average daily roundtrip commute covers 32 miles and takes an hour, it saves e...Read More

Ten Ways to Live in Peace With Your Co-Workers

Ever get the feeling that office employees have less personal space than ever? If so, you'd be correct. The average worker is allotted 75 square feet now, compared to 90 square feet in 1994, industry research show...Read More

Companies Struggle to Leverage Social Media

Today's organizations are either slow to recognize the influence of social media on their reputation, or they don't know how to take full advantage of it. Either way, this lack is hurting them in the competitive...Read More

Closing the Mobile Security Gap

Malware concerns are mounting as organizations put mobile technology at the center of their enterprise computing strategy. Blue Coat Security Lab recently examined the mobile threat landscape and studied more than 75 million us...Read More

Technology Workers Got Big Raises in 2012

Average salaries for technology professionals increased by 5 percent in 2012—the biggest jump in more than a decade, according to the "2013-2012 Salary Survey" from Dice . For the first time, highly experienced ...Read More

Eight Things Your CEO Is Thinking About Now

They acknowledge that they're struggling with talent shortages, and they believe the U.S. government needs to get more involved with helping out. They also acknowledge that they could be doing more to support diversity ...Read More

Job Interviews: Love at First Sight?

Do you believe in a love at first sight? As the song goes, we're sure that it "happens all the time." And that apparently includes during job interviews, according to recent research from Ipsos and HireVue. But we're not talk...Read More

Firms Scramble to Improve the Customer Experience

In the social media age, organizations are gaining an increasing awareness of and appreciation for the importance of their customers. As a result, these businesses are pursuing newer and better tech tools to unders...Read More

More Creative Job Perks Help Morale and Retention

Significant shares of workers say they value special perks as a way to convince them to stay with their current employer, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. While most employees value meanin...Read More

Ten Ways to Instantly Boost Your Creative IQ

When you're in the middle of a creative challenge, do you often find yourself staring blankly at an empty computer screen? Or leaping to take part in something—anything—that distracts you from the per...Read More

Ten Ways to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

We all know that a certain amount of stress comes with the territory, but an excess will cause a range of mental and physical ailments, according to experts. These illnesses can include headaches, body aches, bre...Read More

Do Your Co-workers Resemble Sci-Fi Characters?

In a recent story on, we reported that Star Wars and Star Trek remain at the top of IT professionals' list of all-time great science fiction movies and television shows. Also popular are Alien, X...Read More

Why the Traditional Office Will Survive

If you believe what some tech prognosticators say, you'd think that we'd all be either working at home or at a local coffee shop within, say, three to five years. Why not? It would save workers a lot of time, given ...Read More

Five Cover Letter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Admit it: You struggle when writing cover letters. That's OK. Everybody does. After all, what's more challenging than to stare at an empty computer screen and attempt to convince an employer to hire you? R&eacut...Read More

Website Security Becomes More Challenging

The convenience of gathering information and shopping online is rapidly turning into a nightmare. These days, every click puts consumers and businesses at risk for increasingly sophisticated malware and other threats....Read More
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