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Ten Predictions About the IT-HR Partnership

IT departments will play a leading role in transforming human resources organizations in 2014, helping to elevate the status of traditionally process-driven personnel professionals to strategic talent mana...Read More

Ten Signs You're Addicted to Your Mobile Devices

We often joke that we can't live without our smartphones, tablets and laptops, and that we need connectivity as much as we need food and drink. But that sentiment stops being funny when our dependency crosse...Read More

Business Is Slow to Invest in Big Data Tools

While the vast majority of global companies understand the significance of big data, comparatively few are actually investing in the analytics tools necessary to maximize its value, according to a re...Read More

Ten New Year's Resolutions for IT Pros

Tired of the same old New Year's resolutions? Then consider the following suggestions designed for IT professionals who want to go beyond the standard "lose weight, exercise more" promises they've made every yea...Read More

Reliving the Biggest Online Outages of 2013

How significant were the biggest Internet outages of 2013? Well, they were damaging enough to bring to a standstill a major U.S. government initiative, the world's financial markets, and cloud servic...Read More

Ten Mobility Trends Shaping the Enterprise

It would be an understatement to say that mobility is changing the enterprise. The reality is that this technology is redefining business and IT in profound and permanent ways. But it isn't only smartphones and tablets that are driving all the disruption. An array of...Read More

New Year's Resolutions to Reduce Business Risks

IT and cyber-security professionals will face an abundance of perplexing challenges this year. For one thing, big data threatens to overwhelm the enterprise. For another, highly skilled hacktivists are gunni...Read More

Robust Tech Job Market Forecast for 2014

Technology professionals with in-demand skills will be well-positioned to negotiate for higher pay and other benefits in 2014, according to a recent survey from Companies are planning to significantly inc...Read More

Are Professionals Ready for Wearable Tech?

The wearable tech market is expected to expand from $1.4 billion this year to $19 billion by 2018, according to Juniper Research. But is it really ready to take off? A recent survey from Harris Interactive&mdas...Read More

Work-Life Balance Is Definitely Not Balanced

Do you ever feel that you spend too many of your waking hours working? That's a legitimate concern, according to a recent survey from Harris Interactive. Americans today spend far more time on work tasks (...Read More

All Systems Are a Go for Mobility Projects

Organizations will aggressively pursue mobility initiatives for the indefinite future, according to a recent survey from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. The resulting report, "The Global State of Enterprise Mo...Read More

Employee Engagement Is on the Upswing

A recent survey on employee engagement presents very encouraging results: Employee disengagement is at its lowest level in six years, according to the findings from Modern Survey. And certain key drivers—s...Read More

Nine Compelling Predictions About Innovation

With the technology investment picture improving, many business and IT leaders wonder if 2014 will emerge as a defining year for innovation. While that is certainly possible, organizations must make major ch...Read More

IT Pros Are Refueling Their Ambitions for 2014

At the end of the year, many professionals start reflecting on how their career has progressed, and IT workers are no exception. In a recent survey from TEKsystems, a large number of technology workers expres...Read More

Workers Choose the Ten Best Tech Employers

If you thought social media was taking over the world, then the following Glassdoor list of the best tech companies to work for should only confirm this impression: The top three slots are taken by some of the mo...Read More
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