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Workers Use Mobile Devices to Search for Jobs

Hey, Corporate America, we're going to let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret. We know you're hard-pressed to hire IT workers and other professionals these days. But do you realize that the vast majority of these...Read More

Ten Smart Things Great Organizations Do

They are among the most respected organizations in finance, consulting services, health care and legal: Goldman Sachs, the Capital Group, McKinsey & Co., the Mayo Clinic and Cravath, Swaine & Moore. The rec...Read More

Ten Ways to Manage Projects Successfully

It can be overwhelming to oversee a major IT project. In fact, only three out of 10 such initiatives are considered successful, according to research from The Standish Group. Of the rest, one-quarter are decl...Read More

Talent Shortage Puts IT Pros in Great Position

While the situation isn't as dramatic as it's been in recent years, U.S. employers are still facing tremendous challenges in talent recruitment, according to a recently released survey from ManpowerGroup. And IT p...Read More

Cloud's Benefits Outweigh Perceived Negatives

Organizations will continue to migrate tech infrastructure and services to the cloud, with the private cloud clearly remaining the preferred choice, according to a recent survey conducted by Palmer Research ...Read More

IT Pros Say Professional Pride Offsets Job Stress

Tech workers realize that their jobs can be very stressful, as many are expected to be available to their organizations 24/7. But a large majority of them say that it’s all worthwhile because they take a ...Read More

Workers Get Pushback for Using Social Tools

A significant number of professionals worldwide feel that social media makes them more productive. Yet, they are constantly getting pushback from managers for using these tools, according to a recent survey cond...Read More

Firms Are Out of Sync on IT-Business Integration

Organizations are struggling to establish a fully integrated, connected enterprise, according to a survey recently released by Scribe Software. Without this, they're inviting a host of issues that could ne...Read More

Use of Social Collaboration Is Widespread

Companies are seeking greater opportunities to use social collaboration tools, according to a recent survey from Avanade. This follows a surge of interest in enterprise collaboration in general, which is now a $42...Read More

Top Killers of Office Productivity

Despite indications that telecommuting is gaining steam, the traditional office setting remains alive and well, according to a recent "Office Workplace Productivity" study from Actually, a majority of profession...Read More

Why the Public Cloud Is Driving IT Pros Crazy

IT professionals are getting anxious about cloud sprawl, according to a recent survey from PMG. So what exactly is that? PMG defines cloud sprawl as "a situation created by the rapidly increasing use of pub...Read More

Eight Great Apps for Job Hunting

If you're looking for a job in the technology field, it makes sense to give yourself as much of a competitive advantage as you can get. Therefore, to ensure that you're equipped with the very best tools to help you land that pe...Read More

2013's Top Ten In-Demand Technology Skills

How does the sound of competing job offers—along with multiple salary and benefits proposals—sound to you? And what about the chance to negotiate for flex hours and an extra week of vacation? This is hardly...Read More

Companies Don't Meet Employee Job Expectations

Did you ever feel like you were sold a bill of goods during a job interview when, after joining the company, you discovered that reality didn't remotely resemble expectations? It's a common scenario, and, unf...Read More

Mobile Security: Myths Vs. Reality

Mobility has rapidly moved into the mainstream of the enterprise and changed IT and business processes in profound ways. Today, it's next to impossible to find an organization that doesn't incorporate at least some mobile dev...Read More
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