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Big Data Success: It's a Matter of Trust

By now, it has become obvious that data is the fuel for the digital age. But harnessing all the data and putting it to full use remains a monumental and vexing challenge. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently exami...Read More

Job Candidates Must Answer Odd Interview Questions

We're sure you've occasionally been caught off-guard by a surprising job interview question. But have you ever been grilled about your origami acumen? Or the design of a tennis ball? Or your idea of a per...Read More

Workers' Job Satisfaction Levels Plummet

Workers are growing increasingly unhappy at their jobs, and many plan to change employers sometime in 2014, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. This morale plunge can be attributed largely to a lack of ...Read More

Software Audits Consume Time and Resources

Beware of the dreaded software audit: Preparing for one seems to take forever, and the process of conducting the audit takes even longer, according to a recent survey from Express Metrix. What's more, a sig...Read More

IT Pros Are Dissatisfied With Their Compensation

After the abundance of layoffs and salary freezes during the recent recession, you'd think that technology professionals would be thrilled with any kind of bump-up in their compensation. But think again: Wh...Read More

Confronting the Enterprise Security Gap

Enforcing security policies is a growing challenge for organizations, particularly as they adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and their employees rely more heavily on consumer devices. Moreover, these g...Read More

Career Lessons From Peyton Manning

When he takes to the field on Super Bowl Sunday, probable Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning will cap off a season that could be considered the best of any football player in history. It’s even more impressive...Read More

Surprising Facts About Mobility and BYOD

Within a few years, young employees moving from college to the workplace will approach their more mature colleagues and ask, "Was there really a time when our company actually bought computers and mobile devices f...Read More

IT Salaries Will Remain Flat for 2014

IT professionals have yet to see significant salary increases, even with the economy on the rebound, according to a recently released annual survey report from Janco Associates and There have been...Read More

IT Pros Want Training on Cloud, Mobility, Security

A "state of the IT worker" survey from ScienceLogic contains mostly good news: Information technology employees expect that their organizations will spend more money on IT initiatives in 2014. They ...Read More

Strategies for Developing Successful Leaders

The pressures of running a business, maximizing information technology and managing a diverse workforce have never been greater. Executives face a wide-ranging array of challenges, including growing top-l...Read More

How to Ace a Virtual Job Interview

If you haven't participated in a virtual job interview yet, it may be only a matter of time before you do. More than one-third of all business communications in the United States take place via Skype as the primary means...Read More

Project Management Trends Present New Challenges

Cutthroat competition, performance disasters and a "prove it" mentality will increase pressure on project management leaders and teams in 2014. Why now? Because too many projects have been expens...Read More

Mobility Forecast: Apps, Sensors and Security

As mobile devices and apps become ubiquitous, they promise to factor into virtually every aspect of our lives, according to a 2014 trends forecast from Ericsson's ConsumerLab. In fact, from a historical perspec...Read More

IT Spending Forecast: Modest Rebound in 2014

After a fairly flat 2013, global IT spending is expected to increase slightly this year, according to a recent forecast from Gartner. The overall technology market will grow more than 3 percent in 2014, after muddl...Read More
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