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Why Interest in Wearable Tech Is Growing

Not that long ago, if you had suggested to your colleagues that your company should invest in wearable technology, you probably would have gotten a collective blank stare as a response—or maybe a grunted "...Read More

Smart—and Not So Smart—Job Interview Questions

It's perfectly acceptable—and even recommended—to ask questions during a job interview. Good employers want prospective hires to know about the company culture, the position's demands and expectatio...Read More

How Digital Strategies Create Network Challenges

As organizations expand their digital plans—often with highly ambitious goals—there's more pressure on IT departments to ensure that the network can support those efforts, according to a 2015...Read More

The Top 10 IT Jobs for Salary Growth in 2016

Are you looking to get a big boost in compensation next year? If so, you'll want to check out the "2016 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals" from Robert Half Technology. The guide indicates that salaries ...Read More

How IT Is Improving the Customer Experience

The vast majority of companies are increasing their investment in customer-focused technology, according to a survey from Glance Networks. From the top organizational levels to the rank-and-file, a groundswell of de...Read More

Innovation Affects How Consumers View Your Brand

While the general public feels that innovation is essential, most people asked said that these advances are happening too quickly, according to a recent survey from Edelman. The resulting "Innovation and...Read More

Why Job Satisfaction Is a Work in Progress

Slightly less than half of U.S. workers are happy on the job, according to a recent survey from the Conference Board. While that figure represents a slight increase for the fourth consecutive year, the research r...Read More

How Immature Behavior Can Sink Your Career

The majority of employees surveyed said they've witnessed childish behavior in the office—including whining, mocking and the forming of high school-level cliques—according to a recent survey from Care...Read More

Business Can't Keep Up With Shifting Cyber-Threats

Coping with data breaches is a daunting task, and the problem keeps getting worse. A recently released study conducted by Gemalto (formerly SafeNet), found that hackers are continuing to bypass convention...Read More

10 Technologies Foretold by Books, Film and TV

We often immerse ourselves in a book, movie or TV show to escape reality. But many of the greatest and/or most popular works of literature and entertainment have been harbingers of the innovations that domi...Read More

How Budgets & Corporate Culture Stifle Innovation

While most organizations have incorporated innovation into their must-do agenda for at least a couple of years now, very few of them are devoting more than a slim fraction of their budget to these initiat...Read More

Why Employees Feel Positive About Their Job

A clear majority of workers are satisfied with their jobs and are motivated to do their best for their employer, according to a recent survey from the American Psychological Association. The accompanying "Work-L...Read More

How Companies Are Pursuing Innovation

The vast majority of U.S. executives surveyed said their company is leveraging innovation to stay ahead of the competition, according to a recent survey from NineSigma. Most of these executives expect their organiz...Read More

Why IT Developers Choose the Freelance Life

Experts have described the freelance economy as the "new economic normal." Whether they're called contractors or hired guns, 53 million people are doing freelance work in the United States, and they account for ...Read More

What Successful Chief Digital Officers Do

Today's chief digital officer (CDO) must serve as an indispensable tech expert, informed customer advocate and innovation authority for the organization. Given its multifaceted value, this position is gaining an i...Read More
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