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Work-Life Balance Is Definitely Not Balanced

Do you ever feel that you spend too many of your waking hours working? That's a legitimate concern, according to a recent survey from Harris Interactive. Americans today spend far more time on work tasks (...Read More

All Systems Are a Go for Mobility Projects

Organizations will aggressively pursue mobility initiatives for the indefinite future, according to a recent survey from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. The resulting report, "The Global State of Enterprise Mo...Read More

Employee Engagement Is on the Upswing

A recent survey on employee engagement presents very encouraging results: Employee disengagement is at its lowest level in six years, according to the findings from Modern Survey. And certain key drivers—s...Read More

Nine Compelling Predictions About Innovation

With the technology investment picture improving, many business and IT leaders wonder if 2014 will emerge as a defining year for innovation. While that is certainly possible, organizations must make major ch...Read More

IT Pros Are Refueling Their Ambitions for 2014

At the end of the year, many professionals start reflecting on how their career has progressed, and IT workers are no exception. In a recent survey from TEKsystems, a large number of technology workers expres...Read More

Workers Choose the Ten Best Tech Employers

If you thought social media was taking over the world, then the following Glassdoor list of the best tech companies to work for should only confirm this impression: The top three slots are taken by some of the mo...Read More

Enterprises Invest in Data Center Upgrades

A growing number of enterprises consider investments in their data centers as vital, value-adding business pursuits, according a recent survey conducted by QuinStreet Enterprise Research. The accompanying ...Read More

What Network Admins Want This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, it's time to extend season's greetings to our hardworking and underappreciated network administrators. You might be surprised to learn how much seasonal goodwill would mean to t...Read More

How to Avoid Mobile App Disasters

Enterprise apps for mobile users are playing an increasingly critical role for companies, thanks to ever-expanding demand for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. Nearly 70 percent of employees who own a smartphone ...Read More

Ten Surprising Facts About Samsung

With longstanding courtroom skirmishes with Apple and exploding batteries inside its latest smartphone, Samsung Electronics has made a lot of news lately—but clearly not the kind of news that the multinational con...Read More

12 Fascinating Facts About Apple and Steve Jobs

With its distinctively designed smartphones, computers, tablets, music players and other tech products, Apple stands as testimony to how much impact an organization's unified vision can make on the world. T...Read More

Excessive Drinking Mars Office Holiday Parties

In a recent feature, Baseline highlighted the lighter side of office celebrations, with a list of bizarre holiday gifts office workers gave their colleagues. But there's also a serious, disturbing side to thi...Read More

Top 10 Threat Predictions for 2014

During the past few years, security threats and actual breaches have grown exponentially. Malware has gone mainstream, social engineering has become far more sophisticated, high-profile database hacks have become distur...Read More

How to Help Employees Escape From 'Work Hell'

Imagine being employed at a company where the workers devote 14 percent of their time just duplicating the information-gathering efforts of their colleagues … or where employees spend 45 percent of ...Read More

Business Must Get Strategic About Mobility

For many business and IT leaders, mobility has served as a mixed blessing. On one hand, it has unlocked new and far more efficient ways to work. On the other hand, overseeing BYOD (bring your own device), app st...Read More
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