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Touchdown! Ways IT Pros Are Like Football Players

This is the time of year when many of us can't wait for the official kickoff of the football season. The exhibition games are already under way. Fantasy leagues (we know many of you take part, even scoutin...Read More

IT Needs to Share Data With Customers and Partners

Demand continues to build for improved business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) tools, and the next frontier seems to be the broader sharing of the information, according to survey fin...Read More

How Social IT Tools Killed 'Business as Usual'

Remember when you'd send email after email to project team members about pending tasks, only to have them remain unread in inboxes? Or how you'd receive an "urgent" document to review, but it tur...Read More

IaaS Landscape Will Undergo Major Changes

You can expect a number of both technology- and market-driven dynamics to alter the landscape of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Pricing will come down. Merger-and-acquisition (M&A) activity will soar. ...Read More

Nine Myths That Threaten Software Projects

IT departments often break down the essential components of technology into two categories—hardware and software—but they usually overlook the importance of "peopleware." The term refers to the eff...Read More

Office Cliques Cause Workplace Problems

Did you think that once you got a professional job you'd work with people who were above all the petty nonsense that took place when you were in high school? Did you think you'd outgrow those awful social cliques that do...Read More

Using Metrics to Enrich the Customer Experience

Organizations are not capitalizing on existing resources to better prepare their front-line customer-serving employees, and that includes the use of existing data, according to a recent survey from NICE Systems. Clea...Read More

Strong Leadership Equals Engaged Employees

If anyone had doubts that there's a direct connection between strong leadership and organizational success, the following statistics should put an end to the argument. As compiled by Dan McCarthy, director of ex...Read More

DaaS Emerges as a Critical IT Requirement

Desktop as a service (DaaS) may not grab the same kind of attention as its more established counterparts: software, platform and infrastructure as a service. But that low-key profile may not last, as a significa...Read More

Ten Workplace Lessons From the Military

While it's a discomforting thought, the truth is that the majority of today's employees have probably spent most of their professional careers during a time of war. And, regardless of whether they served in Iraq, A...Read More

How to Unclutter Your Office & Boost Productivity

"An uncluttered desk leads to an uncluttered mind," as the saying goes. Regardless of how you feel about this theory—the notoriously messy Albert Einstein poked fun at it by asking what an empty desk would ...Read More

Smaller Project Teams Are More Productive

At one time or another, almost all information technology professionals have heard cries for more resources. They may even have been the one asking for help. "If only there were more people available for thi...Read More

Annoying Employees Who Disrupt Their Co-Workers

They're crass, obnoxious, devious and completely dysfunctional, yet they somehow manage to keep their jobs. In fact, some of them inexplicably climb up the corporate ladder instead of going in the opposite d...Read More

Nine Reasons Why IT Outsourcing Fails

While there's been some pushback in recent years, the outsourcing of major information technology functions is still alive and well among U.S. organizations. In fact, technology accounts for 28 percent of outsourcing i...Read More

Some Workers Go Rogue With Corporate Budgets

Today's workplace is presenting all kinds of opportunities for devious spending behavior on the part of employees—including outright theft—according to a recent survey from Coupa Software. In its "2...Read More
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