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How to Navigate the Colors of Career Success

In previous Baseline stories and slideshows, we've weighed in on how significantly your wardrobe choices can either enhance or hurt your career. The adage "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" may ...Read More

Holiday Bonuses and Inappropriate Office Gifts

'Tis the season … for office workers to get a bit, well, weird. That's certainly the case for the 10 professionals who gave these oddball gifts to their colleagues during their office holiday party, as co...Read More

Focus on Privacy Programs Is Critical

As organizations have amassed larger databases and gained more sophisticated data analytics capabilities, a focus on privacy has become critical. Today, business and IT executives find themselves facing data decision...Read More

Employees Tune Out Ineffective Presentations

Surely by now, you've suffered a fate informally known as "death by presentation." Here are the symptoms: You're attending a mandatory session. The speaker drones on while he clicks an endle...Read More

IT Workers Are Confident About Career Prospects

Technology employees are more confident about their career prospects than they've been in nearly a decade, according to recent survey findings from Randstad, an HR services firm. They feel good about the ove...Read More

'Mobile Leader' Companies Gain Competitive Edge

Global organizations that are considered leaders on mobile efforts are gaining many advantages that help increase their competitive dominance, according to a recent survey from IBM. The resulting report, "The...Read More

Workers Are Fed Up With Unproductive Doc Searches

Do you ever get the feeling that you spend too much time hunting for e-documents and files instead of working on them—that a good part of your day amounts to a digital ...Read More

Older Workers Are Happy, but Concerned

When you're a young professional, you may not fully appreciate the value of colleagues who are 50 years of age or older. You may even dismiss them by saying, "They're old and set in their ways. I'll never let that hap...Read More

SMBs Struggle to Support Remote Workers

Despite the ubiquity of mobile devices and the growing number of employees who are working remotely at least part of the time, small and midsize businesses have a long way to go in enabling the ...Read More

12 Ways to Practice Wiki Management

Have you ever heard a work colleague say, "I'll Wiki that …"? While occasionally taken to task for a lack of accuracy or an ill-advised contribution, Wikipedia has emerged as a dynamic information source th...Read More

Gen Y Bucks Policies on Use of Personal Devices

It's no secret that Generation Y has drastically different values about technology than other generations. But now these differences are playing out in the enterprise, particularly as mobility and the bring...Read More

Ten Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

While Twitter has gained momentum, LinkedIn remains the dominant social networking tool for professionals. It commands more than 259 million members in an estimated 200 nations and territories. Through an endless nu...Read More

Workers Log More Anytime, Anywhere Hours

Recently released survey-based research conducted by Harris Interactive for Microsoft presents more validation that the once-solid wall between work time and personal time no longer exists. The majority of employees...Read More

Commitment to Tech Fuels High-Performing Firms

What separates high-performing companies from the rest of the business world? These days, it's often their enterprise-level commitment to technology investments and management, according to recent resea...Read More

BYOD Users Will Get More Leeway on Device Rules

In an era when knowledge workers drive business success—and even non-IT employees are fairly tech savvy—it was inevitable that bring your own device (BYOD) would emerge as the norm. Currently, s...Read More
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