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IT Organizations Turn to Contingent Tech Workers

Technology organizations will increasingly turn to contingent workers to get critical IT projects done, according to a survey from TEKsystems. Whether called temps, contract workers or hired guns, this bree...Read More

IT Projects: Major Successes and Epic Failures

We often read about how government IT projects constantly run over budget, miss deadlines and encounter enormous difficulties. But, upon closer inspection, you may find that the public sector's trac...Read More

Adoption of Software-Defined Networks Is Growing

The adoption of software-defined networks (SDNs) is growing rapidly in enterprises, according to a recent survey from Network Instruments. The accompanying report, the "Seventh Annual State of the Networ...Read More

U.S. Workers Report High Job Satisfaction Levels

Almost everyone gripes about work occasionally, but the vast majority of us are actually happy with our job and our employer, according to a recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHR...Read More

IT's Performance Is Hindered by Skills Shortages

A lack of readily available technology talent in critical areas is preventing IT organizations from keeping up with the pace of change, according to a recent survey from Harvey Nash, a global professio...Read More

Little-Known Facts About Ten Tech Legends

Do you consider yourself a trivia whiz—especially when it comes to obscure knowledge about technology and the IT industry? If so, we still bet that the following facts about these 10 legendary technolog...Read More

Flexible Benefits Plans Attract and Retain Workers

To address talent shortages, a growing number of organizations are taking a broad look at the way they're providing "total rewards" (benefits) programs, according to recent research sponsored jointly by D...Read More

Ten Tips to Help You Give a Great Presentation

If you're like many professionals, the prospect of giving a presentation may unnerve you. But you're not alone. Fear of public speaking is the No. 1 phobia, topping fears such as spiders, heights, plane fligh...Read More

Bad User Behaviors Take a Toll on IT Admins

Bad user behavior in the workplace is spinning out of control, resulting in immense burdens for IT administrators, according to a recent survey from TeamViewer. The list of transgressions is a lengthy&mdas...Read More

Business Needs Better Insight from Cloud Providers

With more organizations adopting cloud business models via infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), they're finding that they can't track user experiences and overall p...Read More

IT Budget and Staff Forecast Misses Expectations

Most of us read the annual projections about information technology budgeting and staffing, but rarely do we get a comprehensive look at how those projections actually play out. IT staffing and servic...Read More

Predictions on the 2025 Data Center

What will data centers look like in a decade? For starters, you can expect them to be smaller, as the vast majority of data center and telecom professionals expect these facilities to take up no more than one-hal...Read More

Citizen Developers Create Their Own Business Apps

If you think you've seen it all from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users on your network, get ready for the next wave of disruption. A new breed of knowledge worker, dubbed the "citizen develope...Read More

The Ten Fastest Growing IT Job Categories

If you're looking for a technology category that's experiencing job growth in the double-digits (and, in one case, a triple-digit), you have a number of options from which to choose, according to recent research f...Read More

Business Innovation Lessons From NASA

The Saturn V moon rocket, designed to fly Apollo astronauts to the moon, was 363 feet tall and was one of the most powerful rockets ever built. Yet, just eight years before the launch, NASA's leadership and enginee...Read More
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