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Taking Value Creation to a World-Class Level

The ultimate goal of any business is to generate value. When an organization realizes this goal, it typically takes performance and sales to a higher level. But the definition of value—and the way o...Read More

Why IT Shops Still Love the Mainframe

The mainframe may seem like a relic from the 1960s, but it continues to support IT operations around the world in very valuable ways, according to a recent survey from BMC. The accompanying "BMC Annual Mainfram...Read More

How Employees Put Their Company at Risk

Despite the abundance of publicity over organizations that have been hacked—Target, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and Ashley Madison, to name just a few—workers still take part in risky device...Read More

How App Complexity Hurts Employee Performance

A significant number of employees complain that enterprise apps are too complex to use, and the majority of IT decision-makers agree, according to a recent survey from Capriza. The accompanying report,...Read More

12 Ways to Make a Great Impression at Work

It takes more than technical wizardry to emerge as a standout success at work. Unfortunately, many professionals lack the soft skills—including dedication, leadership, motivation, team spirit, etc.—th...Read More

IT Pros' Confidence Surges to an All-Time High

Do you ever get the feeling that you're living in the Golden Age of technology? If so, the latest Randstad Technologies' Employee Confidence Index will confirm your belief, as overall confidence among technolo...Read More

How IT Is Accelerating Software Development

With the rapid pace of technology and business changes, the demand for speedy software development is surging, according to recently released research from Skytap. The accompanying report, the "2015 Soft...Read More

Challenges and Rewards of Deploying IoT Technology

The vast majority of enterprises have positioned themselves to collect, manage and store data from device sensors—in other words, to deploy Internet of things (IoT) technology, according to a rec...Read More

The Top 15 Tech Jobs for Work-Life Balance

There's much to envy about IT workers: They're usually well-compensated. They're essential contributors to their organization's business strategies. And they often operate on the cutting edge of innovation, devel...Read More

How Predictive Marketing Technology Spurs Success

The majority of organizations have adopted predictive marketing solutions, according to a recent survey from Lattice. The resulting report, "The Predictive Journey: 2015 Survey on Predictive Mar...Read More

Productivity Challenges in the 'Onerous Office'

Did you ever think that you'd be more productive in the office if, well, you didn't have to work in an office? If so, you're not alone. In fact, IT employees and other knowledge workers spend far less time get...Read More

Who's Sharing Control of Tech With IT Leaders?

The majority of organizations are extending technology oversight duties to departments outside of the IT organization, according to a recent research from PwC. The resulting "Global 2015 Digital IQ Survey...Read More

Why High-Performing Companies Depend on Analytics

The majority of high-performing companies surveyed are fully committed to analytics as a strategic business tool, while only a minority of less successful organizations can claim the same, accor...Read More

Tech Tools Keep Workers Working Around the Clock

While today's professionals describe themselves as highly productive in the office, they're also constantly dealing with work matters during their personal time—including weekends, according to a rece...Read More

Communications Systems Move Gradually to the Cloud

These days, almost everyone communicates via mobile devices, but communications and collaboration systems have been slow to move to nimble and mobile-friendly cloud architectures. Meanwhile, though users...Read More
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