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How AI Can Enhance—Not Hurt—Careers

There's a lot of debate about whether artificial intelligence (AI) will become a major threat to the livelihood of employees. After all, the argument goes, Why pay someone to do something that a machine will do for free? ...Read More

What Motivates—and Frustrates—Developers?

The prime motivators for developers, according to a recent survey from CAST, are pride in their craft and the ability to build something innovative, as well as compensation and career opportunities. Yet, the study, "...Read More

Job Satisfaction Grows, but Work Issues Persist

A majority of workers are satisfied with their job, according to a recent survey from the Conference Board. The accompanying "Job Satisfaction: 2017 Edition" reports that even though the majority is just over...Read More

How Clueless Users Lead to Long Days for Tech Pros

When you're an IT professional, you have to take the good with the bad, and, fortunately, most tech pros have adopted a half-full perspective, according to an "IT Pros Survey" recently released by SolarWi...Read More

The Demand for Open-Source Professionals Soars

While the majority of organizations anticipate hiring more open-source professionals over the next six months, an even greater number are struggling to recruit qualified candidates for their open positions, a...Read More

Top Cyber-Threats: Ransomware, Insiders and DoS

When it comes to securing sensitive corporate data, the top three threats facing organizations are ransomware, insider threats and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, according to the "2017 SANS Data Protection ...Read More

What to Do—and Not Do—During Phone Interviews

For both job candidates and employers, a phone interview is a great way to get acquainted. It gives both parties a timely, efficient way to sense whether the job seeker is a good match for the company ... and vi...Read More

How Poor Website & App Performance Can Hurt Brands

A majority of consumers said poor website or app performance will negatively affect their brand loyalty, according to a recent survey from Apica. The resulting report, "Digital Desertion: The Rise o...Read More

Technologies That Will Mold the Future of Business

Innovation is transforming the personal technology space, and many companies now have digital initiatives linked with employee performance and behavior. It's clear such technologies will play an import...Read More

Why Employees Struggle to Collaborate

Despite efforts to improve employee-to-employee communications, the vast majority of organizations still find it challenging to keep key projects on track, according to a recent survey from Clarize...Read More

Self-Defeating Behaviors of Job Candidates

The majority of employees feel they have "just a job" instead of a career, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, and many actually hate what they do. So it's not surprising that many of these workers a...Read More

Employees Want Tech to Create a Greener Workplace

The digitization of today's workplace is all about empowering modern professionals with lots of cool technologies. But, amid all the buzz about the latest business-benefiting apps and platforms, too ...Read More

Poor Digital Monitoring Hurts Customer Experience

While the majority of IT professionals are familiar with the concept of digital experience monitoring (DEM), only a small minority of organizations are actually deploying these solutions, according to a recent...Read More

How Best-in-Class Companies Treat Employees

The majority of C-level executives reported that, though improving, the skills gap is still very real, and many said their organization is willing to pay above market averages for salaries and will also provide ...Read More

Lack of Security Training Hinders DevOps Success

With large-scale cyber-attacks becoming more frequent, security is more critical than ever, especially in fast-paced DevOps environments. But software developers are not receiving the security training the...Read More
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