Why Aren't Companies Dealing With Insider Threats?

By Tony Kontzer
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    Why Aren't Companies Dealing With Insider Threats?

    Why Aren't Companies Dealing With Insider Threats?

    Recent survey findings indicate that the growing frequency of insider attacks has yet to shake companies into taking more aggressive prevention measures.

Despite clear indications that insider attacks are on the rise, most organizations remain ill-equipped to prevent them. And even though the potential costs of mitigating such attacks can be staggering, the majority of companies don't appear to be allocating additional resources to address the problem. Such are the findings of a recent survey of 500 cyber-security professionals in the "Insider Threat Spotlight Report,” co-sponsored by behavior analytics and monitoring vendor Veriato and other organizations. No longer can organizations afford to take a passive approach to insider threats: The survey findings make it clear that they need to invest in efforts to prevent such attacks. "Your organization is, and will be, compromised by insiders, and to prevent attacks, you need to have some controls in place that are specifically focused on the insider," said Mike Tierney, CEO of Veriato. "Trust is a strategy for failure." Tierney said that companies need to train employees on what data they can share or take with them outside the network, and ensure that departments are working together to detect and prevent attacks.

This article was originally published on 2016-09-28
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