Many Consumers Are Clueless About Ransomware

By Tony Kontzer
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    Many Consumers Are Clueless About Ransomware

    Many Consumers Are Clueless About Ransomware

    New research indicates that a sizable portion of the public isn't merely underestimating ransomware attacks—it doesn't even recognize them when they happen.

One would think that the aggressive spread of ransomware would have the lion's share of computer users taking steps to prevent an attack and protect their most vulnerable data. Yet, nearly half of all consumers admit that they don't know what ransomware is or how to combat it, and those who are aware of it don't know what types of data are at risk. A recent report from data security firm Kaspersky Lab, "Ransom-What? A Study on Consumers' Awareness of Ransomware," paints a grim picture of a public that's ripe for ransomware attacks and slow to educate itself about how to contend with this rising threat to their personal information. "Ransomware is an epidemic. Although it has been around for more than a decade, we have seen a recent explosion of new ransomware families that is cause for serious concern," said Ryan Naraine, head of Kaspersky Lab's global research and analysis team in the United States. "With this epidemic, the need for increased consumer awareness about ransomware is essential. Consumers today must not only learn about ransomware, but also use solutions to protect themselves against it, including installing Internet security, making sure all devices are updated with available software patches, routinely backing up all important digital assets and implementing better user habits."

This article was originally published on 2016-07-26
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