Cyber-Attacks Increase Significantly

By Samuel Greengard
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    Cyber-Attacks Increase Significantly

    Cyber-Attacks Increase Significantly

    Key security issues include the growing risks associated with mobile technology, digital data leakage, location spoofing and digital identification cloaking.

The rapid growth of cyber-crime and the resulting risks are frightening to both businesses and consumers. It's increasingly difficult to evade the problem. A new report from security firm ThreatMetrix, "Cybercrime Report 2015," illustrates just how huge the hacking and attacking problem is and what impact it has on organizations. During the period from July through September, the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network detected and stopped 90 million different attack attempts—an astounding 20 percent increase over the previous quarter. The report also identified a number of key issues, including the growing risks associated with mobile technology; the need to balance security and convenience, particularly involving authentication; digital data leakage risks; location spoofing; digital identification cloaking; and the need for more sophisticated detection through analytics. Aside from negatively affecting corporate brands and reputations, these attacks represent billions of dollars in financial losses across the globe. Here are some of the key findings from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-01-14
Samuel Greengard writes about business and technology for Baseline, CIO Insight and other publications. His most recent book is The Internet of Things (MIT Press, 2015).
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