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Cyber-Attacks Increase Significantly

The rapid growth of cyber-crime and the resulting risks are frightening to both businesses and consumers. It's increasingly difficult to evade the problem. A new report from security firm ThreatMetrix, "Cybercrime Report 2015," illustrates just how huge the hacking and attacking problem is and what impact it has on organizations. During the period from July through September, the ThreatMetrix... Read More >


Is Nothing Sacred?

An assortment of apps are stealing data, tracking the location of users, sending unauthorized messages to contacts, and even making unauthorized phone calls. Read More >


Is Your LinkedIn Profile at Risk?

The social media service is a target for cyber-crime, and cyber-threat groups have created an extensive network of fake but convincingly real LinkedIn profiles. Read More >


Where Is Today's Cyber-Security Leadership?

We need to rethink convenience. In the rush for fast and easy, we've created a massive and expensive security problem that threatens the integrity of business. Read More >


Is Our Trust in Mobile Apps a Mistake?

Over the last decade, mobile technology has radically redefined our business and personal lives. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and mobile apps are everywhere. However, a recent survey by mobile security and analytics firm Bluebox found that many organizations are struggling with the mobile and app landscape. The report, "Mobile Security Trends in the Workplace," offers insights from... Read More >


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