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Why IT May Call a Penalty on the Olympics

With the Summer Olympics kicking off today, August 5th, many organizations are unprepared for a significant—and potentially dangerous—boost in employee internet usage, according to recently released surveys from TEKsystems and Riverbed. After all, Zika isn't the only virus to worry about during the games, as cyber-criminals may exploit the increased interest in online streaming and... Read More >


Brewery Bolsters Its Own and Partners' Security

Brew Hub uses a remotely managed service to protect data, strengthen network security and ensure credit card compliance for itself and its partner brewers. Read More >


Many Consumers Are Clueless About Ransomware

One would think that the aggressive spread of ransomware would have the lion's share of computer users taking steps to prevent an attack and protect their most vulnerable data. Yet, nearly half of all consumers admit that they don't know what ransomware is or how to combat it, and those who are aware of it don't know what types of data are at risk. A recent report from data security firm... Read More >


Pokémon Go Is a Risk to Business

With virtual places in the game superimposed over real places, gamers trespass on private property or access public spaces at times when they are not permitted. Read More >


Employees Are the Biggest Security Risk

Although a steady stream of news reports chronicles the activities of hackers, attackers, state actors and cyber-criminals who break into systems and steal or damage data, the greatest risk actually resides within an organization. A recently released Ponemon Institute and Fasoo study, "Risky Business: How Company Insiders Put High-Value Information at Risk," points out that the vast majority of... Read More >


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