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Cyber-Security Meets the Board

Ongoing cyber-security breaches are finally lighting a fire under the seats of corporate directors and board members. But there's still a lot work to be done. Read More >


Utility Takes a Holistic Approach to Security

The Lower Colorado River Authority deploys a cloud-based security solution that identifies more forms of malware and addresses zero-day threats more effectively. Read More >


Cyber-Security Evolves, but It Doesn't Improve

Unfortunately, the security discussion has now shifted from stamping out cyber-threats and malware to managing risk. It looks like the bad guys are winning. Read More >


IT Departments Struggle to Attain Cyber-Resilience

Cyber-resilience—the ability of an organization to withstand and effectively respond to cyber-attacks—is widely recognized as a critical capability amid an ever-expanding universe of threats. Yet most organizations are ill-equipped to make themselves cyber-resilient. That ominous disconnect is the overarching takeaway from a recent survey of IT and security executives, "The Resilient... Read More >


Cyber-Security and the Presidential Candidates

A year before the 2016 presidential election, cyber-security is already emerging as a key issue in debates and discussions, and voters can expect more to come. Read More >


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