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Authentication Works Better With Identity Proofing

When strong authentication meets highly proofed identity credentials, we will unlock the power they offer and take a step toward a stronger identity ecosystem. Read More >


Data Breaches Increase in Frequency and Ferocity

Cyber-security is now on every organization's radar. Yet, even with increasing awareness, the number of breaches and breakdowns seems to be increasing. The Verizon "2016 Data Breach Investigations Report," which studied more than 100,000 incidents at organizations in 82 countries and across almost every industry, offers insights into the evolving space, including how mobility and the Internet of... Read More >


How IT Departments Can Help Companies Manage Risk

Most chief compliance officers don't think they have enough budget or resources to protect their company from risk, and they could use additional tools from the IT organization to improve the situation, according to a recent survey from PwC. The resulting report, "Risk in Review: Going the Distance," distinguishes companies that are "high performers" in achieving optimal risk agility and risk... Read More >


Ransomware Should Never Succeed

What's unbelievable about the ransomware epidemic is the number of successful attacks on business, government and others—a number that should be a big fat zero. Read More >


Cloud Deployments Grow Despite Security Concerns

Trust in and adoption of cloud computing continues to grow despite persistent cloud-related security and compliance concerns. Such is the overarching takeaway of Intel Security's recent report, "Blue Skies Ahead? The State of Cloud Adoption." The report, which was based on a survey Vanson Bourne did of 1,200 IT decision-makers with responsibility for cloud security, illustrates just how much... Read More >


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