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Data Breaches Affect Customer Loyalty

Online security is full of holes, according to a recent survey of 9,000 consumers in the United States and 10 other countries. Most consumers who are active online—nearly six out of 10— believe they will be a victim of a data breach at some point. In fact, many have already been affected: 21 percent have experienced fraudulent use of their financial information, and 14 percent have... Read More >


Addressing the IT Security Skills Gap

Today's cyber-threats present challenges for even the most tech-savvy IT executives in the most tech-savvy organizations. It's not news that the volume and velocity of threats continue to grow. At the center of the problem? Recruiting and retaining the security talent necessary to mitigate and minimize cyber-risks. The IT security skills gap—which could currently be called a chasm—is... Read More >


Why Cyber-Security Strategies Are Falling Short

While organizations around the world are more confident than ever that they can predict and detect cyber-attacks, they're still falling short on investments and plans geared toward recovering from a breach. Such is the double-edged finding of EY's 19th annual Global Information Security Survey, "Path to Cyber-Resilience: Sense, Resist, React." EY surveyed 1,735 IT and IT security executives from... Read More >


Cyber-Attackers Target IP Assets

The state of cyber-security has gone from bad to worse over the past couple of years. Not only are threats increasing in both frequency and intensity, they're also becoming more dangerous and costly. A recent study conducted by Deloitte, "Cyberattackers And Your Intellectual Property: Valuing and Guarding Prized Business Assets," delivers some insights into the current state of cyber-affairs. The... Read More >


Managing Personal & Work Identities in the Office

The use of personal devices and personal accounts in the workplace has changed IT and enterprise security in profound ways. Today, employees think nothing of logging onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while at work, as well as accessing myriad other personal accounts, from banking and retailing to gaming and news. All of this introduces new opportunities and challenges for management. A recent... Read More >


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