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Digital Forensics Can Use Facebook to Solve Cases

Given the complexity of data in various mobile devices, clouds and social media, many nontraditional sources must be examined during a forensic investigation. Read More >


IT Security: It's All About Damage Control

Trying to keep the bad guys out of your corporate network isn't even the primary goal any more. Instead, it's preventing them from getting what they really want. Read More >


Disarming Hidden IT Project Time Bombs

How can you tell whether an IT project will be a boon or a bomb? And how can you spot the land mines in time to change course? Three disciplines can help. Read More >


IT Security Teams Face Ramped-Up Pressures

IT security may be one of the hottest sectors for IT-related jobs, but make no mistake: It's not work for the squeamish. IT security teams face a daunting gauntlet of growing cyber-threat fears, data-related security challenges and ramped-up pressure from corporate boardrooms, according to recent survey findings from Fortinet. The network security vendor polled more than 1,600 IT... Read More >


University Takes Control of Its Network Security

Saint Martin's University, a private liberal arts school, takes a focused approach to network control and security, making the IT department more productive. Read More >


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