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Five Questions That Can Help Secure Big Data

What's the best way to ensure security and governance in a world where the impact of big data is not yet fully understood? Begin by asking the right questions. Read More >


Network Downtime Causes Revenue and Job Losses

Many organizations suffer from network outages that are caused when IT staffers misconfigure changes during events such as preventative maintenance windows, according to a recent survey from Avaya, which was conducted by Dynamic Markets Limited. These outages translate into major business expenses, and the fallout is significant. In fact, many technology professionals who are considered at fault... Read More >


Risk Leaders Go Beyond Resilience Management

"Risk master" companies focus on strategic and emerging risk. They don't just respond to and recover from these events—they gain competitive advantage from them. Read More >


Financial Services: Top Target of Cyber-Criminals

U.S. financial services companies lost an average of $23.6 million from cyber-security breaches in 2013—the highest average loss across 26 industries. Read More >


Firms Struggle to Respond to Security Incidents

An organization's response in the first hours after a security incident can determine whether a cyber-attacker is caught—or even detected. In other words: You snooze, you lose. That makes the findings of the latest study from the Ponemon Institute, "Threat Intelligence & Incident Response," that much more disheartening. Ponemon, which conducted the research independently for security... Read More >


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