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IT Departments Struggle to Attain Cyber-Resilience

Cyber-resilience—the ability of an organization to withstand and effectively respond to cyber-attacks—is widely recognized as a critical capability amid an ever-expanding universe of threats. Yet most organizations are ill-equipped to make themselves cyber-resilient. That ominous disconnect is the overarching takeaway from a recent survey of IT and security executives, "The Resilient... Read More >


Cyber-Security and the Presidential Candidates

A year before the 2016 presidential election, cyber-security is already emerging as a key issue in debates and discussions, and voters can expect more to come. Read More >


The Ever-Changing Face of DDoS Attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are nothing new. However, the methods are changing, and organizations that do not adapt to today's threat environment put themselves at risk. A recently released report, "Neustar DDoS Attacks & Protection Report: North America and EMEA," identifies a number of key trends. Among them: Hackers are using smaller and more sustained attacks to distract... Read More >


Contracting for Cyber-Security Service Agreements

Contracting for cyber-security commitments in service provider relationships is a sensible business practice, and there’s no excuse for not doing it right. Read More >


Stop Cyber-Pickpockets From Stealing Your Data

Don’t let your employees be easy victims of cyber-criminals. Inform, equip and empower them to be vigilant guardians of your company’s ideas and information. Read More >


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