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Web Browser Flaws Are Huge Endpoint Security Issue

With the number of exploitable browser vulnerabilities growing, many IT decision-makers surveyed said this made security more difficult than any other issue. Read More >


The Sony Pictures Hack Changes Everything

What you need to know is that the recent breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment should—in fact, it must—change everything you previously assumed about security. Read More >


Organizations Choose Performance Over Security

At the heart of operating a business and managing IT systems is the critical balance between performance and security. Despite the introduction of increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies designed to ratchet up results in both areas, CIOs, CISOs, and other IT and business managers face growing and often daunting challenges. According to a recently released report from McAfee, "Network... Read More >


Firms Face an Uptick in Mobile Security Breaches

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement has radically transformed the enterprise and has helped organizations achieve productivity and cost gains that were previously unimaginable. It also has led to happier,more engaged employees. But there's a downside to these gains. One of the most troubling issues is a rapid uptick in mobile security breaches. According to British telecom firm BT, 98... Read More >


Organizations Are Easy Targets for Cyber-Criminals

Over the last few years, cyber-security has emerged as a huge challenge. IT and security executives have been forced to cope with a growing array of threats originating from both inside and outside the enterprise. A recently released report from Ernst and Young, "Global Information Security Survey 2014," points out that while organizations are making progress and building a foundation for better... Read More >


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