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Why Access Management Is Security's Weak Link

Over the last decade, network access has become far more complex. A multitude of systems and devices—interconnected through mobility and clouds—has transformed the way data flows through the enterprise and to other organizations. Unfortunately, this has ratcheted up security risks. A study conducted by BeyondTrust, "IT Needs More Control Over Network Access Privileges," offers some... Read More >


Is Biometrics Really Better?

Biometrics is a step forward, but it increases risks. What happens when the digital code for a fingerprint, iris scan, voice print or facial geometry is hacked? Read More >


Why Aren't Companies Dealing With Insider Threats?

Despite clear indications that insider attacks are on the rise, most organizations remain ill-equipped to prevent them. And even though the potential costs of mitigating such attacks can be staggering, the majority of companies don't appear to be allocating additional resources to address the problem. Such are the findings of a recent survey of 500 cyber-security professionals in the "Insider... Read More >


Blockchain Tracks Gems Globally for Everledger

A firm that records the global movement of diamonds adopts blockchain tech to get a complete view of the transactional layers of the industry and specific gems. Read More >


CalPERS Adopts a More Secure Networking Approach

The California Public Employees' Retirement System deployed a system with full visibility of physical and virtual networks, boosting performance and security. Read More >


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