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It's Time to Raise the Profile of Security

Has information security outgrown IT? According to a report from HP, it's possible. The size, scope, severity and frequency of cyber-attacks have raised the profile of security teams to a new level, as evidenced by recent attacks against the likes of Anthem, Sony, Staples and JP Morgan Chase. As a result, cyber-security has evolved into a boardroom concern that calls for it to become a strategic... Read More >


IT Security Is Not Keeping Pace With Threats

The old saying "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" is taking on new life in the world of information security. Amid a constant flow of high-profile security breaches—and despite plenty of firsthand experience and indications that the volume of incidents is growing—network operators say their organizations are still struggling to prepare themselves for incidents.... Read More >


Conflicts, Trends & Ethical Challenges of Privacy

The intensifying debate over digital privacy demonstrates the vast complexities of this issue. On one hand, users appreciate the advantages of having one-on-one purchasing experiences with companies. That's how, through alerts and other techniques, they quickly find what they need online and save money on the transaction. On the other hand, analytics empowers businesses to collect and use... Read More >


National Lab Tests Network Fingerprinting System

The Savannah River National Lab is turning to network fingerprinting technology to detect changes in power consumption that can indicate a security breach. Read More >


Managing Security in Today's App Economy

Cyber-security has emerged as a major challenge for businesses large and small. It increasingly impacts e-commerce, data management, employee collaboration, and a variety of other tasks and processes. In the end, it affects company growth and bottom-line results. A recently released study conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne and sponsored by CA Technologies, "8 Steps to Modernize Security for... Read More >


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