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Companies Must Share Information on Cyber-Attacks

Former White House cyber-security advisor Paul Kurtz offers insights into the changing state of enterprise cyber-security and the need for more collaboration. Read More >


12 Questions About Security That Boards Must Ask

With the ever-growing number of data breaches companies face, a corporate board must elevate its presence as a watchdog to ensure enterprisewide accountability in the interest of cyber-security. Toward this end, ISACA (previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) offers the following 12 questions that board members must ask of themselves and of their business and IT... Read More >


Battling Fraud Grows Even More Complex

Enterprise fraud is nothing new, but digital technologies and ubiquitous communications have forever changed the stakes. Not only is it easier to move data and information across computer systems, but fraudulent activity can span multiple computers, organizations and industries. A new survey conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions surveyed 400 professionals about this topic and the key issues... Read More >


Why You Need a Cyber-Security Breach Response Plan

It may be impossible to prevent a breach, but the next best thing is to have a comprehensive response plan that can be swiftly and effectively executed. Read More >


Companies Struggle to Fill Cyber-Security Jobs

A growing challenge for organizations of all sizes is the need to find and hire cyber-security talent. Rapidly evolving technology and increasingly sophisticated hackers and attackers are putting greater pressure on enterprises to build better defense systems. Unfortunately, most organizations can't keep up with the furious pace of change—and the associated risks. Moreover, a shortage of... Read More >


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