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Where's the Basic Security Blocking and Tackling?

Many organizations aren't addressing fundamental security requirements. Device encryption and end-to-end encryption aren't options. They're the main play. Read More >


Reporting Gaps Put Cyber-Security Jobs at Risk

Over the past few years, as cyber-security has emerged as a critical business issue, corporate boards have become increasingly involved in enterprise security matters. Today, many directors seek accurate and actionable information about risks, threats and breaches. However, a recently released report, "How Boards of Directors Really Feel About Cyber Security Reports," paints a somewhat... Read More >


The Cyber-Security Industry Must Be More Realistic

The reason post-attack incident response wasn’t a market until recently was blind optimism. Firms assumed that with enough resources, they could stop breaches. Read More >


Should We Prepare for the Death of the Password?

Since the earliest days of computing, organizations and individuals have relied on passwords to protect systems and crucial data. Unfortunately, in an era of connected networks and devices—and with growing concerns and consternation about security and privacy—user names and passwords are facing a growing backlash. Data breaches, breakdowns and full-scale cyber-meltdowns are on the... Read More >


Managing User Access Is Key With Hybrid Clouds

Virtually all enterprises today have sensitive data and critical applications in the cloud. Providing employees and business partners with remote access to those resources without compromising security is a major challenge, especially as the number of users soars. Preventing a data breach and minimizing the risks created by having too many accounts with too much privilege are top priorities for... Read More >


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