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Managing Security in a Cyber-Enabled World

We will move to a cyber-enabled world where threats aren't as direct as DDOS attacks or ransomware, but they'll have ramifications for everyone—connected or not. Read More >


A Secure System for Indiana's Office of Technology

When the state of Indiana evaluated various cloud solutions for collaboration and sharing files, it selected the one that promised the most security. Read More >


Many IT Pros Ignore Corporate Security Policies

One of the inescapable realities of enterprise cyber-security is that a huge gulf exists between what companies should do to protect their IT systems and data and what actually takes place. A recent research report released by Absolute Software, "IT Confidential: The State of Security Confidence," illustrates the extent of the problem. The endpoint security and data risk management firm polled... Read More >


Consumers Hit Back When Companies Are Breached

Now that consumers have grudgingly accepted a reality in which the growing array of security and privacy threats in the digital world are an unavoidable part of life, they are using their concerns to seize economic power. They have begun tying their purchasing decisions to the seemingly never-ending string of data breaches that have hit large American brands over the past few years. Along those... Read More >


Company Takes a Unified Approach to Fight Malware

HRI Properties, a real estate development and management firm, adopts a sophisticated, seven-layer approach to combat malware infections, including ransomware. Read More >


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