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Credit Bureau Makes the Cloud Its Business

The Caribbean Credit Bureau,  a leading provider of credit services in the Caribbean region, turns to a cloud solution to ring up business and IT gains. Read More >


Is Shadow IT Holding Back Cloud Adoption?

It's hard to secure what you don't know is there. A recent survey from the Cloud Security Alliance indicates that while organizations are clearly concerned about the security of data residing in cloud services, they also have surprisingly little insight into how much unknown exposure they have on this front. The lack of awareness of shadow IT use of cloud services—which occurs outside of... Read More >


Rep. Will Hurd on Cyber-security & Civil Liberties

The congressman, who heads the new House Information Technology Subcommittee, talks about cyber-security and how business and government can protect themselves. Read More >


A Dating App May Break Your Heart—or Your Firm's

Nearly half of organizations surveyed have at least one worker-installed dating app on mobile devices that are used to access confidential business information. Read More >


Much of Security Software Is Underutilized

One reason security software is not used to the fullest extent is that IT doesn't have the time or staff required to implement software solutions properly. Read More >


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