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From Software to Certification: Compliances New Imperatives

By Baselinemag  |  Posted 2007-01-09 Print this article Print

Ten articles we published in 2006—plus a SarbOx calculator—that will help you in 2007.

  • A profile of BearingPoint, the global technology consulting firm whose fall highlights the need for tight controls. [Feb. 7, 2006]

  • More utility than you think? One-quarter of CIOs say SarbOx has improved their operations. [June 14, 2006]
  • The I.T. compliance spend is still rising, but not as quickly. [CIO Insight, June 7, 2006]
  • CEO certification is only the beginning. Imagine a world in which CIOs have to sign off on data. [April 4, 2006]
  • There are three key things I.T. departments must do to succeed at compliance. Here's a look. [June 20, 2006]
  • Tighter controls do yield better technology performance: Study. [Aug. 28, 2006]
  • The new software that's making SarbOx compliance simpler. [April 20, 2006]
  • A careful consideration of the evidence suggests that Sarbanes-Oxley is, on balance, working. [CIO Insight, June 12, 2006]
  • Alan Greenspan's hesitation about SarbOx elicits an I-beg-to-differ response in Ed Cone's blog. [CIO Insight, Sept. 26, 2006]
  • Kudos for Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson as he stands foursquare behind SarbOx. [CIO Insight, Nov. 21, 2006]
  • A tool to help technology departments calculate the costs of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. [From the Baseline archive. Article is free; tool requires payment.]

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