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Google Adds Buzz Links to Social Search

Google June 29 said it is adding links that appear in Google Buzz to its Google Social Search service, a potential precursor to the Google Me social service the company is reported to be planning. Read More >


Google Grabs Increased U.S. Search Share

The numbers stand out against the May search statistics from comScore, which used two data sets. One showed Google gaining in search, the other showed Google losing share to Yahoo and Bing. Read More >


BP Snaps Up Search Terms for Positive PR Spin

BP admitted to paying for search keywords so its response Website would rank high in search engines when users look for terms related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Read More >


Microsoft Anticipates Bing Will Power Yahoo by Late 2010

Microsoft hopes it will complete the Bing-powered takeover of Yahoo's backend search later this year, according to a Microsoft executive speaking at an investor conference June 9, although complications could delay that transition until early 2011. Read More >


Google Goggles Visual Search Application Coming to the iPhone

This is a big step in helping Goggles reach a broader audience. Google confirmed that its Goggles visual search application would be coming to Apple's iPhone soon. Google apps such as search, Google Maps and YouTube are popular on the iPhone, which has shipped more than 50 million units. Google also said it would release the image recognition technology that powers Goggles via APIs by the end of... Read More >


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