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  • There are many ways for information technology initiatives to go wrong—and they do so all the time. In fact, approximately one-half of businesses will have an IT project fail within a year, according to research. In summarizing the most common reasons for these failures, AtTask has come out with a free-to-download e-book titled "10 Problems Preventing Your IT Team From Doing (Its) Best Work and How to Solve Them." A number of evolving dynamics are contributing to the issues, including mobilization, globalization, stakeholder demands, limited resources and team focus—not to mention badly run meetings. These problems lead to disjointed project approaches and frazzled, stressed-out workers. Inevitably, the unfortunate outcomes include missed deadlines, budget overruns and unmet expectations. To further illustrate the various situations that can result in failed projects—which are inevitably either technology or people issues, or a combination of the two—we're highlighting all 10 cited problems here. AtTask is a cloud-based enterprise work-management solution company.