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  • By now, it's apparent to just about everyone that digital technologies are both a blessing and a curse. They create new opportunities but also introduce bold new challenges. Mobility is at the center of this universe. It has revolutionized the enterprise, but it has also unleashed new risks and dangers—many revolving around bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and bring-your-own-apps (BYOA) initiatives. A new "Mobile Security Report" from cyber-security firm Spikes Security offers some insights into the state of mobile security. Among the key findings: Malicious exposures are common, a lack of knowledge about risks and prevention is prevalent, and the use of insecure devices and networks is near epidemic. The good news is that IT professionals are aware of these problems. "Nearly all respondents—99 percent—have concerns about mobile security," said Peter Tsai, IT content manager at Spiceworks. Franklyn Jones, CMO of Spikes Security, added: "The same challenges that IT security teams have had to deal with for on-premise users now apply to the growing number of mobile users. … The key difference is that, while on-premise network security is fairly mature, many organizations are still trying to understand how best to protect mobile users." The study is based on a Spiceworks survey of 160 IT professionals from organizations of 100 or more employees. Here's a look at some of the study's key findings and what IT leaders can do to mitigate dangers.

  • The majority of organizations envision themselves transitioning to a software-driven enterprise model—thus creating what's called an "app economy"—in the near future, according to a recent survey conducted by Oxford Economics for CA Technologies. The resulting report, "The Battle for Competitive Advantage in the App Economy," indicates that in order to make this change, companies are increasing their investments in mobile and API-enabled tech tools. In doing so, they seek to increase market share, while better developing new products and services. The biggest winner here (other than companies that distinguish themselves in this new environment) will be customers, who will benefit from a vastly improved buying experience. "A new kind of company, the software-driven enterprise, is redefining business strategy and performance," according to the report. "Across industries and around the world, these companies are leaders in the accelerating application economy, where code is king, and competitive differentiation depends on customer-pleasing apps and advanced development methods." A total of 200 senior business and IT executives who are involved in—or aware of—their company's advanced software strategies took part in the research.

  • The insurance firm, which always looks for ways to make things easier for adjustors in the field, tries Google Glass as a way to streamline claims processes.