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  • A new mobile app and communications platform has the potential to address depression and reduce suicides by extending the reach of mental health professionals.

  • The vast majority of IT decision-makers queried are keenly focused on a mobile enterprise transformation, according to a recent survey from Appian. This is a notable change in tech strategy—shifting from an environment in which individual users and departments call their own shots in acquiring apps (bring your own apps [BYOD], shadow IT) to one in which mobile deployments are more unified throughout the enterprise. Software customization will drive this transition, findings indicate, and IT budgeting for app development will need to expand as a result. (Cost remains a significant obstacle to the establishment of a mobile enterprise, as well as concerns over security and integration capabilities.) With the changes, organizations expect to improve customer engagement, while increasing productivity and profits. "Companies are shifting their focus from mobile applications to full enterprise mobility," said Matt Calkins, president and CEO of Appian. "IT professionals understand that a strategic focus [only] on mobile apps will fail to deliver the full digital transformation that must occur within the enterprise." More than 300 IT decision-makers took part in the research.

  • An open architecture diagnostics system can enable telematics that can produce valuable data insight for all types of organizations.

  • Just because we can invent something that works with a smartphone app doesn't mean we should. Too many consumer devices are a solution in search of a problem.